1000~2000mm Wingspan Top 10

  • MyFlyDream MFD Nimbus 1800 Long Range RC FPV Plane Kit Only

    MFD Nimbus 1800 is a dual rotor long range FPV RC Plane that can serve various purposes like Long Range FPV Flights, Mapping and surveying, Surveillance and Security, Search and Rescue, competitions, payload drop etc.It features Quick assembly and disassembly modular design, wing and the head cover are connected by double hook forms,very convenient to use. The carbon tube has been extended to three quarters of the wing, great wing strength. Battery compartment can hold max 6S 16000mAh lipo battery, for long flight endurance upto 2.5 hours.Description:Brand Name: MyFlyDream (MFD)Item Name: NimbusWingspan: 1800mmLength: 1300mmMax. Flying Height: 3500mMax. Flying Speed: 140km/hMax. Take-off Weight: 5.5kgMax. Payload: 1.5kgNote: This is the KIT version, does not includes any electronic devices like motors, ESCs, propellers or flight controllers. Package Included:1x MyFlyDream MFD Nimbus 1800mm FPV Aircraft KIT only

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    Weight: 4.00 kg

  • MyTwinDream 1800mm FPV Plane

    MFD My Twin Dream 1800Long Range...no problem! Mapping....no problem! Overall fpv flier...no problem!!!This is the MFD MyTwinDream 1.8 meter wingspan EPO plane. This plane not only features superb handling, but also quite stable. The interior of the fuselage is large enough to fit most anything you could ever want inside of this amazing aircraft. This is an excellent choice for both average and advanced pilots. Featuring the felexiblity of its vast interior space, this is also an excellent choice for professionals. Being a twin design it also offers redundancy in those times of unexpected motor/ESC loss while in flight. Get yours today and enjoy FPVMODELs excellent shipping times and unbeatable free shipping offer on 200 dollars or more. Note: Due to the size limit, this plane only can be shipped by EMS. Specifications:1. Wingspan: 1800MM 2.Body length 1220mm3.The internal maximum width is more than 13CM4. The internal maximum length is 86CM5. Empty weight: 1.1kg 6. Maximum Takeoff Weight: 4.5-5.3kg 7. Supply voltage: 4-6sRecommended Parts (not included):click here1. Motor: 2814 High efficiency motors x 22. ESC : 30A ESC x 23. Servo: 9g*4pcs4. Prop: 9x6 propeller x 25. Cables and XT60 connector6. Power Combo: Power Combo for MyTwinDream 1800mm FPV Plane Features:MyTwinDream 1800 is a multi-platform carrier-based aircraft, and there are video recorder installation platforms (points) (supporting the installation of 2-axis and 3-axis platforms) on the top of both the head and the fuselageThe machine body has giant capacity which can support the mirrorless cameras down installation (the maximum width of inner space is larger than12CM) Fast disassembly available for the whole plane: horizontal tail/verticaltail/main wingMain wing (which can be assembled according to your own preference) 1) Divide into left and right segments (traditional)  2) Divide intofour segments with small volume, which is convenient for going out  3) Stick two wings in the middle segment to the fuselage (prepare for the flightrapidly)

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    Weight: 3.50 kg

  • New 2015 Skywalker 1830 1830mm FPV Plane

           Specifications:1. Wingspan: 1830MM (single wing length:850mm) 2. Fuselage length: 1270MM3. Wing area: 41.06 dm24. Flying weight: 2500g-3000g5. Centre of gravity:Backwards 90-100mm from wing front edgeRecommended Parts (not included):1. Motor: 2820KV850-9002. ESC 45A-60A3. Servo: 12g*4pcs4. Prop: 12-13 inch5. Battery: 14.8v 5500mah6. Radio: 4CHFeatures:1. Plane cabin adopts with the air layer plate structure that improves the strength of fuselage but minus the weight. The inner carbin with three layers, convenient to mount the equipment.2. The wing includes 4 carbon strips and one 12mm carbon tube,1820mm wingspan. High maneuverability with quick detach structure, easy to detach and carry.3. The fuselage with reserved position for GPS, TX/RX and camera. Logical position arrangments avoides the interference with each other and good formaching cooling.4. Resonable design. Reserved space in the nose for brushless 3axis gimbal mounting. With built in air aluminum alloy landing gear, you will no worry about the landing issues. 5. The plane tail adopts 3K tube to connect the fuselage.Light weight (53g) and durable. (winded by fiber cloth)6. Quick mounting clip for Horizontal tail and vertical tai to fasten. Composited by independent part for easy to detach and mount.7. As out test,the plane can be mounted with SONY RX1!8. Support the catapult launch.

