• EZlap Timing System

    X-Racer X-1 Racing with EZlap Timing System The EZlap timing system is a race management system that specially designed for both indoor and outdoor small scale drone racing. This new FPV race tracker allows 4 pilots to race at once. The EZlap timing system comes with a master controller, 3 infrared receiver modules, 8 transmitters. The system is powered by a PC or laptop via a USB cable connecting to the USB port of master controller. It is easy to install, simply mount the master controller and receiver modules in the racing gate, install the transmitters in the racing drones, then install the free RCM Beginner software (can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) in your computer and connect with the provided USB cable, you and your friends will be able to start the racing just in a minute.The master controller sends the signals that received from the infrared receiver modules to the computer after processing.The infrared transmitter is 0.4g only, it will not increase any weight to the racing drone since it is so light in weight. It has 8 different address codes which are switchable via the 3-digit DIP switch. Start to send the address codes after powering on via USB.The infrared receiver modules receive the address codes from the transmitters and send them to master controller.Although the Ezlap Timer was originally designed for small scale micro drone race, it was used for 210/250 class FPV race at Liberty Multirotor Racing 2017 and  a great success. The Liberty Multirotor Racing 2017 was held by Romanian Aeromodelling Association.  Liberty Multirotor Racing 2017. Video from Ali Green, winner of the race.Connection and Use:The master controller is powered by the USB after connecting to the PC. No extra power supplies required.The receiver modules and master controller are connected with three special made 6-pin plug cables. In the EZlap timing kit there are 4 receiver modules (including the master controller) included. But how many modules you need depending on your track width and the height of your bridge. The quantity of receiver modules is also limited by the USB loading capacity.The infrared transmitter is powered by the built-in button cell battery.Connect the master controller to the PC with the provided USB cable, access to the free RCM Beginners software and set the pilots information.Package Inlcuded:Master controller x 1 (similar to receiver module but with a USB port)Receiver module x 3 Transmitter for racing quad x 816cm 6-pin plug camble x 33m long USB cable x 1Downloads:RCM Beginners (Free Software)RCM Beginners User ManualThe master controller is powered by the USB after connecting to the PC. No extra power supplies required. It sends the signals that received from the receiver modules to the RCM Beginners software after processing.The receiver modules are connected by 6-pin plug cables. They receive the address codes from the transmitters and send them to master controller.The infrared transmitter is 0.4g only, it will not increase any weight to the racing quad since it is so light in weight . It has 8 different address codes which are switchable via the 3-digit DIP switch. Start to send the address codes after powering on via USB.Three 16cm 6-pin plug cables are included to connect the receiver modules and master controller.The 3m USB cable is used for connecting the master controller to the PC. All the parts included in the EZlap timing system.Management interface of RCM Beginners.The EZlap timing system is working during the racing.

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  • TS100 65W Digital OLED Programmable Soldering Iron Station B2 Kit

    TS100 mini iron station is an internal heating intelligent CNC soldering iron, lightweight design, easy to assemble or disassemble and storage, comfortable handle, highly effective heating element and simple control interface, is indispensable tools for electronic worker !~Work between DC12-24V, with OLED screen, temperature adjustment buttons, external power independently, up to 300 ℃ just need as low as 10 sec. Features: * Based on 304 stainless steel nested polycarbonate housing, integration of safety circuit design power supply interface, anti-static structure, embedded STM32 processor chip, dual temperature sensor and acceleration extreme cooperate, TS100 intelligent temperature control between 100-400 degrees, instantaneous heating, automatic dormancy, overtemperature alarm, and other functions.* External independent power supply : DC5525 power interface, suitable for notebook DC12-24V power supply, car power and mobile power supply.* Micro USB interface: Through edit the parameter file, custom your own temperature curve and buttons function.* Additional features: Open source for writting your own App.

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  • E-Design ES120 Motion Control Screwdriver (Pearl)

