• BattleRC 5.8G FPV Micro VTX Clover Antenna 70mm

    A new must for FPV. These are the 5.8G FPV Micro VTX Clover Antennas from Battle RC with VSWR less than 1.5. The "Clover Leaf" design of the antenna gives you great 360 degrees of FPV coverage. Every piece of the antenna has been strictly tested in and after production. Specifications:Impedance: 50ohmVSWR: <1.5Frequency: 5.72GHZ, 5.74GHZConnector: IPEX Weight: 2g±0.3Length: 70mmType: RHCP

    $7.00 $4.48, Save 36% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • MFD 5.8G 23db High Gain Flat Antenna Panel

    Specifications:- Size: 31*31*3cm- Weight: 860g- SWR: <1.5- Frequency: 5180-5850Mhz- Interface: RP-SMA Plug- Cable length: 16mm- Color: White

    $74.63 $59.70, Save 20% OFF


    Weight: 1.20 kg

  • Tarot 5.8G FPV Telemetry Antenna Set TL300K

    TAROT 5.8G FPV 3/4 leaf A/V Tx Rx Wireless Antenna TL300KItem includes:5.8G 3-leaf antenna for TX*1  (Φ33x82mm) 7.8G 5.8G  4-leaf antenna for RX*1  (Φ33x82mm) 8.3GFeatures:Circularly polarized Omni antenna made with pure copper, silvering feeder and RP-SMA connector to avoid signal attenuation, ensure the excellent performance. Light weigh design makes it 7.8g only. The 90 degree connectors ensure the antenna perpendicular to the ground.Specifications: Transmitting frequency: 5800MHz Tx Antenna: 3-leaf Rx Antenna: 4-leaf Gain: 2.0dBi-2.5dBi Standing-wave rate: <1.5 Direction: Omni antena  Horizontal lobe width: 45° Vertical lobe width: 45° Polarization mode: circularly polarized Impedance: 50Ω Connector: 90 degree RP-SMA Material: 98% pure copper Feeder: silvering copper anti high temperature cableSuitable for: TAROT Mini 200/250/300 quadcopters or other similar FPV machine.

    $8.99 $4.32, Save 52% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Aomway 5.8g 4-Leaf Clover RHCP Antenna for TX/RX

    This Aomway 5.8GHz 4 leaf polarized antenna is a great way to increase the performance of your FPV system.The circular polarization helps reject “multipath interference”, a common problem with standard dipole stock antennas.Proven to increase range and video clarity, circular polarized antennas have become the standard after-market essential upgrade for modern FPV systems. This is a matched Tx/RX pair for direct installation to any FPV set with SMA connectors.Each antenna has extra reinforcement around the base of the clover leaf assembly making them less suceptible to damage.FeaturesSpecially designed for VTX/RX for long range FPVOmni directional (compatible with video TX/RX)Robust constructionSpecificationsFrequency Range: 5725~5875ghzSWR: <1.5Gain: 3dbiConnector: SMA-Blue / RP-SMA- RedColor: Blue / RedDimensions: 86 x 29mmPolarization: Right hand

    $7.98 $7.02, Save 12% OFF 1


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Aomway 5.8G 5DBi High Gain Omni Antenna

     Aomway 5.8G 5DBi High Gain Omni Antenna  - High gain 5db for TX/RX    - 5.8Gghz 5700-5900mhz   - omni antenna   - SMA plug,inner thread needle   - Impendence:50   - small size,weight only 11g   -Standing wave<=1.3

    $5.50 $2.20, Save 60% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Aomway 5.8GHz 14dBi High Gain Mini Panel Antenna for FPV Receiver SMA/RP-SMA Plug

    Specifications:- Frequency: 5.8GHz- Resistance: 50ohm- Gain: 14db- Beam width: 37(H+V)- SWR: <=1.5- Right circular polarization antenna- 50mm soft cable, could be bended into any direction- Built-in high frequency PCB, more stable- Light weight: 46g- Size:86x86x8(mm)- Color: Blue(SMA)/Gray(RP-SMA)(optional)- Interface: SMA/RP-SMA plug- Quantity: 1 pc

    $21.39 $16.68, Save 22% OFF


    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • FPV 1.2g/2.4g/5.8g VTX/RX antenna extension cable rp-sma to rp-sma jack

    Length:20cm Specially designed for 1.2g/2.4g/5.8g  VTX/RX antenna extension,rp-sma to rp-sma jack plug.Can be compatible with most VTX/RX on the market.BY the antenna extension cable,you can get a better arrangement for your cabin equipments.Reducing the interference of equipments with each other and it wont reduce the power of  antenna.

