• XBEE 230mm FreeStyle Frame Kit with PDB

    Size Guide · Wheelbase 230mm Features · Full Carbon Fiber · 2mm Bottom Plate, 2mm Top Plate and 4mm arms · Matek PDB include(PDB-XT60 w/BEC 5V & 12V) · Black steel screws · Weight : 102g Includes · Carbon parts 4 x 4mm 5.5inch ARMs 1 x 2mm Top Plate 1 x 2mm Bottom Plate 1 x 1.5mm Arm Upper Plate 2 x 1.5mm Camera mount Sidewall for XAT(28mm) 2 x 1.5mm Camera mount Sidewall for ARROW(29mm) 2 x 1.5mm Cam Mount (angle 25) 1 x 1.5mm Cam Mount Plate 1 x 1.5mm Antenna Mount 1 x 2mm Front Bumper · Hardware 4 x 35mm Matt black standoff 2 x 33.5mm Matt black standoff 2 x 22mm Matt black standoff 12 x 3*5mm Metal bolt 4 x 3*8mm Metal bolt 5 x 3*10mm Metal bolt 4 x 3*15mm Metal bolt 4 x M3*5 Nylon post 8 x M3 Nylon nut · PDB parts 1 x PDB-XT60 w/BEC 5V & 12V 1 x XT60

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  • Betaflight 32Bit 35A 2-6S BLHeli_32 ESC Dshot1200

    *** This is the new updated version of Betaflight BLHeli_32 ESC that comes with a line of soldering along the ESC sides for a better protection and giving more power. We are at it again and the guys at Betaflight, FPV Model, BLHeli, and Airbot have come together to create a version of BLHeli_32 ESCs that FPV Model hopes will not disappoint. Introducing a fresh take on an ongoing development with BLHeli_32 we are introducing BetaBees, BlHeli_32 ESCs designed in conjunction with Airbot.BLHeli_32 is the third generation BLHeli code, following base BLHeli and BLHeli_S. It runs on an ARM 32bit MCU, initially it will be on a Cortex-M0 running at 48MHz, but there are MCUs out there that can run a lot faster.  BLheli_32 can run input signals with lower latency at faster rates. Dshot up to at least Dshot1200, and at rates up to at least 32kHz is now supported.Here is what BLHELI_32 has to say about their new "Power to perform":Programmable PWM frequency of up to 48KHzAuto-timing for higher efficiency and reliabilityVoltage/Current limitingAdjustable “Brake on Stop” forceImprove direction change in Bidirectional modeESC TelemetryConfiguring from FC using DShot commandsFeatures: Built in Current SensorExtra capacitors to help smooth noisy envrionments.Customizable color choice RGB LED using Blheli_32 software.Large positive and ground pads for easy soldering. 2-6s Lipo input35A continuous current  (can handle burst above 45A but please be reasonable, do not overwork  your motors)TX pad on ESC used for Telemetry pad. (connect to FC and you would get current sensing, motor RPM, ESC temperature etc)Specifications :Input: 2-6s LiPolyConstant: 35 AmpsBurst: 45 AmpsBEC: No BEC, OPTO onlyDimensions: 34x16x7mmWeight: 6g (without motor wires)Includes:1 x Betaflight BLHeli_32 35A ESC1 x 16AWG Red Silicon Wire 10cm1 x 16AWG Black Silicon Wire 10cm3 x 20AWG Black Silicon Wire 10cm1 x 26AWG Red Silicon Wire 10cmSome Tips:BLHeli_32 ESC Firmware OverviewHow to Connect BLHeli_32 ESC to Congigurator BLHelisuite32 via FC PassthroughWhat is Dshot1200 and Why Dshot1200 is Better?How to Get Dshot1200 Running in Betaflight?Downloads:Download the latest BLHeli_32 Configurator here.Download the BLHeli_32 User Manual here.Download Betaflight 3.2.0 here.We have made a slight change to the second version of Betaflight 32bit BLHeli ESC. The soldering of previous version already connected while the new version not, so as to make the wiring cleaner.

