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  • TS100 65W Digital OLED Programmable Soldering Iron Station B2 Kit

    TS100 mini iron station is an internal heating intelligent CNC soldering iron, lightweight design, easy to assemble or disassemble and storage, comfortable handle, highly effective heating element and simple control interface, is indispensable tools for electronic worker !~Work between DC12-24V, with OLED screen, temperature adjustment buttons, external power independently, up to 300 ℃ just need as low as 10 sec. Features: * Based on 304 stainless steel nested polycarbonate housing, integration of safety circuit design power supply interface, anti-static structure, embedded STM32 processor chip, dual temperature sensor and acceleration extreme cooperate, TS100 intelligent temperature control between 100-400 degrees, instantaneous heating, automatic dormancy, overtemperature alarm, and other functions.* External independent power supply : DC5525 power interface, suitable for notebook DC12-24V power supply, car power and mobile power supply.* Micro USB interface: Through edit the parameter file, custom your own temperature curve and buttons function.* Additional features: Open source for writting your own App.

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  • E-Design ES120 Motion Control Screwdriver (Pearl)

    E-Design ES120 Motion ScrewdriverES120 Mini Electric Screwdriver has set a new standard for electric screwdrivers. It is an electric screwdriver with a compact structure, smart and exquisite appearance, as well as the function of motion control recognition. The ES120 has only the length of a Parker pen, while endowed with a comfortable design for holding, and a set of highly energy-efficient accessories. Through an OLED screen, the device displays parameters and rotation modes of motion-control recognition. Under these help, you are able to easily complete the disassembling and assembling of your digital devices. ES120 includes a planetary gearbox and a high-speed electric motor, with excellent support from the STM32 embedded micro-processor and angular velocity sensor. It operates at a voltage range of DC3V to 5V, and with various hexagonal screwdriver bits, the device helps you with fast disengaging and engaging of electronic products. Update on May 31st. : At, we include 9 different screwdriver bits with this motion screwdriver to meet your special needs, while other sellers include two only. The same price, but more screwdriver bits. Your satisfactory is always our top priority.Performance ParametersOperation Voltage 3-5VNo-load Speed About 170rpmElectronic Torque 2.5kgf.cmMaximum Torque (manual mode)Screwdriver Bit: 4mm hexagonCharging Time 45minRunning Time 30min (full power)Charging Mode Micro USB 5V InputHardware ParametersBody Material:  304 Stainless steel/Copper alloyScreen: 16*96 OLEDBattery:  300mAh 10440 Lithium-ion batteryLengh: 131mmWeight: 114g (Pearl)Rotor Bidirectional overrunning clutchGearbox 1:144 Integrated planetary gearboxMotor 25,000 rpm brush motorMain Chip STM32Sensor Angular velocity sensorSmart Functions1.Battery low voltage reminder, low voltage protection mode; 2.User ustomized configuration parameters (such as torsion, torque, etc); 3.Open source application layer.Package Including:1 x Motion Control Electric Screwdriver9 x Bit with different heads (Only at x Bag1 x Manual

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  • FPVModel Motor Grip Pliers For RC Models

    Motor Grip Pliers Upgraded Version, Click here.The Motor Grip Pliers from fpvmodel.comDesigned to make your prop changes much easier than ever before, the FPVModel Motor Grip Pliers are suitable for 2204, 2205, 2206, 2207, 1306, 1406 and 1806 sized motors, also the antennas and m5 motor lock nuts. You will no need to worry about the damage to the motors, props and locknuts when removing them any more.Specs:Item Name: Motor Grip PliersMaximum opening: 45mmWeight: 56gPackage Included:1 Motor Grip Pliers5 sets of rubber tape

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  • VHB 3M Super Strong Ultrathin Double Sided Adhesive Tape Traceless Waterproof 2pcs

    VHB High density and strong tack 3M double sided foam sponge adhesive tape.Ultrathin size but with super strong holding power.Traceless and Waterproof,you will no need worry about the ugly left on you lovely plane.This is a good  assistant for your plane building work.High heat resistance:the anti-heat temp up to 70° .Size:84x53x0.64mmQuantity:2 pcs

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  • Prop Adapter for Dragonfly 1806 Motor CW/CCW

    Prop adapter for Dragonfly 1806 motor,A replacement for the 1806 motor,if yours lost or broken,you can buy it from here.CW or CCW thread,choose which you need.Note:This prop adapter also compatible with FPVMODEL 1806 2300KV motor or Dragonfly and FPVMODEL 2204/2206 motors.

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  • Aluminum Heatsink Gold for LED CPU TX

    Aluminum Heatsink Gold for LED CPU TX etc.Size:22*22*5MMBaseboard thickness:1.8mmblade thickness:1.3mmblade distance:2.9mmQuantity:1 pcs

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  • Universal Spirit Level for Gimbal Debugging

    Size:58*44*13mmHigh accuracy and durable.Specially designed for gimbal to debug and test,or make anyother things keep in level.Two colors:black and red,delivery at random.

