• Robotdog RD2205 Racing Motor 2300KV/2500KV

    RobotDog just dropped the newest line of RD2205 in 2 different KV ratings, 2300 and 2500, featuring a budget motor with reliability at a price tag of just $9.99.RobotDog has been continuously working hard on cost-effective products.The low price does not mean that the Robotdog motor is lacking power.The completely redesigned RD2205 is upgraded with features racing multirotors need. The motor is lighter and yields faster bell rotational response.Its perfectly designed as a budget motor for FPVers from beginners to intermediates.



    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Dragonfly MC1105 Micro Class Racing Motor 6000KV

    X-Racer KL-EX90 LOS Maiden Flight : Insane 2inch Power! By the RCAddictThese are the new Dragonfly MC1105 6000kv/7500kv brushless motors for micro class racing quads. They have been proven powerful and reliable at race track, while our team pilot Ka Kei Leung flew the 2" KL-EX90 with these micro motors to compete with 4s 5" bigger racing quads. Click to watch the video. Recommend to use Gemfan 2-3" propellers and 12A ESCs.Dragonfly MC1105 7500KV Mini Motor Specifications:KV: 7500KVNo.of Cells(Lipo)): 2S-3SStator Diameter: 11mmStator Length: 5mmShaft Diameter: 1.5mmMotor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ14.2×14.45mmWeight (g): 6gRecommended propellers: Gemfan 2-3″, Gemfan 2035BNRecommended ESC: 12ADragonfly MC1105 6000KV Mini Motor Specifications:KV: 6000KVNo.of Cells(Lipo)): 2S-3SStator Diameter: 11mmStator Thickness: 5mmShaft Diameter: 1.5mmMotor Dimensions(Dia.*Len): Φ14.2×14.45mmWeight (g): 5.89gRecommended propellers: Gemfan 2-3″, Gemfan 2035BNRecommended ESC: 8A-15AMax Continuous Current(30s): 7.5AMax Continuous Power(30s): 90W

    $10.99 $7.91, Save 28% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • BrotherHobby Tornado T2 2206 2600kv Brushless Motor for FPV Multicopters

    Brotherhobby has created these 2206 T2 series of motors with a unique design. The bell design has a new look, the body is made of solid 7075 aluminum, and the motor itself features 1.75mm thick N52H arc magnets. All while only weighing about 31g. With these magnets you dont need to sacrifice structural integrity for low weight, you can have both.  Great response time and power.SpecificationsConfiguration:12N14PNo.of Cells(Lipo): 3-5SRotor: 1.75mm N52H arc magnetsWire AWG: 20AWGWiring config Single-stranded: 1 x 0.55mm Delta DLRKStator: 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steelBearings: Japanese NSKBase casing: Al 7075Bell cap: Al 7075Weight: 30.8G

    $23.99 $21.83, Save 9% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Dragonfly 7x16mm 14000KV Coreless Motor for X-Racer X-1

    These are powerful 7mm motors that works great in X-Racer X-1 like micro racers. These motors come with plug and 8cm wire, they are better suited to FPV and will be the perfect upgrade for your Tiny conversion. If you are looking for punch and durability, you found it. Description:Motor Diameter: 7mmMotor Length: 16.5mmShaft Diameter: 0.8mmCable Length: 80mmWeight: about 3.2gOption: CW Motor(With Red Black wire), CCW Motor(With Black White wire)Quantity: 1pc / 4pcs(2CW+2CCW) optional



    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • 6x15mm Coreless Motor for Blade Inductrix and Blade Nano QX (Speed: Fast)

    These are powerful motors that works great in the Blade Inductrix, Blade Nano QX, Blade CPX/S. These motors come with plug and 6cm wire, they are better suited to FPV and will be the perfect upgrade for your Tiny conversion. If you are looking for punch and durability, you found it. Warning: These motors are too power hungry for the stock packs! You need strong batteries to run these motors at full performance. Suggest use 205mah mylipo pack, and they will deliver a lot of punch and maximum runtime.Warning: Applies only to the original Nano QX, without FPV. These motors will turn your Nano QX into an insane jaw-dropping pocket rocket, but it will not like hovering! Depending on the battery you use, you will see varying degrees of oscillations (wobble) during hover and slow flight in SAFE mode. Agility mode does not have this problem.Specifications:Speed: 14.000KvOperating voltage: 1.5-3.7VMax. thrust: 15g (direct drive)1.0A load current at 3.7V (direct drive)Lifetime rating: 5-6 hoursPlug: Micro-JST-1.25Clockwise: red +, blue -Counter clockwise: white +, black -Warning: To maximize performance and life span, please do not run them in reverse! Wire colors are reversed.Dimensions:Motor diameter: 6mmMotor length: 15mmShaft Diameter: 0.8mmShaft Length: 4mmWeight: 1.8g Wire length: 60mmPlease note: wire color coding is reversed from the stock motors. Blade has decided to code their motors differently to everyone else in the industry. If you take off, and your Inductrix or Nano QX spins in circles and yaws like a micro frisbee on steriods, please note wire colors are reversed. Your motors are installed in the wrong spots.

    $2.19 $1.10, Save 50% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • FPVMODEL MC1806 2300KV Brushless Motor for Multirotor

    FPV Model is seeking experienced motor reviewers. For those of you whom we choose to do the review, we will send you a set of four motors at absolutely no cost to you. If you are interested in reviewing the motors, please follow the thread on RCgroups: MC1806 2300kv motors use the high quality Japanese NMB bearings and powerful N42sh magnets for optimal efficiency. Main Features:CW/CCW thread SelectablePrecision Japanese NMB bearingsHigh Power N42sh magnetsCNC MachiningBullet and Flat Style Prop Adapters IncludedHigh quality meets affordability. You can find some reviews on the motors that made by independant 3rd parties at Youtube : Every FPVModel motor comes with a 30 days Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not COMPLETELY 100% SATISFIED, you can return the motors for a full refund within 30 days upon receiving them. Note:The motor does not include the screws for mounting with plane arm plate.If the thread rotates clockwise, the motor rotates counter-clockwise and vice versa. 

    $10.99 $5.50, Save 50% OFF


    Weight: 0.20 kg

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