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  • Tarot X6 Hexacopter Umbrella Folding Arm w/ Electronic Landing Gear TL6X001

    Folding arm design on the Tarot X6 reduced the time for preparation before flight. The 4 direction lock folding design with patent make the arm lock on the frame firmly.The Tarot X6 comes with high strength PCB board; the power plug adopts the AS150 anti-spark connector. The user could get more flight time from the light frame.The new type motor mount added the brushless ESC installation hole. This is easy to adjust the horizontal of the motor. There is air deflector groove on top; it could bring good heat dissipation effect.The electronic retractable landing skid has reverse power protection and failsafe function. The retractable landing skid could provide broader views for aerial photography.The Tarot X6 comes with metal GPS mount. It is plug type, easy to folding.Black and red color main frame design has strong visual effect. The battery hang under the frame design make the gravity center lower, and it provide more installation space.Description:Wheelbase: 960 mmArm length: 392mmSingle Arm Weight:113GCentre plate diameterr:328mmUndercarriage clearance height: 395mmMax power consumption: 4000WHover Power Consumption: 1800WHover Time: 18minWorking temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃N.W.:2.0KGG.W.:2.7KG Feastures:With new electric folding landing gear, umbrella folding machine arm and integrated PCB make power and ESC connecting  more quick and safe, providing sufficient installation space for all kinds of flight control system.Using 6 rotor to provide enough power, even if one axis accident stopped working, it can still ensure the aircraft is in stable state.The overall frame kit has a lightweight, easy to carryMaximum take-off weight of about 9 kg, easy to carry 5 d level aerial equipment, with 12 minutes of duration of flight , and the effective operating time of 10 minutes.Configuration Suggest:Battery 15C 22.2V 10000-20000MAHESC 6S 40A Brushless Motor: 5008 340KV Tarot Quick Dismantle Propeller Seat  Recommended Gimbal: Tarot 5D3 3-Axis Self-stabilizing Gimbal ARF Package: //www.fpvmodel.com/tarot-x6-rtf-arf-combo_g862.html Package Included:1 xTarot X6 960MM 6 Axis Quadcopter Folding Frame Kit

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    Weight: 3.00 kg

  • Tarot T810 sport Hexacopter with Retractable Landing Gear TL810S01

    Update on July 29th:The order need time to stock up.Product Description:Pure carbon main frame is Japan TORAY 3K carbon fiber applied and CNC processedPure carbon matte CF plate has ultra-high quality and strengthFoldable design is allowed to equip with wiring direcTRCHy; please avoid connecting circuit by plugMain frame has M3 nut self-locking on the carbon fiber plate, the thread structure has self-locking design, which is capable to resist lateral vibrationFoldable portion has unique clamping design, which has strong stronger structureThe whole set is non-slip while folding. Lightweight dual color motor has been CNC processed, the appearance has strong visual effectHigh current gilded aggregator includedPayload 3kgWeight: 1020GTube diameter: 25MMDistance from motor to motor: 810MMFrame diameter: 850MMMain plate: 210 x210 x2.0MMMotor installation space: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle installationMaximum power consumption: 4000WHover Power: 1500WNet weight: 1.6KGTotal weight: 1.9KG Recommend configuration:4114/320KV Brushless Motor for Multi-copter TRCH100B08Carbon Fiber Propeller 15x5.5 DJI CW/CCW TRCH281230-35 ESC for multicopter6S battery 10000-15000MAH Specification:T810 foldable hex-copter frame set x1Titanium coated rasp x1Water sticker x1Colored sticker x1Hook & loop fastening tape x1Instruction manual x1Spare screw x1

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    Weight: 2.00 kg

  • Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter Promotion Combo

    Power Combo 1Power combo 2Perfect performance with cheaper price,dont miss this Valuable opportunity for limited time.Power Combo 1:Your package includes:Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter frame kitT-motor 30a pro ESC X 6Mn3508 KV580 X 6Recommended prop:1340 carbon fieber propeller Require: 6s  batteryUpdate on June 12nd,2016: Change the ESC into Hobbywing Platinum 30A.Power Combo 2:Your package includes:Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter frame kit X1Hobbywing Platinum 30A X 6FPVMODEL MC3508 580KV X 6Recommended prop:1340 carbon fieber propeller Require: 6s  battery

