• BetaflightF4 Flight Controller

    BetaflightF4 How to ESC Telemetry, Smart Port Audio, Smart Port TelemetryFriendly Reminder: Upon receiving your FC, please connect to USB and calibrate before continuing to build and solder to it.  BetaflightF4 is the follow up design to the very popular BetaflightF3. Following in the same path as Betaflight F3 we have kept a very similar footprint in terms of design with a few added modifications. The F405 has replaced the F303 to allow for lower CPU loads.We have eliminated the 5v/3.3v jumper and added two seperate connection points, one for sbus and one for spektrum users. The jumper still remains for the battery voltage/5v connection for connecting your camera. While wiring the board it is recommended to get power for your vtx either from a different 5v source on the board or if using a higher voltage vtx power it from the battery input coming into the pdb. Running ground loop at Agnd with gnd wires from camera and vtx is still recommended to give the cleanest video signal. Another small design change to this board was changing the BEC, this change takes the recommended 5v 2A current limit and drops it down to 5V 1.5A, its a small change but one that we opted for in order to use a more reliable BEC.BetaflightF4 now comes with telemtry pads for BLHeli32 ESCs these pads are located between the signal and gnd pads for the ESC connections.FeaturesIntegrated PDBBuilt in OSD customizable via Betaflight OSDCurrent sensorIntuitive layoutFlash memory for blackboxTailored to support BetaflightWhen running 8K/8K, CPU usage remains low Download Latest Firmware: Betaflight 3.2.0SpecificationsF405 ProcessorMPU6000 Gyro/ACC SensorBEC Max current 5V 1.5ABuilt in OSD – configurable via Betaflight GUICurrent sensorPower distribution board with six-layer PCBOSD Max Current: 145AWiring Diagram - Click to enlarge!

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  • BattleRC 5.8G FPV Micro VTX Clover Antenna 70mm

    A new must for FPV. These are the 5.8G FPV Micro VTX Clover Antennas from Battle RC with VSWR less than 1.5. The "Clover Leaf" design of the antenna gives you great 360 degrees of FPV coverage. Every piece of the antenna has been strictly tested in and after production. Specifications:Impedance: 50ohmVSWR: <1.5Frequency: 5.72GHZ, 5.74GHZConnector: IPEX Weight: 2g±0.3Length: 70mmType: RHCP

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  • RunCam Split Camera With WiFi Module

    Test on Runcam Split by Oscar Liang* Friendly Reminder: To ensure the best performance, please power the camera with a stable input. It would be better power the camera with the 5V out from PDB. Runcam is known for keeping up with trends and making some of the best FPV cams on the market and this time theres no surpise that theyve done it again, except this time, its split! This is one idea that has been tackled by other companies before but none have gotten such great frame rates or clear footage. The split is just what its name sugguests and splits the camera from the main dvr processor that is built into most other cameras. This lets you use the camera for an fpv camera but also allows for an HD recorder capable of recording video at 1080p/60fps! The Runcam Split puts the camera where your typical fpv camera would go but puts the HD recorder on a stackable PCB style board that can fits directly over your flight controller, allowing for central placement of cg.FeaturesCan be used for FPV flying while recording 1080p60fps and totally replace your FPV camera.Latency is as low as the RunCam EagleConnect the Split directly to a VTX so it works just like a FPV camera.PCB board can be stacked on top of the ?FC/PDB, allowing for protection inside your airframeNo more HD camera mounting on top of the frame needed! Saves you 70g, COG is also more centralized.Included WiFi module for wireless settings control via phone app.Specifications:Downloads:User Manual (English)User Manual (Deutsch)User Manual (Chinese)Instruction diagramModule connection diagramReplaceable LensUnit of length: mm

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  • 4 Ports 1S Lipo Charger With XT60 Plug for Tinywhoop X-Racer X-1

    FPVModel 4 Port 1s Lipo ChargerThe little lipo charger is specially designed for the little lipo batteries with 2.0 plug, like the ones used on X-Racer X-1, Tiny whoop and other micro racer. 3-6s input, switchable between high voltage and low voltage charging modes.An the 1s lipos usually only last for 3 to 5 minutes during the flying. It would be better if you have several extra batteries ready. But for an ordinary USB charger, it is just able to charge one lipo each time. With the this new 1s lipo charger, we are now able to charge four 1s lipos at once.Features:1. Input Voltage: 3-6S2. Two charging modes: Normal charging of 4.2v or High voltage charging 4.35V3. Charging time: 30 Min.4. Excellent heat dissipation5. Stable charging status to guarantee the full charge of lipos.