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  • EMAX AVAN-S Two-Blade Prop 10CW+10CCW

    The Avan propellers are designed from the ground up to match your equipment. Each propeller is designed to match the power curve of current motors on the market. This gives the propellers a linear throttle response, great low end control, and incredible top speed. The matched power curve allows efficient transfer of power across the throttle band.The Avan-S propeller is a dual blade designed for top speed with high rpm set ups. This propeller is designed to match the power curve of the Emax 2306 2750kv motor. The Avan-S has a design advance ratio of .75 with a 4.2 inch pitch at 75% of radius. The Avan-S has a weight of 4 g and a moment of inertia of 25 g/cm^2. The Avan-S uses airfoils capable of achieving higher lift coefficients at lower angles of attack to achieve more speed with less blade angle necessary. The Avan-S has a design point of 110 mph at 30000 rpm at 80 degree flight angle. This is close to a full throttle design with lighter aircraft being able to go faster. Expect to push well past 100 mph just on 4s.

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  • Favourite Littlebee Summer 2-6s BLHeli_32 30A Dshot1200 ESC

    Following the 35A, FVT just released its new 30A version of Littlebee Summer ESC. This new 30A comes with 2-6s input. The burst current can be up to 35A / 10s. It has current sensor, while the 35A version does not.Feature: 1:input Voltage:2-6S Lipo 2:NO BEC 3:Continue Current:30A,Burst Current:35A up to 10S 4:Size: 31*17mm. 5:Weight:8g(include Power and signal wire) 6:Support Oneshot125,Oneshot42,Mutishot and at least Dshot1200 etc. 7:Main IC:runs on an ARM 32bit MCU(STM32F051),running at 48MHz 8:MOS:Both low and high side fets are Nfets,szie is 5*6,easy to heat 9:programmable pwm frequency, up to 48kHz,run motors even smoother 10:Low voltage ,temperature and current protection 11:New telemetry function 12:BLHeli-32 Bootloader & Firmware

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  • OMNIBUS F4 Nano v3 with LC filter

    - A new generation AIO Flight control for FPV, based on F405 MCU, using F4 MCU controls OSD over SPI bus in DMA mode, OSD Configation has been incl. in Betaflight GUI.- Supports SD Card and LIPO direct input (2-6S)- MPU6000 at SPI bus. No Flash for blackbox functionFeatures:STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight 3.2 firmwareSBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)4PWM output (1-4Pinheaders and Sh1.0 Plug)Only 25x25mm, mount holes 20x20mmIncl. Barometer BMP280SPI Sensor MPU60002-6S Lipo Direct poweron board LC filterUpdate on August 14th: Add a connecting cable.

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  • BrotherHobby Tornado T2 2206 2600kv Brushless Motor for FPV Multicopters

    Brotherhobby has created these 2206 T2 series of motors with a unique design. The bell design has a new look, the body is made of solid 7075 aluminum, and the motor itself features 1.75mm thick N52H arc magnets. All while only weighing about 31g. With these magnets you dont need to sacrifice structural integrity for low weight, you can have both.  Great response time and power.SpecificationsConfiguration:12N14PNo.of Cells(Lipo): 3-5SRotor: 1.75mm N52H arc magnetsWire AWG: 20AWGWiring config Single-stranded: 1 x 0.55mm Delta DLRKStator: 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steelBearings: Japanese NSKBase casing: Al 7075Bell cap: Al 7075Weight: 30.8G

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  • Brotherhobby Returner R2 2205 2600kv Brushless Motor for FPV Multicopters

    The Brotherhobby Returner R2 2205 2600kv Brushless Motor is designed for 180, 210, 220, 250 Frame Kits. Powerful, reliable, and quick. Specifications:Brand Name: BrotherHobbyModel: Returner R2 2205KV: 2600KVThread: CW Screw ThreadHeight: 31.5mmWidth: 27.9mmShaft diameter: M5Motor mount hole size: M3Magnet: N52H arc magnets            Wire AWG: 20AWG                       Stator:  0.2mm Kawasaki silicon steel       Bearings: Japanese NSK 3*8*4mmBase casing: Al 6063Bell cap: Al 6063Weight: 26 gramsBattery: 3-4S lipo batteryUsage: for 180, 210, 220, 250 Frame Kit

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  • Brotherhobby Returner R3 2207 2550KV Brushless Motor For FPV Racer

