• KL200 FPV Starter BNF Package

    Introducing the FPVMODEL KL200RACE FPV racing quadcopter. It is a symmetric 200mm size airframe. The 200mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally. This airframe is designed by FPVModel team pilot Ka Kei Leung and already a proven winner on the race track, with Ka Kei won multiple racing events while using this quad.The KL200RACE is built for FPV racing. It features a light-weight, symmetrical carbon fiber body. The frame has been stripped down to the bare essentials yet maintain the strength and durability. The weight is only 82 grams including the PDB and included hardwares.Two ways to place the LiPo battery. You can fly with your HD camera with the 3D printed GoPro mount, and strap the battery under the bottom plate. Or you can place the battery on the top plate if you are using the FPV camera, like HS1190. The angle of FPV camera mounting can be adjusted from 0 degree to 60 degree as per your desire. The KL200RACE frame also comes with a small LED strip to set at the back. With only one LED, your airframe will be shinning and stand out other racing quadcopters. The colors of LED can be set via Cleanflight.The KL200RACE is not with a "X" type layout but a butterfly like shape to avoid the PID setting problem of usual X frames. It utilizes high quality 3K carbon fiber that is precision machined for a superb fit-and-finish. This Carbon Fiber is backed by FPVmodels name so you can trust that it is top of the line.Parts Included:1 x KL200Race Racing Frame4 x DYS SE2205 PRO 2300KV Motor1 x X-Racer F4 Flight Controller1 x DYS XSD 20A 3-4S ESC1 x FOXEER ARROW V2 HS1190 WDR FPV CAMERA1 x Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH Vtx10 Pairs x DYS 5045 3-Leaf Propeller1 x MATEK PDB XT60 with BEC 5V/12V1 x Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 3dBi TX/RX FPV Antenna RP-SMA 5cm1 x XT60 power plug connector Male

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    Weight: 1.40 kg

  • ZMR180 FPV Starter BNF Package

    ZMR 180 Carbon FPV Mini Quad - Full Review By BMSWebThe ZMR180 is a micro quad designed with "fun" in mind. Agile, quick, and small all fit together with this kit and its a blast to fly. Keeping simplicty in mind this frame has high quality 3mm bottom plate and a 1.5 mm top plate. Parts Included:1 x ZMR180 Frame4 x Dragonfly MC1806 2300KV Mini Motor 1 x X-Racer F4 Flight Controller1 x DYS XSD 20A 3-4S ESC1 x Effio-e 4140+811 1/3 CCD Camera1 x Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH Vtx10 Pairs x DYS 4040 3-Leaf Propeller1 x MATEK PDB XT60 with BEC 5V/12V1 x Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 3dBi TX/RX FPV Antenna RP-SMA1 x XT60 power plug connector MaleNote: The frame have color Black and Red. We send by random. If you have the specified color, please leave a message at the check out page, thank you!Note: The battery that shown in the pictures is not included in the ARF combos.



    Weight: 1.20 kg

  • AOMWAY Commander 3D 40CH 5.8G FPV Goggles

    A new player on the goggle market, the Aomway Commanders V1 3D FPV goggles are a snug fit, the feedback so far on the optics has been great and it has several unique features that make them stand out. Switchable 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio, "black-box" style DVR recording (it starts recording as you turn on the goggles) are some of the simple yet cool things about these goggles. The integrated fan on the bottom of the goggles is also a nice touch.Main Features:- 2 x 16:9 854 x 480px WVGA display with 32-degree FOV - Two built-in 5.8G 40CH highly sensitive receivers- With HDMI connector, supports 720P- Supports 3D / 2D image, adjustment of IPD ( 59 - 69mm ) - DVR function, NTSC / PAL / Auto- Supports headtracker ( not included ) and installation of optical lenses ( not included )- Anti-fog fan, comfortable eye maskDisplay : Resolution : 854*480(WVGA)LCD, LED backlightRatio : 16:9,4:3FOV : 32°,glass opticalIPD : 59-69mm(adjustable) Support 3D, HDMI,DVR,Headtracker:3D Display : Video 3D;HDMI 3DAudio Output : stereo Format : NTSC/PAL AutoHDMIin : 720PDigital Video Record : Integrated simulation DVR(can record RF and AVIN siginal) , Support 32Gb micro TF cardVideo Compression Format : MJPG 30fps Headtracker : modularization (not included) Adjustable : Lightness/Contrast/Channel/Display Mode/Digital Record/Head Tracker Switch 5.8G 40CH Diversity ReceiverWith build in 2 40CH high sensitive receiver, auto search Interface : Headphone : 3.5mm 3 headphone jackAVIN Interface : 3.5mm 4 audio-video interface Headtracker Interface : PS2 terminalTF Card : Micro TF CardDCIN : Standard 5.5*2.1

