• *Pre-order* BetaflightF3 Flight Controller

    Updated on 01/06/2017:  All pre-orders in first batch have been shipped out and the ones in 2nd batch will be started to ship out soon according to the order sequence.  We are now taking pre-orders on the 3rd batch. They will be available in about 7 to 14 days. If you are from the United States, please order at our US warehouse for a faster delivery.Updated on 01/15/2017: All pre-orders that placed on and before 01/15 will be started to ship out on 01/17/2017.Updated on 01/16/2017: Taking pre-orders on the 4th batch, they will be available in about 2 to 4 weeks (before the 20th of February).Notice on 02/13/2017: The new arrival date of 4th batch is around Feb. 27th, please accept our apologize for manufacturing delay.  The flight controller is far more complicated in manufacturing than expected, we are working hard to get your orders shipped asap. Thank you very much for your patience and always great support.BetaflightF3 is the flight controller designed to use every possible feature of Betaflight. More than the last half year has been spent in development. Boris B has worked with us to go over features and design aspects to help give us insight into what betaflight users want/need. This board features a 3A power draw giving users extra room for added attachments through uart ports. The six layer PCB is a more expensive design approach but was needed to give the ability to have a PDB that was capable of having wiring pads on both the top and bottom of the board. By using the six layer design we were able to increase the size of the pads and work around all the components all the while giving esc connections in the corners of the board rather than bunching all connections on either the top OR the bottom. Featuring a fully functioning OSD that can be configured in Betaflight this board will make configuring your OSD a breeze. The team at betaflight have been hard at work developing DSHOT and this board is also compatible with the latest release. But we didn’t stop there, this board also features a micro adapter to accept TF cards for those of you that like to follow up your flights with reviewing black box logging...we think we know of at least one guy that will like that. Friendly Reminder: Choosing your power supply for video is relatively simple. Betaflight FC has two options, 5v and battery voltage. Choose your camera voltage by jumping RAM with either the 5V solder section or the Vbat solder section. (its recommended to use Vbat, Most cameras and Video transmitters can run off battery voltage) If using 5v it is recommeded to only power your camera and get the power for Vtx from another source. 

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  • *Pre-order* X-Racer Quadrant 25A 4~6S BLHeli_S ESC

    X-Racer Quadrant 25A BLHeli_s ESC, The Perfect ESC? By Joshua BardwellX-Racer Quadrant 25A ESC - Bench Build By HecTech FPVUpdated on 01/17/2017: Pre-orders that placed on and before 01/16/2017 (Part of orders on 01/17) will be started to ship on 01/18/2017. We are now taking pre-orders on the next batch, the estimated available time is in about 3 to 5 weeks. Thanks a lot for your patience. If you are a US-based customer, please order from our US warehouse for a faster delivery. Click Here to order!!!The new X-Racer Quadrant ESC is powered by high performance EFM8BB21 MCU, and flashed with BLHeli_S program. It supports multishot/one shot42/oneshot125. With 25AMp constant RMS (30A max) and supports 4-6s (Works well on 3S also).The four tiny X-Racer Quadrant ESCs can be installed separately on the arms, but also can be installed together like a PCB under the flight controller. The X-Racer ESCs can be considered as 4-in-1 ESCs, but not the same to other 4-in-1 ESCs that only can be used on one PCB. One disadvantage of other 4-in-1 ESCs is, if one part of the ESC damaged, then the whole PCB have to be changed. It would be too much trouble to the pilots. But there will be no problem with X-Racer ESCs. The four tiny ESCs can be used together or seperately. Even one is damaged, you just need to change one, no need to change the whole PCB. (Although we dont believe the ESC would easily damaged.)Want to know more about X-Racer Quandrant? Join the discussion at RCGroups!!!Features of X-Racer Quadrant:1. Can be installed separately on the arms, or 4 ESCs installed together like a PCB under the flight controller.2. Powered by high performance EFM8BB21 MCU.3. Flashed with BLHeli_S program. It supports multishot/one shot42/oneshot125.4. Dshot150/Dshot300/Dshot600 Compatible.5. With 25AMp constant RMS, 30A max.6. Designed to support 4-6s Lipo, but work well with 3S also.7. Only 2.5 grams each piece and 10 grams for a set of 4 pieces.* Packaging for a set of 4pcs. If you order only one piece, the ESC will be packed in a plastic bag.