    E-Design ES120 Motion Screwdriver★The best smart electric screwdirver on the market!★★2017 New Intelligent Electric Screwdriver!★Designed by the same manufacturer of TS100!Built-in STM32 Chip!User can customized configuration parameters!A new must on your workbench!Designed by the same manufacturer of the hot selling TS100, the ES120 Mini Electric Screwdriver has set a new standard for electric screwdrivers. It is an electric screwdriver with a compact structure, smart and exquisite appearance, as well as the function of motion control recognition. The ES120 has only the length of a Parker pen, while endowed with a comfortable design for holding, and a set of highly energy-efficient accessories. Through an OLED screen, the device displays parameters and rotation modes of motion-control recognition. Under these help, you are able to easily complete the disassembling and assembling of your digital devices. ES120 includes a planetary gearbox and a high-speed electric motor, with excellent support from the STM32 embedded micro-processor and angular velocity sensor. It operates at a voltage range of DC3V to 5V, and with various hexagonal screwdriver bits, the device helps you with fast disengaging and engaging of electronic products. Performance ParametersOperation Voltage 3-5VNo-load Speed About 170rpmElectronic Torque 2.5kgf.cmMaximum Torque (manual mode)Screwdriver Bit: 4mm hexagonCharging Time 45minRunning Time 30min (full power)Charging Mode Micro USB 5V InputHardware ParametersBody Material:  304 Stainless steel/Copper alloyScreen: 16*96 OLEDBattery:  300mAh 10440 Lithium-ion batteryLengh: 131mmWeight: 114g (Pearl)Rotor Bidirectional overrunning clutchGearbox 1:144 Integrated planetary gearboxMotor 25,000 rpm brush motorMain Chip STM32Sensor Angular velocity sensorSmart Functions1.Battery low voltage reminder, low voltage protection mode; 2.User ustomized configuration parameters (such as torsion, torque, etc); 3.Open source application layer.Package Including:1 x Motion Control Electric Screwdriver1 x Bag1 x Manual

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  • USB Linker For ESC Programmer Update SimonK ESC BLHeli Firmware

    Compatible with SIMONK and BLHELI ESCs, BLHeli Bootloader Or SimonK BootLoader, Atmel or SiLabs chips! (with or without Bootloader), supports ISP and C2 mode. This allows you to change the Bootloader, flash new Firmware normally, change settings or fix then the Bootloader as not been installed. It is the ultimate Multi-functional esc tool. - Direct plug design, works with most USB port and USB extension cable- Low power consumption design- On board 2x3 Pin AVR ISP port- 3pin servo connector, can be used as servo or C2 connection- Supports SIMONK and BLHELI ESC, KKflashtool compatible - KKflashtool and RapidFlash compatible- Silabs CP2102 Driver chip! (Win,Mac,linux)- Software upgrade-able (via Arduino or BLHELISUIT)- Pre-load as BLHELISUIT 4w-if 14.1 firmware

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  • Matek PDB-XPW W/ Current Sensor 140A & Dual BEC

    Something new from Matek Systems.The PDB-XPW from Matek Systems distributes power from a Lipo pack to 4 ESCs, as well as providing synchronised & regulated DC 5V outputs & linear regulated DC 12V for powering cameras, RC receivers, flight contollers, video transmitters and LEDs etc. The Matek PDB-XPW also has a built-in 140A current module, offers a XT60PW socket to connnect the LiPo pack conveniently.Features:2 oz copper, 4 layers & 2mm PCB.Built-in current sensor 140ABuilt-in XT60PW socket.Total 4 pairs ESC solder tabs are fit for X-Type frames.5V & 12V output LED indicators & short circuit totelrant.Specification:  General:Input voltage range (3S-5S LiPo operation): 9 - 21V DCPDB: 4 x 35ARegulated 5V and 12V outputsCurrent module 150ALED power indicators ( 5V & 12V outputs ) Current Module150A3.3V ADC BEC 5V output:Designed for RC Receivers, Flight controllers, OSD, and  Servos.DC/DC synchronous buck regulator.Voltage: 5.0 +/- 0.1VDCContinuous current: 2 Amps (Max.2.5A  10s/minute)Output Ripple: 40mV (VIn=16V,  VOut=5V@2A load)Short-circuit tolerant (5  seconds/minute) BEC 12V output:Designed for Video TX or FPV camera with linear regulator.The battery should be 4~5S LiPo (13~21V DC)Voltage: 12.0 +/- 0.3VDCContinuous current: 500mA (Max.0.8A  5s/minute)Short-circuit tolerant (2  seconds/minute) BEC 12V @ 3S LiPoOutput voltage= 3S LiPo voltage -1V Physical:Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm, Φ3mmDimensions: 36 x 50 x 4 mm (w/o XT60PW), 36 x 58 X10.5mm (w/  XT60PW)Weight: 7.0g(w/o XT60PW), 11g(w/  XT60PW)User Manual: 

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  • FrSky XJT SmartPort 16Ch Telemetry Transmitter Module

