>> What is FPVmodel Affiliate Program?

FPV hobby is too expensive? Why not join our affiliate program to make extra money? 

You do not need a website, do not need a store, do not actually sell the products. Making extra money is so easy with our affiliate program. What you need to do is to put the links of our products on your website, blog, social media, related RC forums, or anywhere else, then we will send you the commission on the sale that you have successfully refered. 

>> How Does FPVmodel Affiliate Program Work?

Simply post an affiliate URL on your website, blog, social media, RC forums, or anywhere else. If an end customer comes to visit FPVmodel.com via the link you posted and make an effective purchase (successfully paid), you will receive the commission on the purchase. Any purchase that made by the customer within 15 days of clicking your link will be counted into your commission.

Your commission can be withdrawed to your Paypal account or paid via Western Union. Or it can be used for purchasing goods at FPVmodel.com.

1. You post the FPVmodel affiliate ads or link. The link contains a unique affiliate tracking number that can track the sales amount that refered by you.

2. An end customer clicks the link. Once he or she registers, he/she will be affiliated to you.

3. The end customer makes a purchase within 15 days.

4. You Receive the commission of the sale.

>> How Much Commission Can I Receive?

Your commission will be calculated as a % of total effective orders that refered by your posted ads & links. The rate is based on your affiliate membership as shown in below table. Each membership has a different commission rate. The more the sale you made, the more the commission you will gain!

>> How Can I Join the Affiliate Program?

Everyone can join the affiliate program without prior contact with FPV Model. After login, you will find the affiliate program section on the left column of account details.

Click into the links, you will get the referal links with a unique number which is used for tracking the sales made thru the links you posted. The unique number is generated for you only.

When you want to recommend our products to your friends on RC forums, Facebook, blogs or somewhere else, do not forget to put the referal code after the links just like the ones shown as above. Then you will make money.

>> How Can I Receive My Commission?

You can withdraw the money via Paypal or Western Union transfer. Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USD.

>> How Do I Generate Banner Referral Links?

If you would like to put our banners onto your own website or blog, please go to My Account -> Affiliate Program -> Referral Code -> Banner Referral Code. Select the banner you want and generate the code to add onto your website or blog. Once the customer clicks on the banner and make a purchase on FPVmodel.com within 15 days, you will earn the commission.

>> How Do I Get the Referral Links?

1. Add the referral links manually.

You can add the referral number to any of our URL links. For example, if your referral code is BFCB0FE6740CCD61, simply add ?u=BFCB0FE6740CCD61 after the URL. Your referral links will be like following:

Site Referral Url: http://www.fpvmodel.com/?u=BFCB0FE6740CCD61
Product Referral Url: http://www.fpvmodel.com/zmr250-v2-carbon-fiber-mini-fpv-quadcopter-frame-without-pdb_g1071.html?u=BFCB0FE6740CCD61
Category Referral Url: http://www.fpvmodel.com/mini-quad-hq_c136.html?u=BFCB0FE6740CCD61

2. Generate Referral Links Automatically

Please go to My Account -> Affiliate Program -> Referral Code -> Link Referral Code. Search the products that you want to recommend to others, and then click Get Code.

>> Why My Earnings are Pending?

There are three status of the commissions you earned: Pending, Active and Cancelled.

Pending: It means the commissions can not be withdrawed or used temporarily. Please allow 30 days after order posted in case there is a cancellation or a refund with the order.  
Active: It means that you can now use the money you have earned to buy the products at FPVmodel.com, or directly withdraw the money.
Cancelled: It means the orders may have been cancelled or refunded, the commission is ineffective.

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