>> What are the Benifits of Becoming a Dealer of FPV Model?

1. Once your dealer account has been approved, you can order all the products of fpvmodel.com at wholesale pricing.
2. As a dealer of FPV Model, your customers will get the timely technical support from FPV Model.
3. FPV Model will support your business, like introducing your local FPV flyers to buy from your store, listing your store and website address on our dealer list.

>> How Can I Apply for a Dealer Account?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer of FPV Model. FPV Model distributes some of the highest quality and most innovative FPV products. To apply for a dealer account, please follow these steps.

1. Please register for an account with fpvmodel.com. If you have an account already, just ignore this step.
2. Summarize your stores details in an email. Please provide these details:
  • Your name
  • Your stores name and location
  • Do you sell in one or more physical retail locations, online, or both?
  • If online, provide your URL
  • How long you have been in business
3. Provide the email address you used to register your account with fpvmodel.com.
4. Send us these details via email to dealer@fpvmodel.com

Once we receive your application we will review your provided details and inform you when your dealer account has been approved. You can then log into your account and order all available products at wholesale pricing. 

>> Buy from FPVModel Dealers

FPV Model products are sold by our dealers! You can get the same technical support from us if buy from our dealers. Please review the list below for authorized retailers of the products we are carrying, including X-Racer F303 Flight Controllers, FPVModel RaceGates, Rescue-1 10x zoom gimbals, Dragonfly Boosters


Race Day Quads
(X-Racer FC) 
Strictly Racing Drones (X-Racer FC)  
Drone Eclipse (X-Racer FC)  
Quadrysteria LLC (X-Racer FC, RaceGates)


FPV4DRONE (X-Racer FC, X-Racer Quadrant ESC)


STEFICON Sampanis (X-Racer FC)

South Africa

Flying Robot (Pty) Ltd (X-Racer FC)

United Kingdom

Air Jacker (X-Racer FC)

Mainland China

Gear Best (Rescue-1 10x Zoom Gimbal, RaceGates)


Junma Hobby (Dragonfly Booster)

* More will be added. If you are one of our Retailers/Resellers/Distributors and want your name to be listed above, please contact us at sales@fpvmodel.com.

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