EMAX RS2205 2300KV Motor for FPV Racing Quad CW/CCW

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Note: The EMAX RS2205 - CW thread/CCW rotation, CCW thread/CW rotation.

Have you guys seen the latest EMAX RS2205 Racing Edition motors? Excited? If you are, order them! 

The new RS2205 KV2300 motors from Emax are specially designed for racing quadcopters. They are some of the best racing motors that we have ever seen. The motors use high strength N52 Neodyum magnets, and have active cooling fins that greatly reduce motor temperatures. Besides, the very light weight designs and high quality Japanese bearings make them the best possible performance.

The motor bell and shaft is held down by an enhanced U ring for safety and stability to ensure it doesnt come off. It has dual lock CW and CCW lock nuts. Geared for 3S to 4S use, these motors run M5 shafts, spin at 2300KV, and has a maximum thrust of 1024grams! Using 5x45 inch props will be best on this application, and each motor weighs about 30g.

Each motor comes individually, so if you want a full set for your quad, you will need two of the CW ones, and two CCW versions.

  • Race Spec Performances
  • High Strength N52 Neodyum Magnets
  • Active Cooling Fins Greatly Reduce Motor Temeratures
  • Low CG, Light Weight Design
  • Japanese Bearing For Performances
  • Enchance Anti Off U Ring For Safety & Stablility
  • Dual Lock CW / CCW Locknuts
  • Framework:12N14P
  • No. of Cells 3 - 4S
  • Length:31.7mm
  • Shaft: M5
  • KV: 2300
  • Max Thrust: 1024g
  • Diameter:27.9mm
  • Propeller Suggested: HQ 5045 BN
  • Weight: 30g

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