• Landing Gear Electric Retractable Worm

    Weight:44 gOperating voltage:4.8v-6vWork Angle:90°Torque: 4.8V (KG*CM):1.8               6.0V (KG*CM): 2Speed: 4.8V (S/60°): 0.7              6.0V (S/60°): 0.55Auto power-off protection in 10 sec,prevent the overload to burn the circuit.Double damping design  can protect the gear totally.4.0mm installing hole        

    $9.99 $5.00, Save 50% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • DJI Phantom Multifunctional Landing Gear Upgrade Kit FPV Telematry Install Plate

    Features:- Suit for DJI Phantom- Increase the original landing gear height(5cm)- Compatible with some brushless gimbal- Offer FPV telemetry installation positions - Simple design, light weight- Material: 3K silver glassy carbon plate- The first choice for Phantom FPV modify.

    $6.99 $3.36, Save 52% OFF


    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • T810 T960 Carbon Fiber Foldable Landing Skid gear TL96013 For Hexacopter UFO

    T810 T960 Carbon Fiber High Strength Foldable Landing Skid TL96013 For Hexacopter Multicopter Description:- Tarot T810/T960 Landing Skid is suitable for Tarot T810 Folding Rack, T960 series Rack, other multi-axis aircrafts- Using 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC precision machining, disigned for T810/T960 etc.,or DIY assembly use. Full matt aluminum CNC Components and 3K matte full carbon tubes, the most lightweight design, fast way to get your manual folding multi-axis aircraft to obtain unique cool experience.Effect picture,no airframe kit be includedTarot T810/T960 Landing Skid Product Specifications:- Metal base plate connected to the seat x 1 (39 x 10 x 14.2MM)- The metal base cradle x 1 (39 x 10 x 35.0MM)- M4 x 20 Cup Head Hex Screws x 2- Dia 25 metal pipe connector seat x 2 (Dia 27 x Dia 25 x 57MM)- H6 spring x 2 (H6 x 12MM) x 2- M4 sliding positioning column group x 2 (8 x 29MM)- Dia 25 pure carbon matt tube x 2 (Dia 23 x Dia 25 x 305MM)- Dia 25 to Dia 16 plastic adapter seat x 2 (Dia 25 x 45MM) TL96017- M2.5 x 25 Cup Head Hex Screws x 2- M2.5 x 30 Cup Head Hex Screws x 2- M2.5 slip nut x 4- Dia 16 x Dia 14 x 180MM x 2 matt full carbon tubes- Dia 10 x Dia 8 x 440MM x 2 matt full carbon tubes- Dia 14 to Dia 10 carbon tube adapter sleeve x 4 TL100B12- Medium-sized multi-axis shock sets x 4 TL100B10 tripod- Product Weight: 199g

    $75.00 $61.50, Save 18% OFF


    Weight: 0.50 kg

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