• X-Racer F303 Flight Controller V2.1

    X-Racer: How to Flash Firmware?Easy Pin Style ConnectorsStackable DesignDedicated SBUS Port#1 Choice for Serious RacersDo not let the price fool you, this is a flight controller designed for serious racers. Like to the newest X-Racer V3.1, the V2.1 is also backed by the reputation of FPV Model. The price is so cheap that you can pick up a second FC for backup. This is a very reputable flight controller and once was voted as the most popular flight controller in FPV community. Yes, it is a flight controller that you can trust.The X-Racer F303 flight controller was designed for the serious racer. We have followed the idea of simplicity and kept the basic rugged design of servo style pinouts so you do not have to worry about the fragility of plastic connectors in a crash.  It only comes in one version...ACRO! This is not a flight controller that is designed to fit the needs of everyone, it is a flight controller designed to fit the needs of racers and free style flyers.  The X-Racer V2.1 uses MPU6050 with I2C & spRacingf3 firmware. If you like the newest version of X-Racer V3.1, please CLICK HERE FOR FULL SPECS & AVAILABILITY.User Manual:  FEATURES:Built in high capacity black box featuring 16mb flash memory. This will allow you to store an entire days worth of flights while you are out in the field burning through multiple batteries and flights. Next generation F3 processor for efficient flight calculations and those lower loop time youve been reading about. The size of the flight controller follows the form thats so typical in all the others allowing you to mount to the majority of the frames out on the market without the need of changing mounting holes on most base plates. 8 PWM I/0 lines for ESCs and added options you may choose. Supports Sbus, SumH, SumD, Xbus, PPM, PWM recievers but has a recommended and weight saving direct connection specifically for Sbus, which is our recommended connection for flight control. Buzzer port for audible lost model location. Convienent pin outs for easy, reliable soldering. Only available in Acro style, no barometer or magnetometer.SOFTWARE:The X-Racer flight controller runs on the open source Cleanflight software and its compatible with the Boris B. Betaflight firmware. The hex file to use is spracingf3 hex. WARNINGS:Failure to adhere to these warnings will void your warranty and destroy your flight controller.Observe polarity at all times. Double check all connections before applying power. It is very common for users to accidentally reverse polarity, try not to let it happen to you. After double checking all connections its a good idea to triple check connections...positive to positive, negative to negative. Make certain all channel inputs match corresponding outputs or else undesired flight characteristics will happen. Keep magnets away from flight controller.V2.1

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  • LittleBee 20A-S BLHeli_S ESC

    These new LittleBee blheli_s 20amp escs are some of the new generation of littlebee escs that feature the blheli_s firmware. The hardware and software advancements in Blheli_s are responsible for an ultra smooth throttle response, which ultimately translates into the smoothest handling flying experience to date.The Littlebee 20A-S escs have there own didicated Driver Chip with the blheli_S compatable bootloader, and also come with BL-Heli_S pre installed! Features:Input Voltage: 2 - 4S Lipo (7.4v - 14.8v)BEC: Opto ESC (NO BEC)Current draw: Continuous Current up to 20Amps, Burst Current up to 25 Amps for 10 secondsSize: 23.5mm x 12mmWeight: 4g (including Power and signal wires)Support/Mode: Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and MultishotMain IC: SILABS EFM8BB21F16, MCU runs at 48MHzMOS: Both low and high side fets are Nfets

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  • New Dragonfly MC2206 2800KV Brushless Motor

    These are updated version of Dragonfly MC2206 2800KV motors that released in June 2016. They are powerful, reliable, and quick, specially designed for FPV racing mini quads that need punchy motors and the higher KV to spin those 4045 props that bit faster. The higher KV and electrical ratings allow these motors to deliver more thrust compared to other existing motors on 4 inch propellers.The new Dragonfly MC2206 2800KV motor does not come with the prop adapter, but comes with a locknut. Not only save the weight for better racing performance, but also more reliable and easier to use. This version is without the c-clip, but with a locked design at the bottom, no need to worry about the motor will drop out during racing.    Weight: 32gInternal Resistance: 0.013ΩKV Rating: 2800KVAll Dragonfly motors come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not COMPLETELY 100% SATISFIED, you can return the motors for a full refund within 30 days upon receiving them.