    $4.50 $2.16, Save 52% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • 5.8G 6DBi Mini High Gain Panel Antenna

    Specially designed for RC FPV, better performance than normal mushroom / 3 leaf antenna,High gain.low SWR,mini sizeand high self recovery function with any angle.very suitable to use with 5.8g VTX/RX and adapt the Phantom 2 vision 5.8g radio.Frequency Range-MHz : 5600-5950 MHzGain-dBi : 6dbi3db Vertical Beamwidth : 360 degree3db Horizontal Beamwidth  : 35degreeImpedance- : 50 ohmPolarization : VerticalSidelobe suppression>=10DBVSWR : <=1.5out-of-roundness <=3DBMaximum Power-W : 50Connector : RP-SMA/ sma (optional)Dimensions-mm : 90×35×1.5mmWeight : 15gDC Grounded High self recovery function.

    $16.90 $6.42, Save 62% OFF


    Weight: 0.15 kg

  • AOMWAY FPV 11dbi 5.8G Helical Antenna Right Circular Polarization SMA/RP-SMA

    FEATURES:- The fixing plate (glass fiber board)- Universal convert cable SMA connector, Can be suit to arbitrary angle.- Perfectly compatible with Aomway transmission two frequencies: 5705-5945MHZ; 5740-5860MHZ- All frequency channel standing wave less 1.5- Impedance:50ohm- PCB board as reflection board, effectively improves antenna gain- High self recovery function.- weight: 10g- SMA connector/RP-SMA connector (optional)- highest angle:70 degree

    $17.90 $6.80, Save 62% OFF


    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • 5.8G 14dbi Panel Antenna Directive Antenna for FPV

    Specification:- Size: 145x97x38 mm- Weight : 0.5 KG- Frequency:5100 - 5850- Band width:750 Mhz- Gain: 14 dbi- Horizontal angle: 30 degree- Vertical degree:43 degree- SWR:1.5- Antenna inpedance:50ohm- Polarization method:vertical- Max power: 100 watt- connector plug:RP-SMA

    $45.00 $37.80, Save 16% OFF


    Weight: 0.40 kg

  • 5.8Ghz 18dBi Outdoor FPV Panel Antenna For RC

    5.8G 18dBi Panel antennakeep clear video signal from further distance5.8Ghz Mini 18dBi Outdoor Panel antennaFrequency Range-MHz : 5100-5850bandwidth-MHz : 750Gain-dBi : 18Vertical Beamwidth - : 20°Horizontal Beamwidth - : 20°Ratio-dB : 25VSWR : 1.5Impedance- : 50Polarization : VerticalMaximum Power-W : 100Connector : SMADimensions-mm : 190 × 216 × 50Weight-g : 1.1Mounting Mast Diameter-mm : 40 ~ 50

    $59.00 $48.38, Save 18% OFF


    Weight: 1.10 kg

  • 24dBi 5.8gHz Parabolic Grid antenna

    Frequency Range-MHz : 5700 - 5850Bandwidth-MHz : 150Gain-dBi : 24VSWR : 1.5Vertical Beamwidth - °12Horizontal Beamwidth - °9Ratio-dB : 20Impedance : 50Polarization : Vertical or horizontalMaximum Power-W : 100Lightning Protection DC : GroundConnector : SMADimensions-m : 0.3 × 0.4Weight-Kg : 1.4Mounting Mast Diameter-mm : 40 ~ 50

    $64.00 $49.28, Save 23% OFF


    Weight: 1.40 kg

  • FPV 5.8GHz Petals TX/RX Clover Mushrooms Antenna Set

    FPV 5.8GHz Petals Clover Mushrooms Antenna Set right angle threaded needle/threaded bore ( TX + RX ) Most cost-effective antenna,With a light weight plastic cover to protect the Antenna. Improve the aesthetic.The group antenna TX and RX ,TX is for the transmitter, RX is for the receiverDeascription:- Brand: Happymodel- Configuration: TX x 1 + RX x 1- Interface: B2+B4 threaded needle/A2+A4 threaded bore - Weight:43g A1+A3 or B1+B3 Only accept the reservation,if you need,you can contact us

    $22.50 $10.13, Save 55% OFF


    Weight: 0.20 kg

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