    These Brother Hobby Returner R3 motors are especially designed to FPV Racing and feature an open air base to allow for more efficient cooling of the motors. Weighing in at just under 30 grams helps eliminate some weight compared to other motors and fits with most racers desire to shave precious grams off builds wherever they can. Featuring 20awg silicone wire, N52H magnets and Japanese NSK bearings these motors are sure to fit the needs of most any racer. Specifications:Configuration: 12N14PNo.of Cells(Lipo): 4-5S                 Magnet: N52H arc magnets            Wire AWG: 20AWG                       Stator:  0.15mm Kawasaki silicon steel       Bearings: Japanese NSK 8*3*4Base casing: Al 7075Bell cap: Al 7075Weight: 29.6g( without wire )

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  • RaceFlight Spark 4n1 ESC

    The RaceFlight Spark 4n1 electronic speed controller (ESC) provides the power of BlHeli_S performance in a tiny package. This makes your electronic stack small, and generally eliminates the need for an additional PDB. TRFSESChe Spark 4n1 ESC performs great, helps clean up any build, and is perfect for your 3″ build.Specifications:- 20 mm x 20 mm mounting hole spacing- 60A continuous (15A per motor) and 80A burst (20A per motor)- BlHeli_S- 5V voltage regulator capable of 3A continuous output- D-Shot ready- 2s – 4s compatible- Pins to Millivolt Flight controller- Voltage sent to flight controller- Easy Install- High quality components

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  • RaceFlight Millivolt Flight Controller

    MillivoltThe RaceFlight Millivolt flight controller is the most advanced, performance driven, flight controller ever designed in a tiny package. Capable of running 32kHz gyro sample, PID loop, and motor loop, processing all calculations in real time. The Millivolt is truly at the top of its tiny class . The Millivolt uses a F405 MPU and an Invensense 20602 gyro in combination with RaceFlight software to give you the BEST performance possible. This gyro is by far the most noise free and accurate gyro available.PerformanceThe Millivolt presents not only the BEST performance, but also the most STABLE performance due to the amazing vibration rejection technology implemented in RaceFlight. Our filters allow your quad to stay in the air no matter what! Damaged propellers caused by that insane gate clip on turn 3? Not a problem. You can still finish the race! For most people tuning is not even required. Our boards come preloaded with software and defaults that should fly amazing for 99% of people.In addition to the vibration rejection technology, the SSG (Invensense 20602) gives you the highest speeds currently possible with the lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity. The Invensense 20602 gyro has never been used in any flight controller before (except the Revolt) and definitely gives you the leading advantage over others.SoftwareOur flight controller comes pre-loaded with the latest RaceFlight Community release. Just go to the google store and download the latest configurator and you should be ready to connect. Drivers should no longer be needed.RaceFlight One is also available in beta format. Just join our slack at and ask to be added to the RaceFlight One channel. This is truly amazing software, which flies so well you can completely eliminate prop wash. Setup is a breeze as well, just run a couple wizards and you will get right up into the air.Setup SimplicitySetting up the Millivolt is easy. The solder pin layout is easy to read with motor connections in each corner. Just solder the closest motors and remember the order 1, 2, 3, 4. Select your voltage on the bottom, as well as inverted or not. The Millivolt also features DFU free updating and a self-healing and updating bootloader, just in case something does go wrong.FeaturesIntegrated vibration dampening dummiesInverter for Taranis and Futaba radios3.3v or 5.0v for Spektrum, Taranis, etcLED Driver for WS2812b programmable LEDInfrared LED Race Transponder support – just solder an infared LED to the Revolt and set it up in the RF1 configuratorFuture iPhone and Android configurator supportHigh Speed 32khz gyro, lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity gyro ever usedThrough hole solder pads – forms an I-Beam when soldered for extra strengthFrSky Taranis, Spektrum, Futaba, JR, IBus, Sbus and other radio supportIntegrated buzzer driverVoltage and current ADC pins, for full voltage and current monitoringFull telemetry output supportESC flashing and configuration built into configuratorMost active software developmentSelectable 3.3v or 5v voltage2 serial uartsBluetooth expandableF4 processor16mb of flash memoryGPS expandableDimensions: 25mm x 25mmMounting holes: 20mm squared to center of holes