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  • KL220 220mm Quadcopter Frame Kit with PCB Board

    The KL220 is another design following the design of simplicity.As per some customers feedback, we have changed this KL frame to the X design. It is sure to help keep the center of gravity where you want it, in the center. This frame also features aluminum mounting hardware that allows for faster arm changes. If an arm was accidentally damaged during a hard crash, it would be very easy for you to replace with a new arm.Using the same carbon fiber that you find in KL200race and our ZMR series frames, you can rest assured that this is NOT the run of the mill cheap eBay Carbon Fiber that most others sell. This CF is backed with our name so you can trust that it is top of the line. With the good reputation we have gained from KL200Race, we believe you will like this frame as well.Weight: 122grams (Frame and hardware totally) 

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  • X-Racer 31mm 4 Blade Clear Propellers for Tiny Whoop and X-Racer X1

    *** Price for a set of 4pcs (2cw+2ccw)Description:- Item Name: Propeller- Usage: spare part for Tiny Whoop & X-Racer X1Includes:- 4pcs(2CW+2CCW) Propeller

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  • RunCam Swift 2 1/3 CCD IR Blocked Micro Camera FOV 150 Degree 2.3mm Integrated OSD MIC

    Review on Runcam Swift-2 by Bruce of RCMODELREVIEWJust when you think all your FPV cameras are up to date and the best there is, Runcam brings out another offering that delivers even more functionality for just a little extra cash. The Swift 2 is worth it if you dont have any kind of effective telemetry on your models or if you want to save the weight, space and added complexity associated with a regular OSD.Pros:you get a pretty accurate voltage displaythis is a nice SuperHAD II CCD camera with WDRan excellent operating voltage rangesuper-good wiring (very flexible silicone)the extension lead makes camera adjustments easy-as.choice of cases can ease installationCons: you are probably going to have to buy one.Description :Model: RunCam Swift 2Image Sensor: 1/3" SONY Super HAD II CCDHorizontal Resolution: 600TVLLens:  2.3mm 150° Signal System: NTSC/PAL (Optional)Integrated OSD: YESIntegrated MIC: YESS/N Ration:  >60dB(AGC OFF)Electronic Shutter Speed: PAL:1/50~100,000; NTSC:1/60~100,000AutoGain Control(AGC): YESBack light compensation(BLC): YESMin.illumination: 0.01Lux/1.2FWDR: D-WDRDNR: 2DNRDay/Night: Color / Auto / B&WPower:  DC 5 to 36VNet weight : 14gDimensions:  28.5mm * 26mm * 26mm

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  • BetaflightF3 Flight Controller

    BetaflightF3 Flight Controller | REVIEW AND HOW TO by Joshua BardwellBetaflightF3 is the flight controller designed to use every possible feature of Betaflight. More than the last half year has been spent in development. Boris B has worked with us to go over features and design aspects to help give us insight into what betaflight users want/need. This board features a 3A power draw giving users extra room for added attachments through uart ports. The six layer PCB is a more expensive design approach but was needed to give the ability to have a PDB that was capable of having wiring pads on both the top and bottom of the board. By using the six layer design we were able to increase the size of the pads and work around all the components all the while giving esc connections in the corners of the board rather than bunching all connections on either the top OR the bottom. Featuring a fully functioning OSD that can be configured in Betaflight this board will make configuring your OSD a breeze. The team at betaflight have been hard at work developing DSHOT and this board is also compatible with the latest release. But we didn’t stop there, this board also features a micro adapter to accept TF cards for those of you that like to follow up your flights with reviewing black box logging...we think we know of at least one guy that will like that. FeaturesIntegrated PDBBuilt in OSD customizable via Betaflight OSDCurrent sensorIntuitive layoutSD card slot for BlackBoxTailored to support BetaflightWhen running 8K/8K, CPU usage remains lowSpecificationsF3 ProcessorMPU6000 Gyro/ACC SensorBEC Max current 5V 2ABuilt in OSD – configurable via Betaflight GUISD Card adapter for BlackBoxCurrent sensorPower distribution board with six-layer PCBOSD Max Current: 145AWeights 8.6g***Note: Please do not connect to any equipment with the loading over 1.5A.Friendly Reminder: Choosing your power supply for video is relatively simple. Betaflight FC has two options, 5v and battery voltage. Choose your camera voltage by jumping RAM with either the 5V solder section or the Vbat solder section. (its recommended to use Vbat, Most cameras and Video transmitters can run off battery voltage) If using 5v it is recommeded to only power your camera and get the power for Vtx from another source. 

