757-3 Ranger EX long range FPV UAV platform Unibody big weight carrier

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Frame kit+propeller Ranger Ex PNP combo
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Video for Ranger Ex specific:

Note: FPV Model offers two combos for 757-3 Ranger EX. One is the plane frame kit (landing gear included) + 10 inch propeller. The other one is Ranger EX PNP combo, frame kit + power combo (including 3715 1200KV motor, 40A brushless ESC, 4x 9g servos and 10 inch propeller) . The  PNP combo is pre-assembled except the propeller.

  • Big space, durable UNIBODY design.
  • Special airfoil design for carrying big weight.
  • Compatible with most kind of camera mounting.
  • Capability to carry Camera Gimbal.
  • Quick, easy to assembly, no glow required.
  • Light weight and durable EPO wing construction.
  • Wingspan: 1980mm (77.9 in)
  • Overall Length: 1170mm (46 in)
  • Flying Weight(without battery): 1500g
  • Prop Size: 1060 Propeller
  • Motor Size: 3715 powerful out runner brushless motor
  • Speed Control: Easy-Plug 40A Switch-mode BEC brushless ESC
  • Servo: 9-gram Servo * 6pcs included (PNP combo)
  • Recommended Battery: 11.1V/14.8V 1800mAh ~ 10000mAh Li-Po
  • Charger: Not included
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Retracts: No
  • Radio: 2.4Ghz 6-Channels
  • Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
  • Experience Level: Beginners ~ Expert
  • Recommended Environment: Outdoor
  • Assembly Time: Less than half hour
  • Is Assembly Required: Yes
Friendly Reminder: The joints for the control surfaces need to be reinforced before flying. 


Jason Cole from RCGroups.com tests out the Ranger EX 757-3 FPV Airplane

Special design and optimize for long range FPV, so there is a lot of space for mounting systems and different Camera mounting way, which not require any modify. 

Are you tired of modification a lot to mount your camera well? Now you don’t have to.We consider a lot kind of mounting for you, you can easy to mount it as better as you like. Stable, safe, and easy, just focus to make a wonderful video and enjoy it.

Considering for professional FPV traveling, usually you will need a full HD camera and another FPV camera for Video transmission, so we leave a very convenient, safe, good view space for you to mount a FPV camera, just enjoy it. 

The whole unibody fuselage is produced  by our copyright one-step moulding technology, which make it more durable and strong than other EPO foamy carbon tube. So it can avoid the tail effected by the air and cause the bump during the flight.

The Ranger EX is a airplane is specially designed for Long Range FPV and quick and very easy trouble free Setup of this great big Bird. FPV Ranger EX offers few greater qualities that every FPV pilot looks forward to have in his / her RC FPV Plane.
  • It has bigger tougher PVC Fuselage that makes this plane a crash resistant plane, Tons of open space to let bigger hands do their job inside the fuselage when it comes to mount the electronics inside and also this big place makes it possible for one to mount more gear inside and keep things neat.
  • Ability to carry more payload means one can mount higher mAh batteries to get ultra long flight times needed for those long range FPV flights you are going to do
  • Tall Landing gear and dragger wheel means you can now safely take off and land from ground. No need to hand launch a big heavy plane with all the gears and dangerous and sharp propeller spinning at the back
  • Easy mounting of Various Brushless gimbals for GoPro 3 under the nose, now you can take ultimate stable flight videos of your long range flights
  • Super easy few step setup and glue free assemble.
  • Two pieces to carry only, Fuselage and Wings detach quick and easy for easy transportation and storage. Quick attachment on field for flight
  • And not to forget the super awesome and powerful flight performance with long flight endurance this plane offers

Update on November 25th, 2015: The tail of the airplane have been upgraded. (Check the last picture)

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  Jonathan  [October 09, 2014]
Good morning,

I have several questions before we complete our initial order.

1) What is your location? We have our own freight forwarder/customs broker and are interested in reducing shipping costs by using their services.
2) We are interested in purchasing three 757-3 Ranger EX platforms (SKU 757P) immediately; what is the lead time for delivery?
3) What is the lead time for the Mugin 4450? What is the material it is made of? How many components are in the frame kit? Can you provide the instruction manual for us to review?