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  • Battery Stays

    This lite weight sticky rubber pad can help your batteries get the traction they need to stay in place when used in combination with your velco straps. No more worrying about you batteries shifting around. Just stick them in place(sticky side on battery mount) and mount your batteries on top of the rubber surface. Less than a gram each for 6s stlye batteries so no need to worry about added weight.quantity:5 or 10 pcs (optional)Dimension:155mm(L)x70mm(W)

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  • Servo lead 12cm Male to Male 10pcs

    Servo lead 12cm Male to Male Ideal for connecting your reciever to the Quadcopter Control board.Quantity:10PCS length 12cm

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  • Dji Lightbridge 2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink (free shipping)

    The DJI Lightbridge is an all new revolutionary 2.4G Full HD digital video downlink. DJI Lightbridge offers extremely powerful equipment packed into a small and light-weight form factor. By offering 1920 x 1080p@30fps video data transmission from up to 1.7km (1.05miles) away, its the ideal solution for the professional aerial photographer and FPV users. Set yourself free and remove the limits from low definition analog video transmitters.Features:2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink1920x1080@60fps input and 1920x1080@30fps outputExtreme Long Distance TransmissionLess than100mWground unit transmission in full compliance with CE and FCC certification5dBi omni-directional antenna offers an enormous distance of up to1.7 km (1.05 miles)Optional 14dBipatchantenna boosts transmission distance tremendously to 5km (3.1 miles)Multiple Input And Output ConnectionsAV inputHDMI inputDJI Zenmuse gimbal input (Digital Video/Power Supply/OSD Data)HDMI HD image outputUSB 2.0 image data output for iOS and Android phones and tablet synchronizationBuilt-in Remote Control LinkUplink remote control transmission and downlink video work simultaneously on2.4GHz.Remote control data travels to the uplink via the TX-Thru Port at the same time that video is streamed back down all without interference.Support for two remote controls: one for flight control (10 Channels) and the other for gimbal control(6 Channels). Control signals are received in the air and then transmitted to the flight controller through D-BUS.When used with a non-2.4G radio transmitter, video only transmission operation is supported. The DJI 5.8G radio transmitter is recommended.Strong Anti-Jamming TechnologyFrequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) + Direct Sequence Spread System (DSSS)technology is used for uplink transmission to enhance stability and offer anti-jamming capability.MIMO multi-antenna technology and OFDM modulation methods along with advanced algorithms are utilized for downlink transmission to enhance data bandwidth, improving dynamic performance and increasing stability even in harsh environments.Channel interference is constantly monitored during downlink transmission with automatic switching between 8 channels for the best possible signal.Up to 8 downlinks can be connected for parallel streaming and work independently without interference.Low Latency TransmissionMaximum latency of up to 80msBuilt-in OSD(On-Screen Display)FunctionNo additional equipment required for OSD functions when used with A2/WooKong-M/Naza-M V2 flight controllers. Flight parameters will be displayed onscreen.OSD functionality can be turned off via mobile software for HDMI and iOS/Android Output.Compatible With DJI Multi-Rotor Flight ControllersDJI A2, WooKong-M and Naza-M V2 flight controllersPhantom 2, with DJI 5.8G radio transmitter.Multi-device Operation Mode, Stable And ReliableA single air unit can transmit to multiple ground units sending video to multiple screens. (Only one of the ground units can send a control signal while additional ground units will only be able to receive a video signal)Encryption ensures only authorized devices can receive data which can be programmed via mobile device software.Built-in High Capacity BatteryGround unit has a built in high capacity 4000mA battery offering up to 4.5hours of use per charge.Rechargeable through the supplied charger or via a3S~6S Li-Po power battery. A full charge takes approximately1.5 hours.LED battery level indicatorAlso functions as a USB charger for mobile devices prolonging the life of peripheral equipment.Electromagnetic Interference Shielded Structural DesignAluminum alloy casingExtreme internal and external shielding for interference protection.

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  • D12mm/16mm/20mm/22mm/25mm Arm Clamps Tube Clamps Quality For Multirotor 4pcs

    Designed for multirotor DIY. you can assemble your own multi-rotor with the tube clamps.4 colors,delivery at random(4pcs a set),or you can leave a comment for what color you need.D12mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 12mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 37mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 16.5mm ±0.2Weight: 4.5g  each (including screw and nut)D16mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 16mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 27mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 21mm ±0.2Weight: 6.3g  each (including screw and nut)D20mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps  Screw diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 33mmScrew hole spacing:  26.5mm ±0.2Net weight: 7.6g (including screws and nuts)D22mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 22mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 33mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 26.5mm ±0.2Weight: 8g  each (including screw and nut)D25mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 25mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 37mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 29.5mm ±0.2Weight: 9.4g  each (including screw and nut)

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  • Universal Wide & High Landing Skid for DJI Phamtom 1/2

    Features:- FC upgrade landing skid for DJI Phantom quadcopter- DJI Phantom and DJI Phantom 2  compatible- 35mm higher than origianl one- Material: ABS- Color: White- Includes 1pair landing skid and 8 screws

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