• New Mini Mugin 2.6m UAV T tail/V tail platform carbon fiber tail(includes the engine and servos)ARF KIT

    This is the mini Mugin 2.6m UAV platform kit. It comes in an ARF Package deal. This deal includes a high power propeller(with propeller cover),six high quality servos, one high quality 3003 servo for the accelerator, and one high quality dle30 engine. This ARF package is designed to get the best preformace for the 2.6M mini Mugin plane. We can provide all the parts you need, so you do not need to spend hours of research looking for everything you need to get this plane in the air. Just assemble and you are ready to go.Friendly Reminder: Due to the size of the Mugin line of planes some damage may occur during shipping. Although the damage is usually minor and can be repaired easily, FPVMODEL cannot be held liable for these damages. This note is to inform you (the buyer) of the risk for damages during transport due to the planes being such a large size.Your package includes:2x3001 servos2xHitec HS-5085MG1x3010 servo2x3003 servos1xDLE30 engine1xhigh power propeller(with propeller cover)1xmini  mugin 2.6m UAV frame kit(include the fuel tank,landing gear and others)click here download the installation manualFeatures:Wingspan: 2600mmCaptain: 2050mmWing Area: 88dm2Empty weight: 6.5 kgEngine: 20-35cc gasoline enginePropeller: 19 * 8 propeller thrustMaximum Takeoff Weight: 15 kgPayload: 4 kgCruising speed: 120km / hStall speed: 35km / hFlight time: 2 hours

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    Weight: 15.50 kg

  • Latest version skywalker 2014 1800mm FPV RC Plane

    Note: A new upgrade for the plane, the fuselage horizontal tail moves to the top. This will make the plane more stable and easier to control.Bottom horizontal tail T TailMaybe you also need this.The latest 2014 version of skywalker 1800.Totally new designed 1800 wings(which will replace the discontinued 1680 wings), big area aileron to maintain an excellent aerobatics performance, distinctive downwards winglets maintain the stable performance at the meantime.Dont be fooled by its wingspan, also its only 1800mm, but the wing area is more or less the same as the new skywalker 2013 wings, when you use the same setup, the new 1800 wings will offer a longer curise time by 20% at least.The new batch of skwyalker planes are made in a big company(one of the world top 500 company) , which make them have smooth surface and better consistency.If you want to get stable video images and longer flight time, go with the 2013 new skywalker , if you want better aerobatics performance, go with the latest 2014 skywalker 1800.Totally new design fuselage with 20mm Japanese cross pattern carbon tail tubes, dozens of precise machined platic connectors make the new skywalker can be fast assembled and fast deteched in minutes, at the meantime, ensure the strength.Now you no need to complain your car is too small to put a large FPV plane, with the new skywalker 1800, a backpack  can take it easily.Features:1: Based on the great success of skywalker 1680 and 1900, idea platfrom for long range FPV and UAV flgiht. Super stable, very good glider  performance.2: With the new design fuselage, support 12-inch propeller at most, easier to banance the gravity. Bigger internal room, your hand can be put in without any problem.3: Dozens of precise plastic connectors and covers make the new skywalker 1800 looks more professional and more neat, use a screwdriver can assemble and detach it in minutes, easy to be put in a backpack or your trunk.In our first flight, a much better performance when encounter cross side wind. Of course, with the bigger propeller, higher efficent. Recomend equipments:2814 kv980 + 12*6 prop + 3s  3000-5000mAh lipoor 2820 kv780 + 12*6 prop + 4s 3000-5000mAh lipo4* ES08MA servos or 4* ES08A servos Wing span: 1800mmWing area: 45dm2length: 130cmcruise speed: 40km/hmax speed: 150km/hFlight time: Depending on your paticular flying style.Center of Gravity: Backwards 90-100mm from wing front edge According to regulations from airlines,liquids are not allowed to air freight,so the aircraft will not include the glue。 

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    Weight: 2.70 kg

  • Deans T Plug Parallel Connector Adaptor Converter

    allowed current:40-80ABrand NewDeans T Plug Parallel AdapterUsed to Connect Batterys in ParallelFor Example connect 2 x 3s 11.1v 3000Mah lipos in Parallel will make 11.1v 6000Mah 6s Lipo

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • High Quality Anti-vibration Rubber Balls Damping Balls 2PCs

    These are vibration damping balls that you can use with your gimbal / flight controller mount to remove any unwanted vibrations. 2g per ballload capacity:100g 200g 300g(optional)9mm installation size on top and bottom of ball20mm total height(300g is 15mm height)Does not significantly harden in low tempsquantity:2 pcs

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    Weight: 0.05 kg

  • High Elastic Anti-vibration Rubber Ball/damping balls for Gimbal FPV PTZ 2pcs

    Features:- Dual-head anti-vibration rubber ball,widely used in PTZ connection and FPV system- Material:high elastic Rubber- Hardness: 20degree for red,30degree for blue,40degree for black-dual-head with point more suitable for heavy load- Color: (Red, blue,black optional)- 2pcs rubber ball includedSpecifications:    

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    Weight: 0.05 kg

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