• Tarot X6 Hexacopter ARF

    Here comes the Tarot X6 Hexacopeter ARF. Folding arm design on the Tarot X6 reduced the time for preparation before flight. The 4 direction lock folding design with patent make the arm lock on the frame firmly.These are new ARF combo of Tarot X6 Hexacopter at a discounted price. We have tuned everything to ensure every part is well matched and performed. As per our internal test, the flight time can be up to 24 minutes with 6s 10000mah battery (battery not included in the packages). The safe take off weight is under 10 kg. Just enjoy your FPV, let us do the building work for you. The Tarot X6 ARF containes all those small accessories that may be needed for building, and then you do the assembly by yourself.  If you need the different parts to include the ARF, please feel free to let us know.Tarot X6 Build Manual: // Included:1x TAROT X6 Hexacopter1x Tarot X series carbon fiber canopy1x Wookong-m autopilot set (recommended, the pictures showed above is with naza-v2)1x DJI iosd mark 26x FPVMODEL MC4012 340KV Motor (Update on June 23th, 2017)6x Hobbywing Xrotor 40A ESC4 pairs x 15 inch CW/CCW CF folding prop7x Tarot  prop adapter1x Aomway 5.8g 1000mw transmitter1x SharpVision 7inch high bright led monitor built-in 5.8g dual receiver and DVR1x Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit Circular Polarized Antenna Set1x Aomway 5.8g 14dbi mini panel antenna1x 12v 3a output BEC1 x Voltage alarmand plugs, wires, cables, connectors, shrink tube etc.Recommended Gimbal: Tarot 5D3 3-Axis Self-stabilizing Gimbal (Not included)Recommended Telemetry Transmitter: FrSky 2.4GHz ACCST TARANIS X9D PLUSNote: Due to the airline regulation, the battery is not allowed to be shipped by air. Therefore, the battery is not included in the ARF package. Thank you.

    $2,899.00 $2,580.11, Save 11% OFF


    Weight: 14.00 kg

  • DAYA 550 Quadcopter ARF

    This is an ARF package of new DAYA 550 quadcopter. This ARF includes a NAZA-M V2 flight controller combo (recommended, in the pictures is Naza-m lite), 4 Hobbywing X-rotor 40A ESCs, 4 quality FPVMODEL MC3508 kv580 motors,2 pairs 1238 carbon fiber props and a DEVO10 transmitter set. The flight times can be expected to reach up to 20+ minutes. If you want different parts to be included in the ARF package, please let us know.For your easier build, we have a FPV combo ready for you. Click hereDAYA 550 Specifications:- Wheelbase: 550mm- Inner space height: 22mm- Universal motor mount holder- Carbon fiber material, CNC machine,light weight and strong.- Arm backward folding structure, easy to carry- DJI, SX, X4 series flight controller, KK, MWC compatible- Weight: 420g- Color: Black/Red (only for connectors, deliver at random or you can leave a comment for color)Package included:New DAYA550 quadcopter frame kit x 1Naza-M v2 with GPS flight controller x 1Fpvmodel MC3508 kv580 motor x 4Hobbywing X-rotor 40A ESC(2-6S) x 41238 Carbon fiber Prop CW/CCW x 2 pairsDEVO 10 radio x 1Note: From now on,we wil send you the combo with the latest DAYA 550 Frame Kit,click here for details.New pictures will be updated soon after.        

    $829.00 $787.55, Save 5% OFF


    Weight: 11.00 kg

  • Tarot 680 Pro ARF / RTF Combo

    Tarot 680Pro ARFThese are New TAROT 680 PRO ARF and RTF Combos that custom made by FPV Model. They are coming with the reasonable flight combo and FPV total solution. Everything in each combo has been tuned, you just need to open your box and power up, then you are ready to fly. As per our internal test, the flight time is up to 20 minutes with the maxium take-off weight of 3.4kg.Packages Include: 1x TAROT 680 PRO hexacopter1x FPVMODEL 680 pro frame canopy1x Devo 10 2.4g 10CH transmitter1x NAZA-M V2 +GPS set1x DJI mini iosd6x Fpvmodel MC4108 kv475 motor6x Hobbywing Xrotor 40A ESC3 pairs x 1340 CW/CCW CF prop1x TS832 5.8g 600mw transmitter1x 5.8g 7 inch TFT LED monitor built in battery.1x Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit Circular Polarized Antenna Set1x B6AC charger1x 12v 3a output BEC4x landing skid cushion1x Tarot T4-3D 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal and plugs, wires, cables, connectors, shrink tube etc.FPV Model offers you two packages for choosing, one is RTF combo that we tuned everything,you just need power up and ready to fly. The other one is ARF Combo,we put everything we listed together (including all the small accessories you need for your building work), youll need to assemble them by yourself.

    $1,800.00 $1,710.00, Save 5% OFF 5


    Weight: 14.00 kg

  • Tarot ironman FY650 ARF Combo

    This is a Tarot Ironman 650 ARF Quad.Features include a Naza V2 flight controller, 4 flyfun 30A ESCs, 4 quality FPVMODEL MC3510 kv630 motos, B6 battery charger, 12x3.8 carbon fiber props, and an alluminum ribbed case. All of these features are topped of with a custom made dome to protect the electronics on the main body. This dome not only offers protection from the elements for you flight controller it also adds an nice finished look that you dont find on most other quads of this type. The design appealling to the eye and the flight times can be expected to reach up to 18 minutes. Get busy flying and let us do the build work!! (Tarot 2 axis Gopro Gimbal additional 150.00) (Want a different flight controller? Contact us for a different price.) Note: All of these 650 packages combine with our new FPVmodel MC3510 KV630 motors.These quality motors not only with the cheaper price but also include the stable performance and will be a good option for your new plane building.your package includes1x tarot 6501x naza-m v2 with gps set4x Hobbywing X-rotor 40a ESC4x FPVMODEL MC3510 KV6304 pcsx 1238 carbon fieber propeller1x B6AC charger2x velcro strapsPlugs,cables,wires,shrink tubing etc

    $1,199.90 $827.93, Save 31% OFF


    Weight: 11.00 kg

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