• 4 Ports 1S Lipo Charger With XT60 Plug for Tinywhoop X-Racer X-1

    FPVModel 4 Port 1s Lipo ChargerThe little lipo charger is specially designed for the little lipo batteries with 2.0 plug, like the ones used on X-Racer X-1, Tiny whoop and other micro racer. 3-6s input, switchable between high voltage and low voltage charging modes.An the 1s lipos usually only last for 3 to 5 minutes during the flying. It would be better if you have several extra batteries ready. But for an ordinary USB charger, it is just able to charge one lipo each time. With the this new 1s lipo charger, we are now able to charge four 1s lipos at once.Features:1. Input Voltageļ¼š 3-6S2. Two charging modes: Normal charging of 4.2v or High voltage charging 4.35V3. Charging time: 30 Min.4. Excellent heat dissipation5. Stable charging status to guarantee the full charge of lipos.

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  • HobbyTiger BC-1S06 Lipo 6 Port Battery Charger Balance Quick

    An 1s lipo for the micro racers like X-Racer X-1 and Tiny Whoop only last for 3 to 5 minutes during the flying. It would be better if you have several extra batteries ready. But for an ordinary USB charger, it is just able to charge one lipo each time. With the HobbyTiger BC-1S06, we are now able to charge 6 1s lipos at once.Description:Item name: 6 Port Battery Balance ChargerInput voltage: DC 7-30V (12V/4A recommended)Cutoff voltage: 4.16V-4.24V per cellUSB output: 5V/3ACharge current: 6*500mADimension: 80x50x20mmLighting: chargingExtinguished: completedFlashing: no battery Features:Support 6 X 1s Li-po batteries charging at the same time.High charging efficiencyEnergy saving and environment protecting.Suitable for both charging outside or at home

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  • UNA9 Plus+ Intelligent Parallel Charger Set With Charging Nanny Protection

    This is an Intelligent Parallel Charger for Li-Po / Li-ion / Li-Fe. Its intelligent design does not work like those old style balance chargers (eg. iMax B6) which always discharge and recharge the battery in order to make all the cells balanced (this is just a waste of time). Instead of that,the Charger will monitor the voltage of each cell and stop charging that particular cell when it is full while other cells will continue to be charged until they are full.One of the great features of UN-A9 Plus is that you can charge multiple batteries  at once. You can either charge6s-8group3s-16group2s-24groupsimultaneously to save your time.UNA9 PLUS: Built-in 9 independent charging channels. maximum output power of 300W. the new algorithm, the higher the charging efficiency. The new menu, add the data set, convenient to call the data. Support charging nanny and cascading charging function. The new shell design, with double ball bearing fan life increase exponentially. Setting range of the charging current from 0.2A to 8A stepping 0.1A, voltage accuracy + -5 mV.charged battery voltage: 1.5V to 4.2V applicable number of battery cells :2-9 S

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  • AOK-BL8S 1-8S 2in1 RC Li-ion Lipo Battery Low Voltage Meter Tester Buzzer Alarm

    Description:2in1 Battery Voltage MeterUse for 1-8s Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/Li-Fe.Voltage detection pricision: 0.01V.Unit voltage display range: 0.5V-4.5V.Total voltage display range: 0.5V-36V.1S test mode voltage range: 3.7v-30v.Low voltage alarm mode for 2-8S.Alarm set value range: OFF-2.7V-3.8V.When the voltage is below the set value,it will buzzer with red LED light,pre-set value 3.3V.Push key which can change the voltage settings and save.Size: 3.9cm x 2.4cm x 0.9cm.

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