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  • ZMR210R 210mm Racing Quadcopter Frame Kit with PCB Board

    ZMR210R PID Tuning by The RCAddictThe ZMR210R is built for high performance FPV drone racing. We have listened to many experienced pilots and changed the bottom plate to one piece for exceptional strengh improvement. The ZMR210R is an evolution of the ZMR design, in keeping up with the changing times this ZMR was re-worked from the ground up. We are not just modifying the arms to give a "X" type of layout, we have re-worked it entirely to provide what the modern user wants. The ZMR210R is an airframe designed with strength in mind. This bare bones racers is a simple X style unibody design with a small footprint. Keeping strength in mind we have left out the cut outs that usually add weight reduction and an estetic appeal and decided wed make up the weight reduction by focusing on a smaller frame while leaving enough area to still comfortably install all the components for the build. This frame features routed edges that gives a smooth rounded surface to all edges of the carbon fiber which helps eliminate delaminated edging for those unavoidable strikes that everyone experiences....making this a perfet choice for those that are looking for a simple, durable, and lite frame.For your easy build, several ZMR210R ARF combos are also available to meet your specail requirements.Want to know more about ZMR210R? Join the discussion at the ZMR210 Owners Facebook Group! Weight: 117 grams (Frame and hardware totally ) Includes:1x 4mm Main Frame1x 2mm Top Frame1x Camera mount (for Foxeer Arrow V2 HS1190 or Runcam Swift style cameras. )1x Set of Steel screws, aluminum mounting hardware, and standoffs 1x Matek PDB 2x FPVModel velcro strapYou may also like: (Not Included) FPV Protection Kit for Mini Racing Quad

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  • KL200Race Racing Quadcopter with PCB Board

    KL200RACE Brief Introduction & Flying FootagesUpdated on 01/09/2017: Added the plastic motor screw bumpers and battery protection plate to the frame kit. The same price, but better protection to motors and battery. Also, the 3D printed LED bar now comes with a slot for a better placing of LED inside. Introducing the FPVMODEL KL200RACE FPV racing quadcopter. It is a symmetric 200mm size airframe. The 200mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally. This airframe is designed by FPVModel team pilot Ka Kei Leung and already a proven winner on the race track, with Ka Kei won multiple racing events while using this quad.The KL200RACE is built for FPV racing. It features a light-weight, symmetrical carbon fiber body. The frame has been stripped down to the bare essentials yet maintain the strength and durability. The weight is only 82 grams including the PDB and included hardwares.Two ways to place the LiPo battery. You can fly with your HD camera with the 3D printed GoPro mount, and strap the battery under the bottom plate. Or you can place the battery on the top plate if you are using the FPV camera, like HS1190. The angle of FPV camera mounting can be adjusted from 0 degree to 60 degree as per your desire. The KL200RACE frame also comes with a small LED strip to set at the back. With only one LED, your airframe will be shinning and stand out other racing quadcopters. The colors of LED can be set via Cleanflight.The KL200RACE is not with a "X" type layout but a butterfly like shape to avoid the PID setting problem of usual X frames. It utilizes high quality 3K carbon fiber that is precision machined for a superb fit-and-finish. This Carbon Fiber is backed by FPVmodels name so you can trust that it is top of the line.For your easy build, we have several KL200RACE ARF packages available.Specs & Features4.0mm Main Frame2.0mm Top Frame / 4.0mm Top Frame (Need to purchase seperately)Aluminum Anodized & Stainless Steel HardwareLight Shell with SMA Holder ComboGoPro Mount93 Grams only (Including Frame, PDB and Hardwares) Friendly reminder: The battery showed in the pictures is not included in the frame kit.The parts included in the frame kits. KL200Race is designed by FPVModel team pilot Kakei Leung and named after him. It has already a proven winner on the race track, with Kakei won multiple racing events while flying with this quad.

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  • Flyduino KISS 24A Mini Power Distribution Board

    The Flyduino Kiss Carrier Board allows for a clean build of the power supply. This version aims for H-Quad Race Drones/Copters, it is the perfect partner to the KISS 24A Race Edition ESC. 4x KISS 24A RE ESC can be mounted directly on the PDB. The signal lines are then recombined at a comfortable row. So called RECOM (high-quality small switching power supplies) can be installed on the PDB, for example, 5V to provide power for an OSD or a camera.Specifications:Holes: 3x3cm (3.2mm holes)Size: 99.5x45mmWeight: 10gAmps: 120A +PCB with 1.6mm thicknessUser Manual for KISS PDB: 

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  • 31mm 4 Blade Clear Propellers for Tiny Whoop (2CW+2CCW)

    Description:- Item Name: Propeller- Usage: spare part for Tiny WhoopIncludes:- 4pcs(2CW+2CCW) Propeller

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  • X-Racer F303 Flight Controller V2.1

