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MinimOSD OSD For Naze 32 With MultiWii OSD & KV Team Mod

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Before Purchasing: The MinimOSD can not be directly installed on ZMR250 PDB. Please contact us if you are not sure about how to use.

The MinimOSD comes pre-programmed with Multi Wii OSD.It differs from a lot of the other MinimOSD clones on the market by having additional input pins to allow information such as battery voltage and RSSI data to be displayed directly on the OSD (See below). Its main components are an ATmega328P 8 bit microcontroller with an Arduino bootloader, and a MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display. Programming is done through an FTDI cable using the arduino software. By re-programming the OSD can also be used for the APM flight controller or CC3D.

The KV Team Mods allows for direct monitoring of battery voltages via 8 additional pins ( BAT1, GND, BAT2, GND, RSSI, GND, VIOUT, GND). The BAT pins already have voltage dividers and can read upto 4s directly.  VIOUT (Current Sensor Input) & RSSI support up to max 5v input. With supported firmware you can have this additional information appear directly on the OSD.


- ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader
- MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display
- FTDI cable compatible pinout
- Standard 6-pin ISP header
- Two independent power sections with an LED indicator on each
- Solder jumpers for combining the power sections
- +5V 500mA regulator for up to +12V supply input
- Solder jumper for PAL video option
- Exposed test points for HSYNC and LOS
- Dimensions: 0.7"W x 1.7"L (2.4" w/ pins as shown) x 0.3"H

PLEASE NOTE: MinimOSDs are very easy to destroy by incorrectly connecting your camera or voltage feeds. Please be very careful when connecting everything up as we cannot honour the warranty for units damaged by incorrect wiring over voltage. If you are not sure about how to wire, please contact us.
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