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    Weight: 0.90 kg

  • RunCam Split Camera With WiFi Module

    Test on Runcam Split by Oscar Liang* Friendly Reminder: To ensure the best performance, please power the camera with a stable input. Most of the output power from VTX are not stable, it would be better power the camera with the 5V out from PDB.Runcam is known for keeping up with trends and making some of the best FPV cams on the market and this time theres no surpise that theyve done it again, except this time, its split! This is one idea that has been tackled by other companies before but none have gotten such great frame rates or clear footage. The split is just what its name sugguests and splits the camera from the main dvr processor that is built into most other cameras. This lets you use the camera for an fpv camera but also allows for an HD recorder capable of recording video at 1080p/60fps! The Runcam Split puts the camera where your typical fpv camera would go but puts the HD recorder on a stackable PCB style board that can fits directly over your flight controller, allowing for central placement of cg.FeaturesCan be used for ?FPV flying while recording 1080p60fps and totally replace your FPV camera.Latency is as low as the RunCam EagleConnect the Split directly to a VTX so it works just like a FPV camera.PCB board can be stacked on top of the ?FC/PDB, allowing for protection inside your airframeNo more HD camera mounting on top of the frame needed! Saves you 70g, COG is also more centralized.Included WiFi module for wireless settings control via phone app.Specifications:?Downloads:User Manual (English)User Manual (Deutsch)User Manual (Chinese)?Instruction diagram?Module connection diagram?Replaceable Lens?Unit of length: mm

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    Weight: 0.12 kg

  • Dragonfly Low Profile Micro FPV Camera

    This is the micro FPV camera that we are using on the hot selling X-Racer X-1. Using this high quality micro FPV camera, we have saved some much needed space for this design and we are able to place the camera in a low profile position between the two forward motors allowing for a design that does not require the video system being mounted in a high profile top mount of the aircraft.Specifications:CCD 1/4 CmosSignal System PAL NTSCPixel P:720H×576 N:720×487Photosensitive area 1/4:4.077mm x 3.136mm Scanning frequency H:15.625KHz V:50Hz H:15.7343KHz V:60HzHorizontal clarity 800 TV LinesShutter Speed 1/50-1/100000(秒) 1/60-1/100000(秒)Min. Illumination 0.1 Lux / F1.2S/N radio ≥48dB(AGC OFF)Grayscale 10Gamma value 0.45Black level 0.06 Vp-pVideo output 1.0Vp-p 75ΩPower Requirement DC3.3-5VWorking Temperature -20℃~50℃ RH95% MaxPower Consumption 90MA

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Dragonfly 25mw 48CH Micro VTX For X-Racer X-1 and KL-EX90

    FPVModel did not stop at the flight controller design. We have also designed a Drgonfly 25mw 48ch Vtx to mount flushly on top of the FC and give and even more aero dynamic low profile design for the video transmission. By using this low profile design were able to streamline the body of the X-Racer X-1 and allow for smooth airflow over the low slung canopy, allowing for smooth airflow over the top of the frame.

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • 4 Ports 1S Lipo Charger With XT60 Plug for X-Racer X-1

    FPVModel 4 Port 1s Lipo ChargerThe little lipo charger is specially designed for the little lipo batteries with 2.0 plug, like the ones used on X-Racer X-1, Tiny whoop and other micro racer. 3-6s input, switchable between high voltage and low voltage charging modes.An the 1s lipos usually only last for 3 to 5 minutes during the flying. It would be better if you have several extra batteries ready. But for an ordinary USB charger, it is just able to charge one lipo each time. With the this new 1s lipo charger, we are now able to charge four 1s lipos at once.Features:1. Input Voltage: 3-6S2. Two charging modes: Normal charging of 4.2v or High voltage charging 4.35V3. Charging time: 30 Min.4. Excellent heat dissipation5. Stable charging status to guarantee the full charge of lipos.

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  • TS100 65W Digital OLED Programmable Soldering Iron Station B2 Kit

    TS100 mini iron station is an internal heating intelligent CNC soldering iron, lightweight design, easy to assemble or disassemble and storage, comfortable handle, highly effective heating element and simple control interface, is indispensable tools for electronic worker !~Work between DC12-24V, with OLED screen, temperature adjustment buttons, external power independently, up to 300 ℃ just need as low as 10 sec. Features: * Based on 304 stainless steel nested polycarbonate housing, integration of safety circuit design power supply interface, anti-static structure, embedded STM32 processor chip, dual temperature sensor and acceleration extreme cooperate, TS100 intelligent temperature control between 100-400 degrees, instantaneous heating, automatic dormancy, overtemperature alarm, and other functions.* External independent power supply : DC5525 power interface, suitable for notebook DC12-24V power supply, car power and mobile power supply.* Micro USB interface: Through edit the parameter file, custom your own temperature curve and buttons function.* Additional features: Open source for writting your own App.

