>> How Can I Get Free Samples for Reviewing?

FPV Model is always seeking experienced reviewers to review our products. Usually when we have some new, we will try to find the reviewers to test our products to make them better.  

The interested reviewers please contact us via sales@fpvmodel.com or leave your message via our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/fpvmodel. Your previous review videos or blogs on the RC products will be required. Once you are qualified and meet our requirements, we will contact you and send you the samples for review. 

Please take a note that due to the limit on budget, we are not able to send free samples to all the pilots, only the experienced reviewers will be chosen.

>> What Benefits of Reviewing FPV Model Products?

If you are an experienced reviewer and interested in being our long-term partner for reviewing our products, once you are chose to be one of our reviewers, you will get our newest products frequently for review. Those products will be sent to you for totally free!!!

If you choose to review our products after purchasing, you will enjoy a discount of 4%-10% off with your next purchase at fpvmodel.com. 

>> How Should I Make a Review?

Well, there are many forms of reviewing. If you are a blogger, you can make an informative review on the products in your blog. If you have a Youtube channel, you can make a review video and upload to there. If you like to say something in FPV related forums or even just in a facebook group, it is a review also.

If you are making a reviewing video, please help to add our companys intro video or brand logo like FPVMODEL, X-Racer and Dragonfly to your video. It is not a must, but you will be highly appreciated if you could help us with the promoting of our brand image. You can download the intro videos & logos via the link below:


>> Where Can I Post my Reviews?

Your own channel, blog, wenbsite or anywhere that you can draw someone else attention. Suggest post your reviews on Youtube Channel, Vimeo, Blogs, FPV related forums, your own websites, facebook groups, Google+ groups etc.

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