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  • X-Racer X9 Micro Racing Quad BNF

    X-Racer X9 FPV flyBefore Purchasing:It takes about 1 to 3 days for us to build and test the BNF version. If you are experienced in building, it would be better purchase the DIY version to build by yourself to save the time.The X-Racer X9 does not come with the receiver. If you are using the Frsky transmitter, we suggest use FrSky XM 16 Ch Micro SBUS Receiver. If you are using other RC transmitters, you will use other mini transmitters accordingly.The camera in the combos is in PAL version. If you need the NTSC version, please leave message at the checkout, thank you.Following the X-Racer KL-EX90, FPV Model now has another 2" propeller 90 class micro racer. The ultralight micro racer comes with Runcam Micro Swift CCD camera which is the smallest FPV camera that use 1/3" CCD sensor in FPV community. No more blurry and dull image like youll have on other micro class. You will get the same good quality video on this micro racer like you did with normal Runcam Swift.Micro class FPV racing is more and more popular. Comparing to the regular 5" racing quads, these little stuff have many advantages. You can fly or race with them at anytime any where you like. Because they are so light in weight and so small in size, you do not need to register with FAA if you are from the United States to fly them.Equipped with the mini Raceflight Millivolt flight controller and Raceflight Spark 4n1 ESC, you will gain the best performance that you never had before. The Millivolt presents not only the BEST performance, but also the most STABLE performance due to the amazing vibration rejection technology implemented in RaceFlight. In addtion to these, the X9 is equipped with the powerful Dragonfly MC1105 7500KV motors which has been proven very powerful with X-Racer KL-EX90. Features:Small in size and light in weight. All-up-weight is 83 grams only without battery. Do not require the hassles of getting it registered with the FAA if you are from the United States.2s / 3s lipo. Excellent power with just a 2S battery, even more powerful with 3S. It gives you very high speed, very precise and rail-like handling.Fast as other 5" 4S racing quads. Use Runcam Micro Swift, the worlds smallest and lightest CCD professional camera. It has the same performance to reputable Runcam Swift and Swift Mini.Equipped with the mini Raceflight Millivolt flight controller and Raceflight Spark 4n1 ESC. The Millivolt presents not only the BEST performance, but also the most STABLE performance due to the amazing vibration rejection technology implemented in RaceFlight. .Equipped with powerful and reliable micro Dragonfly MC1105 7500kv brushless motors. Gemfan 2035BN 4-blade propellers are almost unbreakable, extremely smooth and guaranteed to exceed your expectations.A Dragonfly 25mw 48ch Vtx with protective coating is inlcuded to give an even more aero dynamic low profile design for the video transmission. Parts Included:1 x X-Racer X9 Frame4 x Dragonfly MC1105 7500kv Motor1 x Raceflight Millivolt Flight Controller1 x Raceflight Spark 4n1 ESC1 x RunCam Micro Swift 2 FPV Camera (Update on September 12th.)1 x Dranonfly 5.8g 25MW 48CH Vtx4 Pairs x GemFan 2035BN 4-Blade Propellers1 x 16AWG Silicon Wire1 x Amass XT30 Plug Male16 x M2*4 Screws16 x M2*6 Screws10 x M2*7 Screws4 x M3*18 Screws7 x M2*19 Aluminum Standoff10 x M3 Black Nylon NutX-Racer X9 Brief Installation Manual: PDF Download

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  • RaceFlight Bolt 4n1 ESC

    The RaceFlight Bolt 4n1 electronic speed controller (ESC) provides the power of BlHeli_S performance in a slim package. This makes your electronic stack slim, and generally eliminates the need for an additional PDB. The 4n1 ESC performs great and helps clean up any build.The RaceFlight 4n1 is also extremely easy to install. It is compatible with 4s through 6s batteries and has a built-in current sensor that hooks up directly to the Revolt to provide mAh information. The whole 4n1 ESC pins directly to the Revolt flight controllers and also sends voltage.Specifications30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting hole spacing30 amp continuous draw per motor40 amp burstBlHeli_S5V voltage regulator capable of 3A continuous outputD-Shot ready4s – 6s compatibleBuilt in Current SensorPins to Flight controllerCurrent and Voltage sent to flight controllerEasy InstallHigh-quality components

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