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    Weight: 3.50 kg

  • 2015 SKYWALKER 1680 1720MM FPV PLANE

    This is the latest 2015 skywalker 1680 1720mm wingspan plane, with totally new wings and new tail design, FPV flyers can get an unimaginable improvement than before. For the new wings, it has two built-in carbon fiber tubes 8mm and 10 mm, servo push rod protection cover, wing protection shells for rubber bands and better stream-line shape. All of these will greatly enhance the strength of the wings, and more suitable for FPV flying.For the tail part, as per the feedback of coustomers, we minish the surface area but the same swing area and with a thicker carbon fiber strip built in which as the picture showed. These improvements also will enhance the strength of tail part, and greatly reduce the vibration as before. For the new 2015 year it will be a perfect new start plane, and you cant miss this.Requirement:4CH Radio set4 x 9g servosMotor:X2814 KV900(4S)/1100(3S) BatteryPropeller: APC 9045E-9060EESC: 40A-60ASpecifications:Wingspan:1720Length:1180mmCabin size:172x280x60 (mm)Flying Weight: 1300g-1800gCenter of Gravity: Backwards 70-80mm from wing front edgeRecommended Power Combo: click hereNote: According to regulations from airlines, liquids are not allowed to be taken on air, therefore, the glue will not be included for shipping.

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    Weight: 2.50 kg

  • New 2013 Skywalker 1880mm wings white

    Update on Octorber 19th, 2015: Factory make some improvement, check below picture for the details. The wings of 2013 skywalker 1880 White, can be compatible with any version of skywalker plane .Classic design,very efficent.Spec:Wing span: 1880mmWing area: 45.2 dm2Weight include CR: 500gWing type: FX45, which is used for Aero competitions of payload and cruise time, idea for long range(time)   FPV/UAV flight. 

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    Weight: 1.60 kg

  • New Skywalker X6 Flying Wing

    If you are looking for a perfect FPV platform with long flying time, long flying range, at the same time, small size, easy to take and e launch with the preparing time in just one minute, then the latest Skywalker x6 is your best choice.The Skywalker designers have made the x6 as light as possible without losing strength at the meantime, only 1.5m wingspan but with 60dm2 wing area, which will make the x6 can take large payload or battery easily.Special place to set up your video Tx and radio Rx to keep distance from any interference, which will make sure you can get longer range and get rid of the annoying unwanted interference for both the control and video.The separate video Tx, radio rx and 2 servos cables can all be soldered to the locking pins to ensure fast assemble and detatch in 1 min, the pins are enough and even can offer some redundancy pins for important signal cable.The creative design make the x6 can be separated and put into a backpack in 1 min.Warning: The aileron is big and will be very sensitive during the flight, we recommend to adjust the EXP to around 50%-60% in your radio or only use half of the aileron in your plane. For those veterans, you may love the big aileron to make some awesome videos.Note: The motor cover have color Black and Orange, we send by random.Wing span: 1500mmWing area: 60dm2Weight: 770g without devices installedFuselage length: 680mm, width:140mmTakeoff weight: under 2kgCenter of Gravity: 390-400mm away from the nose.               Recommended Parts:motor:2814 kv980/3815 kv1000esc:60a servos:GWS 17gpropeller:10 inch/ 9x5fbattery:2x3s 2200mah/4s 4000mahNote: According to regulations from airlines, liquids are not allowed to air freight, therefore, the aircraft will not include the glue.

