• 1238 Propellers Carbon Fiber Props CW/CCW Pair

    - Material:carbon fiber made in Japan- Epoxy resin cover- Size:12x3.8- High gloss 3K twill finish- Weight:17g for each prop - Very strong and light weightWith 100% carbon fiber, very strong and light. Only 17g/pc. Price for one Pair (CW+CCW).Finish: 3K gloss

    $15.28 $10.08, Save 34% OFF


    Weight: 0.15 kg

  • Tarot 1238 3K Carbon Fiber Propeller 12*38 Props TL2833

    Product Description:Carbon fiber CW / CCW props applies to motor mounting holes for the three-hole series of six-axis, eight-axis multi-Axis brushless motor. Import Toray 3K plain carbon fiber woven carbon content of 100% precision plus high temperature and pressure precast workers, hardness higher than conventional products on the market, each pair of the pros and cons of full carbon fiber paddle through the manual trim static and dynamic balance, TAROT optimization the series full carbon fiber wing efficiency and load of the pros and cons of paddle stability.



    Weight: 0.20 kg

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