    The XJT telemetry transmitter module is compatible with the JR style modules.The latest upgrade to the FrSky Telemetry Radio System now features up to 16 channels and the new Smart Port for duplex communications with X series receivers. (Only certain transmitters are capable of sending 16 channels to the XJT.)The module is compatible with both the V8, D, LR and X Series (telemetry) receivers from FrSky.Add the XJT to the back of your FrSky Taranis transmitter for 32 channel in total!Features:- Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCST SYSTEM) achieves highly reliable link in interference rich environments.- Smart Port - Full Duplex communication- Easy to bind and instant link-up- Excellent reboot times- All channels failsafe- Quick response- Very smooth servo movement- Alarm on events of receiver (low battery voltages, poor reception, etc.)- Error-free link, by using 48bits CRC algorithm- Firmware upgradableCompatibility:- V8 Series: (Non-Telemetry receivers)       V8FR-II, V8R7-II, V8R4-II, VD5M- D Series: (Telemetry receivers)      D8R, D8R-II, D8R-II Plus, D8RSP, D8R-XP, D6FR, D4FR, D4R-II, etc.- X Series: (Telemetry receivers)      X8R, X6R, X4R, etc.- LR Series: (Long Range receivers)     L9R- Compatible with the following transmitters:    Taranis - JR: 347, 388, 783, U8, PCM10, PCM10S, PCM10SX, PCM10IIS, 8103, J9303, MX-22, MX-24S, PX, 9XII, Eurgle 9X, Turnigy 9XSpecifications:- Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-15.0V- Operating Current: 140mA (@6V), 80mA (@12V)- Output Power: ≤ 100mW

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  • Matek Tail Light WS2812B & Loud Buzzer Dual Modes

    Matek Tail Light WS2812B & Loud Buzzer Dual ModesHere comes the H-Type tail light with 8*WS2812B LEDs & Loud Buzzer. It provides dual control modes, can be controlled by Flight Controller fireware (Cleanflight, Betaflight, etc.) or Transmiter. Features & Spec.:Dual modes: FC control & TX controlTX mode: LED 7 colors (White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan)              LED 4 status (Constant light, Slow flash, Fast flash, Voilent flash)              Buzzer: Lost Plane FinderFC mode: supports Naze32 & SPRacingF3 with CleanFlight or Betaflight firmwareInput voltage range: 4.5~5.2V DCPower of TX mode (5V IN ): 1W/0.2A~2W/0.4ASize & mounting: Please check the layoutWeight: 5 gramsHow to Use:1. Connect Tail Light to 5V power source, such as BEC 5V.2. Press the button, scroll through the LED status(Constant light, Slow flash, Fast flash, Voilent flash).3. Hold the button 2s to enter the setting of LED colors & mode(Be Be Be), then press the button to set it. within LED colors of TX mode (White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) & FC mode (all LED OFF).4. The LED color(TX mode) or FC mode will be saved if no action within 10 seconds(Be).5. If the LED is messy when setting FC mode to TX mode, pls move the DIN & re-energize it.User Manual: 

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  • XDRC external BEC 3A 5V Input 2-6 Lipo UBEC

    This UBEC is an external voltage stabilizer, it works at the Switch Mode. And compared with the linear regulator BEC, the advantages mainly reflected in: When using the 3 pack (11.1V) or more batteries, can greatly reduce the BEC fever , and increase overall efficiency.Specifications:-Output voltage: 5V/3A -Input voltage: 5.5‐21V (2—5 cells Lipo battery pack)-Ripple: <50mVp‐p (@2A/12V)-Size: 26mm*12mm*11mm (L*W*H)-Weight: 5gFeatures: 1.1: Designed with an advanced switching power supply control chip with overcurrent and overheat protection function, the max efficiency of the chip is up to 92%.1.2: The small size and the light weight make it very convenient to use.1.3: Provide large output current, fully guarantee the power demand of equipment.1.4: Designed with a high quality switching power supply conversion chip, significantly reduce the electromagnetic interference and ensure the receiver works properly.

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  • Matek MICRO BEC 5V/12V-ADJ

    Specifications:High Efficiency Synchronous ModeWide 7V to 21V Operating Input RangeContinuous load current: 1.5 Amps (Max.2.5A 5s/minute)VOut 5V or 12V Adj. Default is 5V.VOut Load Regulation: 2%Standby current: <5mAMaximum Duty Cycle: 95%Output Ripple: 20mV(VIn=16V, VOut=12V@1.5A)40mV(VIn=16V, VOut=5V@1.5A)OCP Protection and HiccupThermal ShutdownOutput Short-circuit tolerant (5 seconds/minute)Pins distance: 2.54mmSize & Weight: 11x17x3mm, 1g

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  • 12 in 1 Wireless RC Simulator PHoenix RC 4.0/RealFlight G5 G4/VRC/Reflex XTR/AeroFly/FMS

    Support the following software:- RealFlight G3 /G4 /G5- PhoenixRC v1.0, v2.0, v3.0 (Automatically update)- PhoenixRC v4.0.k (Only for Windows 7)- Reflex XTR v5.03- AeroFly Professional Deluxe v1.9Specifications:- Color: Red.- Weight: 9g.- Support USB HID1.1 /2.0.Package Included:-  Wireless USB dongle-  USB extension cable-  Audio cable (3.5mm jack to jack plug)-  Servo cable-  DVD discs

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  • All-In-One Simulator FMS/Reflex XTR/AeroFly/Phonix/RealFlight