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    Weight: 2.50 kg

  • New Skywalker 2013 Carbon Fiber Tail Version 1880mm FPV Airplane

    New skywalker 1880 carbon fiber tail versionNote: A new upgrade for the plane again,  the fuselage horizontal tail is now moved to the top. The change will make the plane more stable and easier to control.This is one of the finest planes skywalker.rc model has ever manufactured. The new skywalker 1880 will re-define high quality FPV Planes.Completely new design to the fuselage with 20mm Japanese cross patterned carbon tail tubes, machined plastic connectors the make the skywalker easily assembled and dissembled in minutes all the while ensuring strength that the flyer wants to have in a FPV plane. Small car, no problem. This plane can fit into a backpack with great ease. Center of Gravity: Backwards 90-100mm from wing front edgeFeatures:1.) Stability that ensures good glider preformance and long range FPV and UAV flights.2.) Newly designed fuselage that can support up to a 12 inch propeller.3.) More internal room.4.) Servo covers for rudder and elevator with an easy to change servo design. This is an all new design that keeps the FPV pilots thoughts in mind. This skywalker 1880 changes the question of, "What do you want in a plane?" to "Why do you need this plane?"...short answer...because it just works!Update on July 26th: The orange parts have been changed to black color. The picture will be updated soon. Thanks for understanding.T tail  ( Update the picture on December 2nd,2016 )Bottom horizontal tailyou can click here to view the power combo for skywalker 2013 According to regulations from airlines,liquids are not allowed to air freight,so the aircraft will not include the glue。 

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    Weight: 2.40 kg

  • Latest version skywalker 2014 1800mm FPV RC Plane

    Note: A new upgrade for the plane, the fuselage horizontal tail moves to the top. This will make the plane more stable and easier to control.Bottom horizontal tail T TailMaybe you also need this.The latest 2014 version of skywalker 1800.Totally new designed 1800 wings(which will replace the discontinued 1680 wings), big area aileron to maintain an excellent aerobatics performance, distinctive downwards winglets maintain the stable performance at the meantime.Dont be fooled by its wingspan, also its only 1800mm, but the wing area is more or less the same as the new skywalker 2013 wings, when you use the same setup, the new 1800 wings will offer a longer curise time by 20% at least.The new batch of skwyalker planes are made in a big company(one of the world top 500 company) , which make them have smooth surface and better consistency.If you want to get stable video images and longer flight time, go with the 2013 new skywalker , if you want better aerobatics performance, go with the latest 2014 skywalker 1800.Totally new design fuselage with 20mm Japanese cross pattern carbon tail tubes, dozens of precise machined platic connectors make the new skywalker can be fast assembled and fast deteched in minutes, at the meantime, ensure the strength.Now you no need to complain your car is too small to put a large FPV plane, with the new skywalker 1800, a backpack  can take it easily.Features:1: Based on the great success of skywalker 1680 and 1900, idea platfrom for long range FPV and UAV flgiht. Super stable, very good glider  performance.2: With the new design fuselage, support 12-inch propeller at most, easier to banance the gravity. Bigger internal room, your hand can be put in without any problem.3: Dozens of precise plastic connectors and covers make the new skywalker 1800 looks more professional and more neat, use a screwdriver can assemble and detach it in minutes, easy to be put in a backpack or your trunk.In our first flight, a much better performance when encounter cross side wind. Of course, with the bigger propeller, higher efficent. Recomend equipments:2814 kv980 + 12*6 prop + 3s  3000-5000mAh lipoor 2820 kv780 + 12*6 prop + 4s 3000-5000mAh lipo4* ES08MA servos or 4* ES08A servos Wing span: 1800mmWing area: 45dm2length: 130cmcruise speed: 40km/hmax speed: 150km/hFlight time: Depending on your paticular flying style.Center of Gravity: Backwards 90-100mm from wing front edge According to regulations from airlines,liquids are not allowed to air freight,so the aircraft will not include the glue。 

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    Weight: 2.70 kg

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