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  • Sport Power Combo for MFD Crosswind 1900mm FPV Plane

    MFD Crosswind 1900mm Sport Power ComboMFD Crosswind 1900mm FPV Plane has been very popular since its release. For you to easily build up your plane, we have specially chosen this sport version power combo. The combo includes Motors, ESCs, Props, Servos and other accessories, which weve spent lots of time and efforts to ensure the best matchup. It features excellent performance, robust power, and great agility.Main Parts Included: LD Power 2820 KV595 Brushless Motor x 2 unitsHobbywing XRotor 40A 2-6S ESC x 2 unitsEmax ES08MD 12g Servos x 2 unitsEmax ES3054 17g Servos x 3 unitsMatek Mini Power Hub 5v&12v PDB  x 1 unitNylon Electronic Propeller 11*7 inch x 2 units30cm Y Type Servo Extension Wire x 2 unitsServo Male to Male Extension Wire  x 2 unitsSilicon Wire 14AWG Black x 1 unitSilicon Wire 14AWG Red x 1 unitSilicon Wire 16AWG Black x 1 unitSilicon Wire 16AWG Red  x 1 unitHeat Shrinkable Tube Black x 1 unit3M Double-sided Foam Tape x 1 unit



    Weight: 1.00 kg

  • Power Combo for MyTwinDream 1800mm FPV Plane

    Here comes a Power Combo For MFD MyTwinDream 1800mm FPV Plane for your easy build, including the motors, ESCs, Props, Servos and Cables etc. This combo has been specially chosen to have all parts paired for excellent performance. We have put the time and effort into ensuring that all parts match up and perform like they should.Main Parts Included:SunnySky X2814 kv900 Brushless Motor x 2 unitsHobbywing XRotor 40A 2-6S ESC x 2 unitsHenge MD933 Servos x 4 unitsGemfan Electronic 9060 Propellers x 2 pairs (4 pieces)XT60 Power Plug Connector x 1 unit30cm Y Type Servo Extension Wire x 2 units60cm Servo Extension Wire x 6 unitsServo Extension Wire Clip x 8 unitsFPV 1.2G 5.8G Micro BEC 5V x 1 unitSilicon Wire 14AWG Black x 1 unitSilicon Wire 14AWG Red x 1 unitSilicon Wire 16AWG Black x 1 unit#5 Heat Shrinkable Tube Black x 1 unit#5 Heat Shrinkable Tube Red x 1 unit



    Weight: 0.60 kg

  • Power Combos for Skywalker 1880/1720

    New power combos for Skywalker revolution 1880 carbon fiber tail plane,have a try the combos with your skywalker revolution 1880 carbon fiber tail and experience the amazing flight Just like the Skywalker series always give you.TYPE 1Motor:  SUNNYSKY X2820 KV800ESC:  HOBBYWING Flyfun 60a V5 ESC Servos:  Henge MD933 digital servo × 4Prop: Gemfan 11X7 a pairType-2:Motor: T-MOTOR AT2820 KV830ESC: HOBBYWING Flyfun 60a V5 ESC Servos: Henge MD933 × 4Props: Gemfan 11 X 7 a pair



    Weight: 0.60 kg

  • Skywalker X7/X8 Flying Wing ARF Combos

    We offer two ARF combos for X7/X8 flying wing now, different motors and ESCs are included in different combos.The ARF combo includes everything you need for your plane building work,with the ARF combo that you only need some soldering and connection work then you are reay to fly.Note: the servos in the pictures are changed now, reference as below:Type 1:1x sunnysky x2820 kv8001x hobbywing flyfun 60a V5ESCType 2:1x T-motor AT2820 kv8301x hobbywing flyfun 60a V5ESCYour purchase also includes:2x Skywalker 17g Metal Gear Servo1x 1260 propellersilicone wiresAOK-BL8S low voltage testerxt60 plug3M double sided adhesive tapeservo extension cablesand the others as shown in the picture



    Weight: 0.70 kg

  • Skyhunter Airplane Power Combo (Motor, ESC, Props and Servos kit)

    SunnySky x2820 KV920 1pcsESC:HOBBYWING FlyFun 60A V5 ESC  1pcsServo:MD933 3pcsPropeller :12x6 a pair



    Weight: 0.70 kg

  • Skywalker x7/x8 flying wing power combo (Motor, ESC, Props and Servos kit)

    SunnkSky x2820 KV920 1pcsESC:Hobbywing FlyFun 60A V5ESC  1pc  (upgrade start from July 6th,2018)Servo:MD933 2pcsPropeller :11x7 1 pair

    $119.00 $107.10, Save 10% OFF 3


    Weight: 0.60 kg

  • Power Combo for New Skywalker 1680 EPO/Skywalker 1880 Condor(Motor ESC Props and Servos kit)

    SunnySky x2814 kv900ESC:FlyFun 60A V5 ESCServo: Henge MD933 4PCsPropeller: Gemfan 9060 1 pairRecommended battery: 3s-4s LI-PO



    Weight: 0.70 kg

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