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  • FPVMODEL Leather Velcro Battery Strap 200mm x 14mm (4pcs)

    FPVMODEL Leather Velcro Battery Strap 200mm x 14mm (4pcs)Specifications:Name: FPVMODEL Velcro Battery StrapSku#: 4MLVSSize: 200mm x 14mmColor: Black Quantity:4 pcs/kit



    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • FPVMODEL Velcro Battery Strap 200mm x 15mm (5pcs)

    The FPVMODEL velcro battery straps are a great accessory for your multi rotor platforms to secure your batteries. It holds on to your batteries securely and allows for easy removal when needed. For release, you simply loosen the velcro strap and gently slide the LiPo out. It wont break down when used often yet still holds batteries firmly.These FPVMODEL velcro battery straps are 200mm long and this kit includes 5 straps.Specifications:Name: FPVMODEL Velcro Battery StrapSku#: 5FVBSMaterial: 100% Polyester / 0% CottonSize: 200mm x 15mmColor: Dark Grey Quantity:5 pcs/kit



    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • FreeFlight Velcro Battery Strap 350mm X 25mm 2pcs

     Freeflight Velcro Battery Strap 350mm X 25mmStrong stick force,high qualityblack in colorQuantity:2 pcs

    $2.99 $0.99, Save $2.00 OFF


    Weight: 0.01 kg

  • 3M Adhesive Velcro 1mX25mm

    3M Adhesive Velcro 1mX25mm.Its as simple as pressing together and pulling apart. When your product calls for thousands of easy attachment with pressing together and pulling apart 3M Velcro gets the job done. Tiny, stiff hooks mesh with pliable loops for quick secure fastening. In addition, 3M Velcro is backed with 3M adhesive techonology expertise.

    $3.90 $3.78, Save 3% OFF


    Weight: 0.01 kg

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