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    Weight: 2.50 kg

  • Firefly HexaCopter FY550 Airframe 550mm

    Product video link: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs36cTDetCUSpecifications: Diagonal Wheelbase:550mm                         Signal Frequency:30Hz-450HzFrame Weight: 478g    Takeoff Weight:1200g-2400g                                        Recommended Parts (Not Included):Battery:3S-4S Lipo (1500-2600mah)                    Motor:2216 KV980 22 x 12mm (Stator size)ESC:30AProp:1045                             

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    Weight: 0.70 kg

  • Tarot T810 3K pure carbon 810MM Folding Rack 6 Axis TL810A big Hex copter HEX6

    The pure carbon cover of Tarot T810 Folding Rack was imported Toray 3K pure carbon fiber woven cloth, high temperature and high pressure prefabricated CNC precision machining. Pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber quality than conventional commercially available products, the overall performance beyond national standards for carbon fiber strip Requirements of the plate high strength level performance indicators.Tarot T810 Folding Rack Features:The shortcut fold can be directly equipped with safe and reliable line, avoid the use of plug connection circuit.The cover is used M3 head nut self-locking in the carbon fiber board, the thread structure using a unique design of the self-locking screw technology,Has excellent resistance to lateral vibration.The fast folding part of independent innovation Dia 40 metal dovetail groove Falcon riveting structural design, with strong clamping force.Full carbon tube folding, the excellent damping non-slip feel.Lightweight two-color motor seat multi-axis CNC machining, the overall design has a strong perspective effect for the body of the air Striking visual direction. Standard current within the lock-in-one anti-skid gold-plated hub.Flight load of 3 kg design compressive load 15 kg.Tarot T810 Folding Rack Product parameters:Weight: 1020GTube diameter: 25MMWheelbase: 810MMThe rack diameter: 850MMCenter cover Specifications: 210x 210x 2.0MMThe motor installation pitch: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM triangular shaped mountingTarot T810 Folding Rack Recommended:4114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor TL100B081555 streamlined carbon multi-axis positive and negative paddle TL281230-35 multi-axis ESC6S power battery 10000-15000mAhrecommended configurations:DJI naza-m v2 flight controller6X T-MOTOR MN4014 kv4006x 15 inch C/F CW/CCW prop6x HOBBYWING PLATINUM 30A ESC/ T-MOTOR PRO 30A ESCT810 T960 FOLDING landing skid1xDUPU 4s 14.8V 10400mah 25C batteryTarot T810 Folding Rack Specifications:T810 folding six-axis rackx 1Coated diamond raspx 1Water stickers groupsx 1Color pointing stickers groupx 1Magic stickyx 1Manualx 1Spare screw packagex 1Tarot T810 Folding Rack Related accessories:T810 rack-mounted full-carbon tube (349MM) TL96011T810 rack folding carbon nanotubes TL9609The T810/T960 six-axis rack battery holder TL9608M4 butterfly aluminum screw TL9606Multi-axis metal locking clip TL9605T810/T960 folding six-axis body cover TL9604The Tarot 6-in-1 Hub group TL9607The new 25mm Motor Mount / Black TL9603The new 25mm Motor Mount / Orange TL9602T810, T960 metal reinforced cover TL960125mm Camera Mount tube folder / Black TL100A01-18 axis Dia25mm pure carbon fiber Landing Skid TL100B054114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor / Orange TL100B08-024114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor / Black TL100B08 011555 (the tip of the wing) efficient carbon fiber multi-axis Pros and Cons propeller TL28131555 streamlined carbon multi-axis Pros and Cons propeller TL28128 axis Dia25mm pure carbon fiber tripod TL100B05The T810/T960 folding landing Skid TL96013T810/T960 head mount kit TL96014T810/T960 hanging battery holder group TL96015Side panels, hood edge protector TL2768

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    Weight: 2.50 kg

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