Jonathan H. Daniels

Hi Jonathan,
We are in Xiamen,Fujian,China.
If there is no any delay on the way or customs clearance.The delivery time for EMS is can be 5-15 days depending on location of delivery.
The Mugin 4450 is made of glass fiber and light wood.
Equipments recommended(no included):

Engine: 120*170CC (DLE170)

Prop:32 x10 high power wooden propeller

Servos:11 X savox1256 servo(11pcs servos are used for controling different parts).

1x FUTABA3001 servo for accelerator.
Best regards
  Alex  [June 25, 2014]
Hi, I'm interested in buying the PNP combo of this plane. Can you list the detailed specs of the components you build into the PNP version and what else I would need to fly the plane. Thanks in advance. Cheers. Alex
Hi Alex,
Thanks for your interest.757-3 PNP specs,
1*3715 1200KV motor
1*40A brushless ESC
4*9g servos
1*10 inch propeller

If you just need to fly the plane also need,
FEIYU FY 41AP Lite Autopilot AFSS&OSD For Fixed Wing

FrSky 2.4GHz ACCST TARANIS X9D Digital Telemetry Transmitter Radio System Set

One 4S 5000mah battery.

If you have any question please contact me.
Thanks and best regards.
  Konstantinos  [June 21, 2014]
Please inform me for the 757-3 Ranger EX long range FPV PNP $299.
The shipping cost and the time delivery.
Will pay taxis for this plane or not?
Thanks for our interest.May I know what the shipping address is?
You need pay an import tax when you do the customs clearance.
Wish you have a nice weekend.
Best regards.
  Dmitry  [June 18, 2014]
Hello. Is delivery To Russia of this plane could be free ?
Also have you any shipment protection ?
Hi Dmitry,
Yes,we do free shipping under 3KG and above $200.We will send this plane by EMS.
May it can help you.
Thanks and regards.
  Roelof  [May 04, 2014]
Do you ship the Ranger pnp package to South Africa?
Yes, please feel free to place an order:)
Thx and regards,
  -jorge  [April 29, 2014]
What is the maximun weight recomended to flight? i want a plane for a zoom camera, an it is heavy, it is old, but if the proyect goes well i think i will look yours camera zoom and study the change, but first i need experimented with my cam. I´m undecided between this plane or sw14. The weight will goes to 3kg. if finally i bought this plane, do you recomended a good motor for the plane an the 3kg weight
Thank you
This 757 can load about 1.5kg without battery.
And we have the PNP version.
Thx and regards,
  Konstantinos  [April 28, 2014]
-For Greece i will pay taxis or not?.
How time need for free shipping to Athens/Greece?
-Please give me detail for motor and esc
About the tax, you had better check with local customs, we are not familiar with that, different countries have different request.
And if free shipping, it will take about 15 working days.
And here are the information for motor, you can also get it on our website:Prop Size: 1060 Propeller
Motor Size: 3715 powerful out runner brushless motor
Speed Control : Easy-Plug 40A Switch-mode BEC brushless ESC
Thx and regards,
  Jorge  [April 25, 2014]
I want to know which maximum propeller i can put in this plane.
The max about 10'.
Thx and regards,
  Johan  [April 24, 2014]
You offer this kit in 2 options. Frame kit+propeller and Ranger Ex PNP combo.
Which one must I choose to have the power combo and servos with the plane?
PNP version please:)
Thx and regards,
  Phil  [April 07, 2014]
Is the combo package in stock?
Yes, we have now:)
Thx and regards,
  alan  [April 02, 2014]
hello please can you tell me have you got sevos with the plane thank you
Yes, we are now have the empty kit as well as with power combo in stock.
Thx and regards,
  Brent  [April 02, 2014]
Is this product in stock? Is the PNF version covered by the free delivery to Auckland, New Zealand?
Yes, we have this in stock.
And here you can get more details about free shipping:
Thx and regards,

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