• New FPVModel Arched RaceGates

    Brief Introduction to New FPVModel RacegatesFPVModel RaceGates give the racers the ability to map their tracks out with ease using this simple design that can be setup in minutes. Using the simplicity of collapsable tent poles and Polyester Oxford 210D fabric, these gates come in a handy carry along bag, giving you the freedom to race anywhere in just a moments notice. We have had quite a few people asking for a more affordable gate that is less weight and easier to setup while having the same size opening as the other gates. These gates are meant for our more budget oriented custumers and will price easier to transport. They also feature the same style of eyelet of previous version FPVModel RaceGates for ensuring a strong setup for use of guide lines when it is windy outside.We also have the Ring RaceGates and big arched RaceGates for your choice. Note: If you buy 5 racegates, youll receive 3 carrybags only.FPVModel RaceGates Specifications:Material: Polyester Oxford 210DCoating Width: 58"Pole: 8mm Black FRP PoleWidth: 2.3m, Height: 1.63m. (For reference only, the size can be adjusted.)Free DHL/ Fedex/ EMS express shipping!!! Due to the system limit, the orders from some countries may be not able to choose DHL/ Fedex/ EMS for free shipping, please help to choose other free shipping methods instead. We will change to ship the Race Gates via DHL/ Fedex/ EMS no matter which method you choose. For the areas where DHL/ Fedex can not arrive, we will change to ship via EMS. If theres any special instruction, please let us know.

    $42.99-$89.99    3


    Weight: 1.00 kg

  • FreeFlight X4 To X8 Upgrade Package

    Ideal for Freeflight X4 quadcopter upgrade to X8 octocopter.It includes all the power combo and accessories you need.If you bought a Freeflight X4 and want to upgrade it to X8,then this is what you need.

    $399.00 $287.28, Save 28% OFF


    Weight: 1.00 kg

  • FreeFlight X4 Motor Mount Plate Kit

    FreeFlight X4 replacement motor mount plate kit.High accuracy and quality,perfect for Freeflight 4114 400kv motor mounting.

    $29.00 $11.02, Save 62% OFF


    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • New DAYA 16MM Carbon Tube Folding Positioning Seat Group Red

     Product description:The new 16MM carbon tube fixed set , suitable for carbon tube diameter 16MM DIY assembly and TAROT680/690/650 folding multi axle vehicle frame assembly. Better quality than TAROT.Color:black or red (optional)Product specifications:16MM carbon tube fixing sleeve 16MM carbon tube folding positioning seat M2.5 * 6.5 * 10 six angle step screwM2.5 * 22MM cup head screws six angle x 1

    $4.99 $3.09, Save 38% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Universal Motor Mount Seat Base For 16mm Arm Tube

    Universal 16mm motor mount base ,super light,high strength,high precision,proper space arrangementadopt PA66+30% fiberglass injection moldingSuit for diameter 16mm arm tube mount.color:red,black(optional)quantity:1 pcs

    $4.50 $3.51, Save 22% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • D12mm/16mm/20mm/22mm/25mm Arm Clamps Tube Clamps Quality For Multirotor 4pcs

    Designed for multirotor DIY. you can assemble your own multi-rotor with the tube clamps.4 colors,delivery at random(4pcs a set),or you can leave a comment for what color you need.D12mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 12mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 37mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 16.5mm ±0.2Weight: 4.5g  each (including screw and nut)D16mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 16mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 27mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 21mm ±0.2Weight: 6.3g  each (including screw and nut)D20mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps  Screw diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 33mmScrew hole spacing:  26.5mm ±0.2Net weight: 7.6g (including screws and nuts)D22mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 22mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 33mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 26.5mm ±0.2Weight: 8g  each (including screw and nut)D25mm Multi-rotor Arm Clamps/Tube Clamps Suit for tube diameter: 25mmScrew diameter: Φ2.5mm (12.9 class high strength)Screw length: 37mm  (suit for 1.5-2mm thick carbon plate, 2mm recommended)Screw hole spacing: 29.5mm ±0.2Weight: 9.4g  each (including screw and nut)

    $6.50 $2.21, Save 66% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • M3 Nylon Hexagon Nuts For multirotor 10Pcs

     High quality M3 Nylon Hexagon Nuts for Multi-Axis Air Vehicle / Aircraft - White (10 PCS)

    $2.90 $2.76, Save 5% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Tarot TL68B10 10mm metal silicone damping Block group

    Outer ring is made with CNC aluminum with two M2.5 screw holes, distance 14mm, inner ring is rubber damper with 10mm dia. hole.Specification :- M10 Rubber Damper x 2- M10 Black Aluminum Mount x 1 (22 x 22 x 4mm)- M10 Orange Aluminum Mount x 1 (22 x 22 x 4mm)- M2.5 x 6.5 Inner Hex Screw x 4Suitable for : Tarot FY650 / FY680 / T810 / T960 / T1000

    $6.49 $5.58, Save 14% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Tarot six in one Hub group TL9607 For multirotor

    Product Description: TAROT self-designed multi-axis hub with environmentally friendly materials CNC machining one, in line with RHOS standard.Suitable for multi-axis aircraft power supply integrated hub surface 24K gold plating thickness of 8u, support thousand swappable,Stable at high current, constant temperature discharge. Wave slotted welding point design increases the the solder contact surface, effectively prevent solder Weld. Interlocking non-slip design to prevent shock loose top, only 0.2 mm from the edge of the line the lightweight of processing limit.Specifications:Six hub Block 13.5MM24K gold-plated hub (male) × 1The gilded 3.5MM24K hub (female) x 1Cup head Allen screws M2 × 5 mm × 2M2.5 × 6.5 Allen stepped screw × 1

    $7.10 $2.70, Save 62% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

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