• Skywalker Folding Propeller 12inch 13inch 14inch

    Skywalker folding propeller 12inch 13inch 14inchQuantity: 1pc Size: 12*8 / 13*8 / 14*8  (optional)Color: Black12*8 13*814*8



    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • Skywalker 3-Blade Propeller

    Skywalker 3-blade right-running or left-running propeller. Please order the one you need that based on your motor shaft. Quantity:1pc (right-running / left-running optional)Size: 10*6 / 10*8 (optional)Color: Black



    Weight: 0.20 kg

  • Skywalker Parachute Landing Umbrella for Skywalker series Planes

    Two types:For 3kg planes and 5kg planes or 6kg ,choose which you need.3kg series can be used for skywalker general planes such as:2015 skywalker,2013/2014/skywalker 1680 etc 5kg series can be used for skywalker flying wing series such as:skywalker x7/x8 etcWeight:3KG:150g            5KG:200g            6KG:220gRadius: 3KG:0.95M            5KG:1.1M



    Weight: 0.40 kg

  • Rubber Bands for RC Plane 6Pcs

    High elastic and quality rubber bandsSize: 1 x 20cm (single side)Color: OrangeUsage: Can be used for remote control airplane models to wings and propeller fix.Package Included:6 x Rubber Bands



    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Wing Joiners for Skywalker X7 / X8 / X5 PRO Flying Wing

    The necessary parts for skywalker X7 / X8 /X5 PRO  assembly , used for X7 X8 wings fast assembe and detach.Quantity:one pair(left part and right part)

    $10.50 $8.40, Save 20% OFF 1


    Weight: 0.05 kg

  • Nylon & Pinned Hinges For RC Plane 5Pcs

    width´╝Ü16mmlength: 28mm/36mm (optional)quantity:5pcsVeterans often use it, the nylon hinges for wing connection can make your plane safer and more reliable.

    $4.90 $4.75, Save 3% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Hard Metal 2.1mm/3.1mm Wheel Chock For RC Plane Landing Gear DIY

    pore diameter:2.1mm/3.1mm (optional)Hard Metal 2.1mm/3.1mm Wheel Chock For RC Plane Landing Gear DIY

    $3.90 $0.90, Save $3.00 OFF


    Weight: 0.01 kg

  • Servo Push Rod Snap Connector Dia 1.2mm/2.1mm 10pcs

    The necessary equipments for fixed wing plane.,suit for all of the diameter 1.2mm/2.1mm servo push rod.Hard metal material,good quality.



    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Snap Ring C-clips For motor 3.17mm/4.0mm 10PCS

    The snap ring suits for all the motors with 3.17/4.0mm shaft diameter.

    $2.90 $2.55, Save 12% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • Tail wheel landing gear for skywalker 1680 etc

    Tail wheel landing gear for skywalker 1680,it also suit to other planes which the fuselage is approximate to the skywalker 1680.we suggest you use it with our skywalker landing gear 

    $3.90 $3.43, Save 12% OFF


    Weight: 0.10 kg

  • $2.00 $1.20, Save 40% OFF


    Weight: 0.05 kg

  • 2013 New skywalker/2014 Skywalker 1800 Fuselage

    2013 new skywalker fuselage fit for the 2013 new skywalker/2014 Skywalker 1800.Note:The new upgrade for the plane again,the fuselage horizontal tail moves to the top,this will make the plane more stable and easier to control. Note:The glue doesnt included.

    $79.00 $72.68, Save 8% OFF 1


    Weight: 2.10 kg

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