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ZMR Eclipse 210mm ARF for Advanced Users

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Brief Setup Guide of ZMR Eclipse

ZMR Eclipse is a new 210mm carbon fiber mini quadcopter that designed based on the hot selling ZMR-X210. We are always listenting to what our customers say and made some slight changes to make it a better racing frame. 

For your easy setup, also considering on different users might have different requirements on the setups, we have prepared three different ARF packages of ZMR Eclipse for different levels of users, including:
These are the ARF packages of ZMR Eclipse that specially prepared for serious advanced users. You are choosing these because you are very strict with the performance of your racing quads. 

To meet your expectations, we use Betaflight F4 AIO flight controller, one of the most reputable FCs in FPV community, on the builds. Better performance and easy to setup. Easy wiring, no need to use an extra PDB.

In order to have a better compatible with Betaflight F4, we have changed to use Betaflight 35A 32bit BLHeli ESC. These ESCs have a soldering along the edges to allow more power going through. No need to worry about how much power you will give to them during flying.

As to FPV camera, we use a better professional FPV camera, the RunCam Eagle 2. It is probably one of the best FPV cameras out there in terms of image quality and WDR capability. It has a clearer and better image, allowing the pilot to clearly obeserve the tiny objects even flying through a complex area, very suitable to use it for FPV racing.

For the propellers, we have changed to use DalProp 5040. Many top pilots use these propellers for FPV racing! 

In general, comparing to the ARF packages for beginners and intermediates, the ARF packages for advanced users use the best flight controllers, ESCs, FPV camera and propellers to ensure the best performance. Furthermore, the weight have been saved a lot, the installation has been simplified.

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ARF1 Including:

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