    This All-In-One Simulator is suitable for the following transmitter: ESky, JR, Specktrum, Futaba, Walkera, etc.It used as a replacement for a lost or damaged USB simulator. Compatible with simulators.-FMS-Reflex XTR 5.03-AeroFly 1.97-Phonix 3.0/4.0-RealFlight G4/G5/G6

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  • HENGE 5v/6v/7.4v 8A UBEC 7V-25.5V Input 2-6 Lipo

    HENGE 8A UBEC is an external voltage stabilizer, it works at the Switch Mode. It can obtain the suitable DC voltage from 7‐25.5V input voltage for receivers and other device, and steadily provide 8A current to supply power for receiver, gyro, and multi servos. Therefore, the 8A UBEC is very suitable for large electric fixed wing aircraft and helicopters which uses 4S or more batteries. With this UBEC, you can obtain the power for receivers from dynamic power without equipping independent battery pack for receivers.Specifications:- Output voltage: 5V/8A , 6V/8A or 7.4V/8A(changeable with a jumper),Maximum output current: 12A(≤15S)- Input voltage: 7‐25.5V (2—6 cells Lipo battery pack or 6—16 cells NIMH battery pack)- Ripple: <35mVp‐p (@8A/12V)- Size: 45mm*22mm*7.5mm (L*W*H)- Weight: 16gFeatures: 1. Designed with an advanced switching power supply control chip with overcurrent and overheat protection function, the max efficiency of the chip is up to 93%;2. The small size and the light weight make it very convenient to use;3. Provide large output current, the continuous output current is 8A, and the burst output current is 12A, fully guarantee the power demand of equipment.;4. Designed with a high quality switching power supply conversion chip, significantly reduce the electromagnetic interference and ensure the receiver works properly;5. With ultra‐wide input voltage from 7V—25.5V (2—6 cells Lipo battery pack or 6—16 cells NIMH battery pack).

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  • Matek PDB BEC-5V/3A LED Lighting Control Tracker Low Voltage Alarm LED & POWER HUB 5 in 1

    It is a 5in1 HUB with PDB (Power Distribution Board), BEC 3A 5V/12V Adj., LED Light Controller, Lost Plane Finder & Low Voltage Alarm functions. It is specially made for the Multi-Rotors, mini FPV Quad. Built-in 5V BEC can be connected to receiver or flight controller with Aux pins directly.Simplify wiring. If the battery is 4~6 cells LiPo, the BEC can be setted to 12V output, to power the Gimbals, Video Transmitters, etc.Inbuilt LED light controller, three flash modes can be chosen with the toggle switch of transmiter. And the buzzer can also be triggered with the toggle switch, which can help you find the models in tall grass or trees. the 5in1 also acts as a battery voltage monitor. Once voltage gets below the threshold that you set, the buzzer & LED light will remind you.



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  • Mini DC-DC 12V Voltage Step-down Regulator Module

    For a stable output of 12V, the input voltage requires 13.5V or more. When the voltage is under 13.2V, the output is 1.2V less than the input. The theoretical maximum output current is 3A. For a long term and stable use, it should be under 2A.  Here comes a brief instruction of ZMR250 V2 PDB soldering with this 12V Regulator for your reference. Download: ZMR250 V2 PDB Soldering with 12V Regulator.pdf.



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  • Multicopter LED Brake Light Stop Light Board For QAV250 FPV

    Braking RGB lights for multi-rotorsDescription:Item Name: Braking RGB Lights Board / Stop Light Board Board Size: 60 x 12mmWeight: 2.6g (Without cables) Features:The multicopter brake light makes flight status of aircraft just like car taillight visual display. Simple installation, the real-time image across the back can quickly judge the flight status in front of the aircraft. Note:Forward Flying–The tail light shows greenStop Flying–The tail light shows redBackward Flying–The tail light shows white Package Included:1 x Stop light board 1 X Y cable1 X Extension Y cable1 X Double-sided adhesive

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  • Matek WS2812B RGB 5050 LED Board for FPV RC Multicopter

    Specifications:- Power supply voltage: +3.5~+5.3 V- Input voltage: -0.5~+0.5 V- Operation junction temperature:-25~+80 ℃- Storage temperature range:-55~+150 ℃- Can be used for NAZE 32- Size: 51mm*10mmApplications- Naze 32 LED Strip with CleanFlight, AVR, Arduino, PIC, mbed, etcNote : only the LED board

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  • Matek RGB LED Board 5050 16V for FPV Multicopters and Planes

    Specifications:INPUT: 14~17V DCWeight: 2gPacking:  LED BOARD 12V, 1pcs,    Cable 0.3mSelectable Colors:B ON =Blue, 0.4WR ON =Red, 0.4WG ON =Green, 0.4WB+R =Megenta, 0.8WB+G =Cyan, 0.8WR+G =Yellow, 0.8WB+R+G =White, 1.2W

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