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    Weight: 0.30 kg

  • X-Racer Quadrant 2-6S 25A 32Bit BLHeli_32 ESC Dshot1200

    Features of New X-Racer Quadrant 25A 2-6S 32Bit BLHeli_32 ESC:Uses the latest BLHeli_32 firmware. Dshot up to at least Dshot1200.At rates up to at least 32kHz is supported.Four tiny ESCs can be installed separately on the arms, or installed together like a PCB under the flight controller.2-6s Lipo input.With 25AMp constant RMS, 30A max.Less than 3 grams each piece and about 11.5 grams for a set of 4 pieces.Small in size: 18 x 24mmCompatible to BetaflightF3 Flight ControllerThe new X-Racer Quadrant BLHeli_32 ESC has followed the design of previous 4-in-1 design of X-Racer Quadrant. It is not a single board, but four tiny ESCs can be installed separetely on the arms, or installed together like a PCB under the flight controller. This is the 25A version, there is also another 35A version available for your choice.The new X-Racer Quadrant 25A is flashed with the latest BLHeli_32 program. Dshot up to at least Dshot1200, and at rates up to at least 32kHz is now supported.BLHeli_32 is the 3rd generation of BLHeli firmware after BLHeli and BLHeli_S. BLHeli_32 runs on an ARM 32bit MCU, initially it will be on a Cortex-M0 running at 48MHz, but there are MCUs out there that can run a lot faster.So what can the increased MCU speed do?First of all, it can run input signals with lower latency at faster rates. Dshot up to at least Dshot1200, and at rates up to at least 32kHz is now supported.Secondly it allows packing of more functionality. - Like programmable pwm frequency, up to 48kHz, that can run motors even smoother, and also allows for moving of small but potentially disturbing humps in the throttle response. All ESCs have these bumps, with BLHeli_32 they can now be moved in the rpm range, to a place where the system has low sensitivity to them.- Like auto timing. Which is not the option to choose if you’re after max power. But if you want the most efficient running with very good robustness against desync, it is the perfect choice.- Like voltage and current limiting. Which is implemented in the code, and will be supported on some ESCs. Voltage limiting is desirable for fixed wing crafts. And current limiting adds protection against ESC failure.- Like programmable brake on stop force. Which allows control of the braking of fixed wing props.- Like improved direction change in bidirectional mode.- Like more to come in the future. Such as setup from the FC by using Dshot commands. Such as telemetry functionality. There is room to grow performance and functionality.Some Tips:BLHeli_32 ESC Firmware OverviewWhat is Dshot1200 and Why Dshot1200 is Better?How to Get Dshot1200 Running in Betaflight?Downloads:Download the latest BLHeli_32 Configurator here.Download the BLHeli_32 User Manual here.Download Betaflight 3.2.0 here.

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • KL220 220mm Quadcopter ARF Combo

