• T-motor U8-13 U-Power Professional Motor 135KV for Multi-rotor Multicopter Waterproof

    The U8 series motor by Tiger Motors is the ultimate heavy-lift multi-rotor motor. This motor shines in efficiency and quality, giving you the longest flight times possible. This motor is designed for large scale multi-rotor platforms looking to lift DSLR sized gear. A 26"-29" prop is reccomended to fly with this motor supporting 6-12s battery voltage.SpecificationsKV: 135kvNo load current: 1 A/22.2VMax Watts/Time: 940W/180sMax Amps/Time: 30A/180SResistance Ohm: 186mCase Height/Length: 86.8x26.5mmWeight: 240gRecommended ESC: 30amp-40ampRecommended  Battery Configuration: 6-12sRecommended  CF Prop: (T-motor style) - 26-29"

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    Weight: 0.50 kg

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