5.8G Antenna Top 10

  • MFD 5.8G 23db High Gain Flat Antenna Panel

    Specifications:- Size: 31*31*3cm- Weight: 860g- SWR: <1.5- Frequency: 5180-5850Mhz- Interface: RP-SMA Plug- Cable length: 16mm- Color: White

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    Weight: 1.20 kg

  • Tarot 5.8G FPV Telemetry Antenna Set TL300K

    TAROT 5.8G FPV 3/4 leaf A/V Tx Rx Wireless Antenna TL300KItem includes:5.8G 3-leaf antenna for TX*1  (Φ33x82mm) 7.8G 5.8G  4-leaf antenna for RX*1  (Φ33x82mm) 8.3GFeatures:Circularly polarized Omni antenna made with pure copper, silvering feeder and RP-SMA connector to avoid signal attenuation, ensure the excellent performance. Light weigh design makes it 7.8g only. The 90 degree connectors ensure the antenna perpendicular to the ground.Specifications: Transmitting frequency: 5800MHz Tx Antenna: 3-leaf Rx Antenna: 4-leaf Gain: 2.0dBi-2.5dBi Standing-wave rate: <1.5 Direction: Omni antena  Horizontal lobe width: 45° Vertical lobe width: 45° Polarization mode: circularly polarized Impedance: 50Ω Connector: 90 degree RP-SMA Material: 98% pure copper Feeder: silvering copper anti high temperature cableSuitable for: TAROT Mini 200/250/300 quadcopters or other similar FPV machine.

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Aomway 5.8g 4-Leaf Clover RHCP Antenna for TX/RX

    Right-hand circular polarization (RHCP). Specially designed for VTX/RX for long range FPV Gain: 3dbiSWR: <1.5Directivity:Omni  (Compatible with video TX/RX)Plug: SMA/RP-SMA(optional)Color: Blue or Red (will sent at random)

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Aomway 5.8G 5DBi High Gain Omni Antenna

    Specification:   - High gain 5db for TX/RX    - 5.8Gghz 5700-5900mhz   - omni antenna   - SMA plug,inner thread needle   - Impendence:50   - small size,weight only 11g   -Standing wave<=1.3

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • HAWKEYE UHF Dipole 433MHZ Antenna

    This antenna can be used with your UHF transmitter & receiver.The antenna can be installed vertically or horizontally to match your aircraft polarization.

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    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • Aomway 5.8GHz 14dBi High Gain Mini Panel Antenna for FPV Receiver SMA/RP-SMA Plug

    Specifications:- Frequency: 5.8GHz- Resistance: 50ohm- Gain: 14db- Beam width: 37(H+V)- SWR: <=1.5- Right circular polarization antenna- 50mm soft cable, could be bended into any direction- Built-in high frequency PCB, more stable- Light weight: 46g- Size:86x86x8(mm)- Color: Blue(SMA)/Gray(RP-SMA)(optional)- Interface: SMA/RP-SMA plug- Quantity:1 pcs

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    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • FPV 1.2g/2.4g/5.8g VTX/RX antenna extension cable rp-sma to rp-sma jack

    Length:20cm Specially designed for 1.2g/2.4g/5.8g  VTX/RX antenna extension,rp-sma to rp-sma jack plug.Can be compatible with most VTX/RX on the market.BY the antenna extension cable,you can get a better arrangement for your cabin equipments.Reducing the interference of equipments with each other and it wont reduce the power of  antenna.

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    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • 5.8G 6DBi Mini High Gain Panel Antenna

    Specially designed for RC FPV, better performance than normal mushroom / 3 leaf antenna,High gain.low SWR,mini sizeand high self recovery function with any angle.very suitable to use with 5.8g VTX/RX and adapt the Phantom 2 vision 5.8g radio.Frequency Range-MHz : 5600-5950 MHzGain-dBi : 6dbi3db Vertical Beamwidth : 360 degree3db Horizontal Beamwidth  : 35degreeImpedance- : 50 ohmPolarization : VerticalSidelobe suppression>=10DBVSWR : <=1.5out-of-roundness <=3DBMaximum Power-W : 50Connector : RP-SMA/ sma (optional)Dimensions-mm : 90×35×1.5mmWeight : 15gDC Grounded High self recovery function.

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    Weight: 0.15 kg

  • AOMWAY FPV 11dbi 5.8G Helical Antenna Right Circular Polarization SMA/RP-SMA

    FEATURES:- The fixing plate (glass fiber board)- Universal convert cable SMA connector, Can be suit to arbitrary angle.- Perfectly compatible with Aomway transmission two frequencies: 5705-5945MHZ; 5740-5860MHZ- All frequency channel standing wave less 1.5- Impedance:50ohm- PCB board as reflection board, effectively improves antenna gain- High self recovery function.- weight: 10g- SMA connector/RP-SMA connector (optional)- highest angle:70 degree

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    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit Circular Polarized Antenna Set (RP-SMA/SMA connector) for FPV

    This Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit Antenna Set is designed for use in FPV applications. They are a refined version of the traditional "clover-leaf" FPV antennae but are now housed in a RF transparent dome. This offers better looks and excellent protection. They are bendable, easy to setup and use standard RP-SMA/SMA connectors. Package comes in a pair that includes one antenna each for transmitter and receiver.Specs:TxA is a circular-polarized omni antenna with three lobesRxA is a circular-polarized omni antenna with four lobesGain: TxA 1.1dBi / RxA 1.4dBiSWR: 1.2.:1, Tuned for 5645-5945MhzPolarization: RHCP, Right Hand Circular PolarizationConnector: RP-SMA/SMA(optional)Length: TxA 78.5mm, RxA 98.8mmWeight: TxA 10.3g, RxA 11.5g

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    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • 5.8G 14dbi Panel Antenna Directive Antenna for FPV

    Specification:- Size: 145x97x38 mm- Weight : 0.5 KG- Frequency:5100 - 5850- Band width:750 Mhz- Gain: 14 dbi- Horizontal angle: 30 degree- Vertical degree:43 degree- SWR:1.5- Antenna inpedance:50ohm- Polarization method:vertical- Max power: 100 watt- connector plug:RP-SMA

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    Weight: 0.40 kg

  • 5.8Ghz 18dBi Outdoor FPV Panel Antenna For RC

    5.8G 18dBi Panel antennakeep clear video signal from further distance5.8Ghz Mini 18dBi Outdoor Panel antennaFrequency Range-MHz : 5100-5850bandwidth-MHz : 750Gain-dBi : 18Vertical Beamwidth - : 20°Horizontal Beamwidth - : 20°Ratio-dB : 25VSWR : 1.5Impedance- : 50Polarization : VerticalMaximum Power-W : 100Connector : SMADimensions-mm : 190 × 216 × 50Weight-g : 1.1Mounting Mast Diameter-mm : 40 ~ 50

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    Weight: 1.10 kg

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