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  • FPVMODEL Leather Velcro Battery Strap 200mm x 14mm (4pcs)

    FPVMODEL Leather Velcro Battery Strap 200mm x 14mm (4pcs)Specifications:Name: FPVMODEL Velcro Battery StrapSku#: 4MLVSSize: 200mm x 14mmColor: Black Quantity:4 pcs/kit

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    * These are the new updated version of HS1190 that just received from the manufacturer.The NEW Foxeer Arrow V2 HS1190 is the advanced version of the Foxeer HS1177. It features an excellent wide dyanmic range function and supports DC5-35v wide voltage range. It also has an inbuilt OSD and MIC.This is Version 2 (V2) of the Foxeer Arrow, and as a result boasts multiple improvements over the V1. Those improvements are:1. Three independently controlled OSD parameters: User name, timer and voltage. Their positions can be moved.2. OSD flashing issue has been fixed.3. Upgrade to a better power module, features up to 35v direct plug-in.4. Upgrade to 7-Pin to monitor battery consumption.5. Voltage callibration function. If the voltage is not the same to real power, it can be adjusted by OSD.6. The cable connector (2-Pin) is short and matches an extend cable (could be removed), which makes OSD setup a breeze.This Foxeer Arrow V2 HS1190 FPV Camera comes standard with a 2.8mm lens, and IR Block filter. You may purchase a 2.1mm or 2.5mm lens as well. Features:600TVL1/3 Sony Super HAD II CCDBuilt in FPV OSD (Votlage, Flight Time, Name)Built in AudioWide Dynamic Range (D-WDR)Wide Voltage Range DC5V-35VVarious Installation Options2.8mm & PAL IR-BlockColor: Black / Orange (Optional)Note: The 2.1mm, 2.5mm and 2.8mm lens fit for both HS1177 and HS1190 camera. Pls note that both 2.5mm & 2.1mm lens were IR-sensitive.Warning:  Always use a LC filter or an electrolytic capacitor when connecting this camera. New generation ESCs like the DYS SN20A or the FVT Littlebee 20A can cause voltage spikes of up to 40 Volt with Damped Light / braking activated.New 1-Pin input (VSEN) for monitoring the battery power. The voltages showed on OSD are different when connect / disconnect to the VSEN pin.

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  • RTS200 200mm Mini Quadcopter Frame Kit

    RTS200, also known as Q200, is an excellent mini racing quad. It features fast, stable cross flight and easy to control. Made of carbon fiber, the weight is light but very strong and you will no worry serious damage when crashing. Simple structure yet ensure right places to put on all the necessary FPV system and parts. Reasonable design and precise detail equiped with our recomended parts that make sure you get a super cool flying experience. RTS200 mini quad is a good option for people who enjoy the fast violent racing. Also very suitable for FPV starters.Weight:70gMaterial:High Quality Twill-matte Pure 3k Carbon Fibre 1.0 mmRTS200 mini quad is also available in ARF and RTF packages. If you are not sure what other parts needed for building your RTS200, simply refer the parts included in RTS200 200mm Mini Quad ARF RTF combo. It is matched well with Dragonfly 1306 motor KV3100 motors and Dragonfly 12A ESC. As per our internal test, the flight time can be up to 12 minutes.RTS200 ARF/RTF Packages: Click Here Recommended Power Combo: Click HereBuilding Instructions:  RTS200 200MM Mini Quadcopter Build InstructionsNote: Price for RTS200 200MM Mini Quad Frame Kit Only. It does not include props, ESCs, motors, camera and battery etc.For reinforcing the frame strength, two extra light and strong carbon fieber plates are included to add on the arms. See the pictures below:Recommended PID

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  • Morphix with BLHeli OneShot125 18A ESC w/Active Braking 2-6S Finished Version (Upgrade)

    Capacitance of the connection position is the ?anode to the 12V TEST POINT,the cathode connect to the ?power supply of the cathodeDescription:Morphix OneShot 125 w/Active Braking Machine built to offer high quality control. This 18A version uses higher rated top notch fets which are able to withstand higher currents.This bare PCB weighs in at just 2 grams giving you the lightest ESC available for those ultra light weight high performance builds. The light weight construction offers top notch thermal displacement properties, and the MOSFETS have been selected to run the supercharged BLHeli OneShot 125 firmware with active braking technology. Programming these ESCs is not too difficult with the available placement of the programing lines which offers ease of access. Juicy details below: -Reverse motor direction easily-Supports damped light mode,demag, timming...- Pads on edge for easy programming ! (see pic)- Advantages of further advancements in BLHeli by flashing new firmware-Set other parameters such as beacon, PPM range etc- Many setting for any  motor/battery/prop comboFeatures:All Nfets 18Amp constant(In good air flow)Easy to reach programing pads2s and 6S Capable so throw these on your beast and give them a go!Ultra light weight 2g PCB.  couple more grams with all motors and power wires. 400hz and 490hz compatible - DJi, naze32, cc & MultiWii tested with mni motors to 25,000rpmSize:  22mmX12mm Note: This is an upgraded version with an optional resistor inside. More stable than the old one but still keep the same price. Normally the resistor is not needed for the motors which are smaller than 2212. However, if motor size is larger than 2212, the resistor can be soldered in front of the place of anode and

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