FPV Ground Station Top 10

  • Skylark Outdoor Highlight FPV Ground Station 1000cd/m2 Monitor 10.4 Inch No Blue Screen

    This is the new Skylark Ground Station 1000cd/m2 with HDMI input, no need to worry about the blue screen any more. The monitor added design in structure specifically for outdoor use which has broadened the use of the monitor and enhance the stability effectively.> The professional design of structure ensures continuously work for long time, beautiful and generous appearance.> Rich color, dynamic effect of delicate, high sharpness, bright color and empressive contrasting.> Professional driver chip, clear and stable display with better color performance.> Industrial components, satisfy the uninterrupted use of long time.Image transmission interface: standard configuration for image transmission end of inner screw pin within the SMA interface, the antenna terminal for external screw hole SMA interface, such as the use of other interface transmit picture please purchase adapter.Features :1. No blue screen 2. Waterproof Case 3. Supports Composite Video RCA Input 4. 16: 9 or 4: 3 Adjustable Display Ratio 5. Resolution Ratio: 1024 * 600

    $449.00 $395.12, Save 12% OFF


    Weight: 4.50 kg

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