    X-Racer: How to Flash Firmware?Easy Pin Style ConnectorsStackable DesignDedicated SBUS Port#1 Choice for Serious RacersDo not let the price fool you, this is a flight controller designed for serious racers. Like to the newest X-Racer V3.1, the V2.1 is also backed by the reputation of FPV Model. The price is so cheap that you can pick up a second FC for backup. This is a very reputable flight controller and once was voted as the most popular flight controller in FPV community. Yes, it is a flight controller that you can trust.The X-Racer F303 flight controller was designed for the serious racer. We have followed the idea of simplicity and kept the basic rugged design of servo style pinouts so you do not have to worry about the fragility of plastic connectors in a crash.  It only comes in one version...ACRO! This is not a flight controller that is designed to fit the needs of everyone, it is a flight controller designed to fit the needs of racers and free style flyers.  The X-Racer V2.1 uses MPU6050 with I2C & spRacingf3 firmware. If you like the newest version of X-Racer V3.1, please CLICK HERE FOR FULL SPECS & AVAILABILITY.User Manual:  FEATURES:Built in high capacity black box featuring 16mb flash memory. This will allow you to store an entire days worth of flights while you are out in the field burning through multiple batteries and flights. Next generation F3 processor for efficient flight calculations and those lower loop time youve been reading about. The size of the flight controller follows the form thats so typical in all the others allowing you to mount to the majority of the frames out on the market without the need of changing mounting holes on most base plates. 8 PWM I/0 lines for ESCs and added options you may choose. Supports Sbus, SumH, SumD, Xbus, PPM, PWM recievers but has a recommended and weight saving direct connection specifically for Sbus, which is our recommended connection for flight control. Buzzer port for audible lost model location. Convienent pin outs for easy, reliable soldering. Only available in Acro style, no barometer or magnetometer.SOFTWARE:The X-Racer flight controller runs on the open source Cleanflight software and its compatible with the Boris B. Betaflight firmware. The hex file to use is spracingf3 hex. WARNINGS:Failure to adhere to these warnings will void your warranty and destroy your flight controller.Observe polarity at all times. Double check all connections before applying power. It is very common for users to accidentally reverse polarity, try not to let it happen to you. After double checking all connections its a good idea to triple check connections...positive to positive, negative to negative. Make certain all channel inputs match corresponding outputs or else undesired flight characteristics will happen. Keep magnets away from flight controller.V2.1

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  • DYS XSD 30A V2 3-5S ESC BLheli_S & Dshot600/Dshot300

    Lets Have Fun with DYS XSD30A V2This is the V2 version of XSD30A ESC that just been released by DYS. Dshot300 & Dshot600 compatible. Much smoother and more powerful. It uses better capacitor & MOS tube to reduce the resistance and gain 20% more power comparing to the V1.Description:Item Name: XSD30A Solder VersionInput voltage: 3-5S LipoBEC: NOType: BLheli_S Firmware & DShot600/ DShot300Weight: 7.5gSize: 45*16.5*5.8mmFeature: Silabs EFM8BB21Feature: BLHeli_S does Damped Light onlyFirmware upgradable via signal wire (works with USB Linker for XM series)Supports Motors with super high KV (EFM8BusyBee 50MHz can handle up to 500k eRPM)Supports DShot600, DShot300High-current burst ratingHigh-Resolution Throttle steps

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  • FPV Protection Kit for Mini Racing Quadcopters

    Here comes a plastic FPV protection kit that specially designed for mini racing quadcopters like the KL200Race. The protection kit includes a plastic molded GoPro mount, a battery skateplate and four motor screw bumpers.Package Included:1.  Plastic molded mount for GoPro x12.  Plastic molded battery skateplate x13.  Plastic motor screws bumpers x4

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  • Favourite LittleBee Spring 20A ESC Blheli-S Dshot

    Little Bee ESC uses the ultra fast processor and dedicated driver chips, providing outstanding braking performance.Features:- input Voltage:2-4S Lipo- NO BEC- Continue Current:20A,Burst Current:25A up to 10S- Size: 23.5*12mm.- Weight:4g(include Power and signal wire)- Support Damped mode,Oneshot125,Oneshot42 and Multshot and DSHOT- Main IC:SILABS EFM8BB21F16 ,MCU run 48MHz- MOS:Both low and high side fets are Nfets- Switching speed is very fast,it has dedicated driver chip- BLHeli S Bootloader & Firmware

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  • Favourite LittleBee Spring 30A ESC Blheli-S Dshot

    Little Bee ESC uses the ultra fast processor and dedicated driver chips, providing outstanding braking performance.Features:- input Voltage:2-6S Lipo- NO BEC- Continue Current:30A,Burst Current:35A up to 10S- Size: 35*17mm.- Weight:9g(include Power and signal wire)- Support Damped mode,Oneshot125,Oneshot42 and Multshot and DSHOT- Main IC:SILABS EFM8BB21F16 ,MCU run 48MHz- MOS:Both low and high side fets are Nfets- Switching speed is very fast,it has dedicated driver chip- BLHeli S Bootloader & Firmware

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  • Plastic Motor Screws Bumpers for Racing Quadcopter

    Designed to protect your motor while racing.  The motor will not be easily loose.Plastic Motor Screws Bumpers - Weight: 2g/pc- Material: Plastic

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