• Hawkeye Little Pilot AIO 5 Inch HD high bright snow monitor built-in 5.8G receiver for FPV quadcopter

    Mushrooms antennaTomahawk antennaSpecifications and Features :Button Definition:1. Mute button2. Up Auto channel search button3. Power Menu button4. Down Reference scale show hide button5.Video output port6.Video input port7.Battery charging status light (will turn off when the battery is fully charged)8.Micro USB Charge portLED Screen- Resolution:   800×480(HD)  - Backlight:   LED- Brightness: 700 cd/m2(HD)- Aspect ratio:   16:9- Response time:  10ms- Color system:  PAL/NTSC- Power Supply Battery life 2.5-3 hoursInput - Signal:  Video(PAL/NTSC)Output - Signal:  VideoMatching antenna - Interface:  RP-SMA5.8G - Sensitivity:  -94dbButton DescriptionButton name - Function Shortcut functionMute button MuteAdjustment- button(+) Item increase Auto channel searchAdjustment- button(-) Item decrease Reference scale displayPower/Menu button - Enter menu Turn-on/off5.8G .32CH are covered:A1: 5.645G B1: 5.740G C1: 5.725G D1: 5.733GA2: 5.665G B2: 5.760G C2: 5.745G D2: 5.752GA3: 5.865G B3: 5.780G C3: 5.765G D3: 5.771GA4: 5.705G B4: 5.800G C4: 5.785G D4: 5.790GA5: 5.885G B5: 5.820G C5: 5.805G D5: 5.809GA6: 5.905G B6: 5.840G C6: 5.825G D6: 5.828GA7: 5.925G B7: 5.860G C7: 5.845G D7: 5.847GA8: 5.945G B8: 5.880G C8: 5.865G D8: 5.866GPackage Included:1x Monitor1x Mounting bracket1x Mushrooms antenna or Tomahawk antennaNote: The mushrooms antenna have color black and white, random delivery

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    Weight: 0.40 kg

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