• Landing Gear Electric Retractable Worm

    Weight:44 gOperating voltage:4.8v-6vWork Angle:90°Torque: 4.8V (KG*CM):1.8               6.0V (KG*CM): 2Speed: 4.8V (S/60°): 0.7              6.0V (S/60°): 0.55Auto power-off protection in 10 sec,prevent the overload to burn the circuit.Double damping design  can protect the gear totally.4.0mm installing hole        

    $9.99 $5.00, Save 50% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Remote Control Folding Retractable Carbon Fiber Landing Skid For FPV multirotor

    Remote Control Folding Retractable Carbon Fiber Landing Skid For FPV multirotor low speed contraction and release.Remote Control Folding Carbon Fiber Landing Skid For FPV multirotorSpecifications:- Weight: 320g- Power supply: 5-6V DC- Signal control: common receiver- Size: Main support rod Dia.16mm,20mm,22mm,25mm(optional); - Vertical height >=320mm, length 500mm- Angle: 90degreeFeatures:- Low speed contraction and releaseyour purchase includes:retractable landing skid (2pcs as shown in picture)1x servo extension Y lead  ARF kit is offered now,it includes all the things you need to assemble the landing skid,you have to do the assembly work yourself.

    $84.90 $69.62, Save 18% OFF 2


    Weight: 0.60 kg

  • DJI Phantom Multifunctional Landing Gear Upgrade Kit FPV Telematry Install Plate

    Features:- Suit for DJI Phantom- Increase the original landing gear height(5cm)- Compatible with some brushless gimbal- Offer FPV telemetry installation positions - Simple design, light weight- Material: 3K silver glassy carbon plate- The first choice for Phantom FPV modify.

    $6.99 $3.36, Save 52% OFF


    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • T810 T960 Carbon Fiber Foldable Landing Skid gear TL96013 For Hexacopter UFO

    T810 T960 Carbon Fiber High Strength Foldable Landing Skid TL96013 For Hexacopter Multicopter Description:- Tarot T810/T960 Landing Skid is suitable for Tarot T810 Folding Rack, T960 series Rack, other multi-axis aircrafts- Using 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC precision machining, disigned for T810/T960 etc.,or DIY assembly use. Full matt aluminum CNC Components and 3K matte full carbon tubes, the most lightweight design, fast way to get your manual folding multi-axis aircraft to obtain unique cool experience.Effect picture,no airframe kit be includedTarot T810/T960 Landing Skid Product Specifications:- Metal base plate connected to the seat x 1 (39 x 10 x 14.2MM)- The metal base cradle x 1 (39 x 10 x 35.0MM)- M4 x 20 Cup Head Hex Screws x 2- Dia 25 metal pipe connector seat x 2 (Dia 27 x Dia 25 x 57MM)- H6 spring x 2 (H6 x 12MM) x 2- M4 sliding positioning column group x 2 (8 x 29MM)- Dia 25 pure carbon matt tube x 2 (Dia 23 x Dia 25 x 305MM)- Dia 25 to Dia 16 plastic adapter seat x 2 (Dia 25 x 45MM) TL96017- M2.5 x 25 Cup Head Hex Screws x 2- M2.5 x 30 Cup Head Hex Screws x 2- M2.5 slip nut x 4- Dia 16 x Dia 14 x 180MM x 2 matt full carbon tubes- Dia 10 x Dia 8 x 440MM x 2 matt full carbon tubes- Dia 14 to Dia 10 carbon tube adapter sleeve x 4 TL100B12- Medium-sized multi-axis shock sets x 4 TL100B10 tripod- Product Weight: 199g

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    Weight: 0.50 kg

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