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  • Skyzone THEER FPV Flying Wing 860mm Wingspan EPP RC Airplane with LED Board - KIT Version

    Skyzone THEER FPV Flying WingDescription:Brand Name: SkyzoneItem Name: THEERMaterial: EPPWingspan: 860mm / 33.8inLength: 385mm / 15.2inRecommended Parts for Skyzone THEER (Not Included):Motor: 2204 - 2305 KV2300 - KV2600ESC: 20A - 30AServo: 9g x2Propeller: 5040 / 5045 / 6040Battery: 3S - 4S 1300mAh - 2200mAh LiPoCharger: Balance ChargerRadio System: 2.4G 3CHVtx: 5.8G Camera: Gopro 5 / Session 4 / Foxeer BoxFlight Controller: Compatible with almost all flight controllerFeatures:EPP material, lightweight and durable.With strong magnetic hatch and carbon fiber control surface.With skin packing the wing leading edges and specific position for Vtx,well protection.With multi-color LED light strip,has adjustable multiple flash modes.Compatible with Gopro 5 / Session 4 / Foxeer Box camera.Note:This KIT version does not include any electronic device.PDB board is NOT included.Package Included:1x Skyzone THEER 860mm Wingspan EPP FPV Flying Wing RC Airplane KIT



    Weight: 1.20 kg

  • Skywalker SMART 996mm Wingspan EPO FPV Racing Wing RC Airplane Kit

    * Expected shipping date: November 20th, 2017.FPV wing racing is growing quickly and has the potential of being bigger than mini quad racing due to the facts that wings are faster than miniquads and easier to see in a race. Being easier to see in a race allows spectators to feel more involved while watching an event. This potential has been noticed by Skywaker and now Skywalker is throwing in their own design ideas with Skywalker Smart. Skywalker Smart is a dual motor design that is focused on serious power, allowing the user to climb to speed over 140kph. Featuring a 996mm wingspan, Skywalker Smart is large enough to get all your gear in the air but small enough to ensure lightning fast speeds with quick and agile air manuevers. Skywalker Smart can have several different methods of take off with two most common methods of take off being hand tossed or vertical launch. Skywalker Smart FPV Racing Wing doesn’t stray to far away from the mini quad racing scene and if your familiar with mini quads you’ll feel right at home with this built. The motors, escs, fpv gear ,and flight contollers are all the same specs that you find in your typical mini quad build. Recommended motors are 2206 2300kv with 35a ESC combinations. For awesome flight controller preformace with the much need PWM out puts servo and motor connection we recommend X-Racer F4 flight controller. You can find a review and detailed description by Oscar Liang here.Specification: Wing span: 996mmFuselage length: 430mmWing area: 25.9m2C.G.: From head to back 240-250mmFlying weight: 750g-1000gTakeoff:Hand castLanding: Belly LandingAir speed: 60km/hMaximum flying time: 30minRecommended configuration: (not included)Motor: 2206kv2300*2pcs ESC: 30A*2pcsServos: 12g*2pcsPropeller: 5045E/ep*2pcsBattery:4s 1500-3300mahRadio: 3CH 2ServosExcellent inner layout setting, perfect for FPV racing.Skywalker custom made metal motor seat, ensures the flight stability.Double motors design, powerful and reliable.The wing is attached with PCB plate and the small wing is connected with the copper clylinder, easy to assemble, disassemble and carry.Design with two different hatches, suitable for the placement of different cameras. Following up the principle of convenience, the Skywalker SMART uses magic claps and magic belts for easy use.The bottom is attached with thin film, protected from the scratching with two layers. 



    Weight: 1.00 kg

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