    The KL220 is another design following the design of simplicity.As per some customers feedback, we have changed this KL frame to the X design. It is sure to help keep the center of gravity where you want it, in the center. This frame also features aluminum mounting hardware that allows for faster arm changes. If an arm was accidentally damaged during a hard crash, it would be very easy for you to replace with a new arm.Using the same carbon fiber that you find in KL200race and our ZMR series frames, you can rest assured that this is NOT the run of the mill cheap eBay Carbon Fiber that most others sell. This CF is backed with our name so you can trust that it is top of the line. With the good reputation we have gained from KL200Race, we believe you will like this frame as well.Weight: 122grams (Frame and hardware totally) Before Ordering:1. The 5045 propellers that included in these ARF packages are sent by random. If you have special requirement for the colors, please leave message at the check out page, thank you. 2. The camera in the ARF combos is in PAL version. If you need the NTSC version, please leave message at the check out page, thank you.3. The camera in the ARF combos is Runcam Swift 600TVL FPV Camera. If you want to change to FOXEER ARROW V2 HS1190 camera, please leave message at the check out page, thank you.PackageParts IncludedQuantityRemarks KL220 220mm Quadcopter Frame Kit 1 set  Emax RS2205S 2300KV Motor4 pcs  DYS XSD 30A 3-6S ESC4 pcs ARF-1DYS 5045 3-Leaf Propeller CW+CCW 1 Pair4 pairs  BetaflightF3 Flight Controller1 pc  Runcam Swift 600TVL FPV Camera 1 pc  Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH 25/200/600mw VTX1 pc  Plastic Molded Mount for GoPro Session & Hero1 pcs  Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 5cm SMA Antenna 1 pc   and 3M double sided adhesive tapesilicon, velcro strap,   wires, straps, shrink tubes, XT60 plug etc     KL220 220mm Quadcopter Frame Kit 1 set     Emax RS2205S 2300KV Motor 4 pcs     LittleBee Spring 30A ESC Blheli-S Dshot 4 pcs   ARF-2 DYS 5045 3-Leaf Propeller CW+CCW 1 Pair 4 pairs     BetaflightF3 Flight Controller 1 pc     Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH 25/200/600mw VTX  1 pc     Runcam Swift 600TVL FPV Camera 1 pc    Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 5cm SMA Antenna 1 pc     and 3M double sided adhesive, Velcro strap, tapesilicon,wires, straps, shrink tubes, XT60 plug etc    KL220 220mm Quadcopter Frame Kit1 set  DYS SE2205 PRO 2300KV Motor4 pcs  LittleBee Spring 30A ESC Blheli-S Dshot4 pcs ARF-3DYS 5045 3-Leaf Propeller CW+CCW 1 Pair4 pairs (with DYS SE2205 motor)BetaflightF3 Flight Controller1 pc  Runcam Swift 600TVL FPV Camera 1 pc  Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH 25/200/600mw VTX1 pc  Plastic Molded Mount for GoPro Session & Hero 1 pcs  Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 5cm SMA Antenna 1 pc   and 3M double sided adhesive tapesilicon, velcro strap,    wires, straps, shrink tubes, XT60 plug etc     KL220 220mm Quadcopter Frame Kit 1 set     DYS SE2205 PRO 2300KV Motor 4 pcs     DYS XSD 30A 3-6S ESC 4 pcs   ARF-4 DYS 5045 3-Leaf Propeller CW+CCW 1 Pair 4 pairs   (with DYS SE2205 Motor ) BetaflightF3 Flight Controller 1 pc     Runcam Swift 600TVL FPV Camera 1 pc     Dragonfly 5.8G 48CH 25/200/600mw VTX 1 pc   Plastic Molded Mount for GoPro Session & Hero    1 pcs     Dragonfly Booster 5.8G 5cm SMA Antenna 1 pc      and 3M double sided adhesive tapesilicon, velcro strap,       wires, straps, shrink tubes, XT60 plug etc     * The battery and LED strips that shown in the pictures are not included in the ARF combos.

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    Weight: 1.50 kg

  • EV-Peak C4 80W 8Amp NiMH / LiPO Battery Balance Charger

    The C4 is the charger with HV Lipo capability in a fully featured AC powered charger. With a healthy 80W rating, It offers the convenience of direct AC power and the ability to operate from DC power in the field (e.g. car battery). Charges LiPo, LiIon, LiHV, LiFe, NiCd, NiMh, Pb battery types.Features:1.Create a safe charging condition and maximum reduce the danger caused by negligence or setting error of user.2.Synchronous buck&boost converter technology makes conversion efficiency up to 90%.3.Accept all typs of RC/Drone batteries: LiPo/LiLo/LiFe/NiMH/NiCd/Pb.4.Easy to operate5.Various of charging mode to meet different demand;6.Perform 1-5cycles of C>D or D>C continually for NiMH/NiCd refreshing.Specifications:AC Input voltage: 100-240VDC Input Voltage: 11-18VCharge Power: Max.80WDischarger Power: Max.10WCharge Current Range: 0.1-6.0ADischarge Current Range: 0.1-2.0ABalance Tolerance: ±0.01VLiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe/LiHV Battery Cell Count: 1-6 seriesNiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1-15 cellsPb Battery Voltage: 2V-24VWeight: 450gDimensions: 102*120*46mm

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    Weight: 1.50 kg

  • EV-Peak CQ3 Multi Charger 4x 100W NiMH / LiPO with Built-in Balance

    The CQ3 is a powerful 4x charger. The charger can handle up to 4x different kinds of batteries at the same time. The 4x independent back-lit LCD screens makes charging cycles a breeze to start at different times. This charger includes a AC and DC power cable. Charge LiIon, LiPo, LiFe 1-6 series or NiCd, NiMH 1-15 cells with this fast charger.FeaturesAC/DC dual inputFour independent circuit support charging 4 different kinds of batteries at the same timeBuilt for for worldwide useOver loading protectionShort circuit protectionSpecificationsAC Input Voltage: 100-240VDC Input Voltage: 11-18VCharge Power: max.100W x4Discharger Power: max.10W x4Charge Current Range: 0.1-10.0A x4Discharge Current Range: 0.1-5.0A x4Balance Current: 400mA/cellLiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe Battery Cell Count: 1-6 SeriesNiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1-15 CellsPb Battery Voltage: 2V-24VWeight: 1750gDimensions: 220*240*68mmIncludes4x XT60 Charging Cable4x Balancing Adapter Board XH1x XT60 DC Input Cable1x AC Input Cable

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    Weight: 3.00 kg

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