ZMR250 Mini H Quad Build

Known as the ZMR250 or H250, this mini H quad frame has been everywhere. It has been regarded as one of the best quadcopters.

ZMR250 is a light weight, small size mini quadcopter with long flight time and easy to refit. The frame body with 1.5mm carbon fiber plate and the frame-arm also adopts 3mm carbon fiber plate, it ensures the strength and reduces the vibration when flying. 

Here comes a brief build manual of ZMR250 for your reference. If you are not sure about what parts you will need for a build, simply refer to the items listed on our ZMR250 ARF Packages

First of all, install the 8 long standoffs (spacer) on the bottom plate.

Then install the arms and bottom plate.

Check the length of ESC and motor wires on the frame.

Cut the wires of the motors and ESC’s to a reasonable length.

Solder the wires in order. The front side of ESC connect to clockwise of motor, the reverse side of ESC connect to counterclockwise of motor.

And then install the motors on the arms.

Use the 3M adhesive tape stick to the ESC’s.

The above installations are just for your reference, you can also directly install the ESC’s on the arms, and then the wires get through the underside of frame.

Cut the outer part of camera. 

And then install the four M2x10, nuts and nylon screws on the camera board.

Install flight controller and fix it with 3m adhesive tape.

Cut the camera wires to a reasonable length.

Cut the wires of TX, only keep the yellow AV wire. Others finished with head-shrink tubes.

Then solder yellow wire of camera with yellow wire of TX.

Parallel connect TX power supply wires (red & black) and camera power supply wires (red & black).

Then solder them as above.

And then wiring and getting through them to bottom plate.

Parallel connect and solder the ESC power supply wires and TX power supply wires.

Solder the extension wire of plug, and then the power supply plug.

Plug the TX and camera separately.

Clean up the wires of motors & ESC’s with head-shrink tubes, and others wires with ribbons. 

Install the damping balls.

Fix camera, TX and screws. The build of ZMR250 is done.