ZMR250 V2 Build Manual

Congratulations on the purchase of the ZMR250 V2 Mini FPV Quadcopter! This mini quadcopter is a ton of fun and building can be a really enjoyable experience too. We hope this manual will assist you with your build.

Recommended Parts for the Build:

ZMR250 V2 250MM mini quadcopter frame kit x 1
Dragonfly MC1806 2300KV Brushless Motor x 4 (2cw+2ccw)
DYS SN20A Mini ESC x 4
Dragonfly 5030 CW/CCW props x 2 pairs 
Naze32 Acro Funfly flight controller x1
SONY Effio-e 4140+811 1/3 CCD 3.6mm Lens 700TVL camera x 1 
AOMWAY 5.8g mini 200mw 32CH transmitter x 1
Velcro Battery Strap  x 2
FPV 1.2G 5.8G Micro BEC 12V x 1
5.8G clover 3-leaf TX antenna x 1
20CM servo extension cable x 2
3M double sided adhesive tape x1

If you are not sure about what spare parts are required, just simply refer to the ones that included in the ZMR250 V2 ARF Package.

Now lets start the building.

1. Solder the Transmitter and Camera

Cut the wires of camera to suitable length and solder them to PDB. 
Red wire: Power
Black Wire: GND
Yellow: Signal

Solder the power supply wire and video wire (yellow) of transmitter to PDB.

2. Install OSD

The OSD firmware must be flashed and compatible to the Flight Controller before installation. If you don’t need to install the OSD, please just skip this step.

Solder the pin headers onto PDB.

Install the OSD on PDB. Insert it onto the pin heads and soldered. After secured, cut off the unnecessary length of pins.

3. Install the Buzzer

Pay attention to the positive pole “+” on the buzzer.  It needs to be soldered to the buzzer location on PDB.

Cut off the unnecessary pins.

4. Install ESCs
Solder the ESCs onto PDB.

The black wires can be parallel connected to the negative pole “-”.
5. Install Brushless Motors

The motor’s rotation direction can be changed by changing any two wires.

6. Extension

If the OSD and buzzer are installed, then you’ll need to use the supplied wires to solder onto PDB. Please take notice of wire length.

7. Install Flight Controller

Notice on the flight controller: It doesn’t require for soldering if the ESCs have no BEC. The flight controller can be powered by soldering to “5V” (circled in red).
8. Install ZMR250 V2 Frame
Important Reminder: In order to protect the PDB from short circuit, please use the supplied insulation washers when fastening arms to the PDB. 

Way to go! You’ve almost completed the ZMR250 V2 build. Power on, and you are now ready to fly!