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  • DYS 5040 4-Leaf Propeller CW+CCW 1 Pair

    Features:- More strength,can increase the flexibility of the quadcopter- Quantity: 1 pair (CW + CCW)- Color: Orange, Black (optional)- Size: 5040

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  • Dragonfly 5.8G Receiver Module for Fatshark Dominator FPV Goggles

    Higher sensitivity and much more durable. Perfect for those who want to upgrade to race band.The Dragonfly 5.8G receiver module is made for the Fatshark Dominator line of goggles. The RX has been manufatured in white to match the white headset for the flyers that dont use the plastic snap cover but can also be used with the cover in place. This reciever has a built in LED to make it easier to know what channel you are on and make the channel selection process much smoother. No fooling around counting flashing lights with buttons that are too small and hard to press. Long press the button to band and use the fatshark channel buttons to cycle the channel.Quick Intructions:Place the module into your Fatshark Dominator receiver. Long press for Band, Cycle goggle channel switch for channels. The receiver will display the currently active band with the LED.- 1 flash = BOSCAM Band A- 2 flashes = BOSCAM Band B- 3 flashes = BOSCAM Band E- 4 flashes = Airwave- 5 flashes = Race bandSpecifications:1. 40 channels (5 Bands with 8 channels each)2. -90dBm sensitivity3. Works with all BOSCAM A/V transmitters (200mW, 400mW, 500mW)4. Works with Airwave transmitters (tested with the new ImmersionRC 600mW). Airwave frequency support is not full spec. Range is affected, as well as transmission picture quality! We highly recommend the use of BOSCAM transmitters.5. 3 - 5V operating voltage6. SMA antenna connector7. Fatshark Dominator compatible, toggles channels using the Fatshark button!8. Can be installed into Fatshark Attitude goggles!Supported Frequencies:

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  • Emax MT2206 1900KV Brushless Motor for FPV Racing Quad CCW

    The emax MT2206 1900KV brushless motor is specially designed for 200-300 sizes multirotors, which weighs only 32g. It offers great performance at affordable price. Each motor is carefully balanced and tested before shipped out from factory. Using Japanese NMB ball bearing, Japanese Kawasaki stator, Ndfeb with strong magnetic and high temperature resistance, decreasing heat generation during operation, increasing efficieny.Features:1. Low CG design, ligth weight design, longer flight duration 2. Factory has made dynamic balance test for each motor3. Integreated processing between prop mount holder and motor cap4. Adopts Japan NMB bearing, with low noise and longer lifetime5. Adopts Japanese Kawasaki stator, with high efficiency and low heat6. CW and CCW propeller adapters, holding propellers tightly. 7. 100% balanced, decreasing vibration to the minimum.Specification:Structure: 12N14PKV: 1900KVLength: 34.2mmRotor outer diameter: 27.9mmShaft diameter: 3mmLipo battery: 2-3SMax. pull: 460gProp suggest: 6-8 inchWeight: 32gPackage size: 108*68*31mmNote: The EMAX RS2205 - CW thread/CCW rotation, CCW thread/CW rotation.

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  • Tarot 7 inch 3-Blade Propeller CW/CCW for FPV Multicopter 1 Pair

    Suitable for mini-300/350 and other mini-cross machine. TAROT using the new optimized airfoil design and high-strength engineering plastic injection material to ensure good flexibility and rotor wing stability. Color rotor in the air with the most eye-catching effect, with multi-color front and rear rotors help to distinguish between the front and rear of the body state.Specification:- Diameter: 7 inch- Pitch: 4.5 inch- Center hole diameter: 5mm- Center hole height: 7.5mm- Weight: 6.4g/pcs- Color: Yellow / Green (optional)Package included:- 1* CW 7" 3-blade propeller- 1* CCW 7" 3-blade propeller

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  • New FPVModel Arched RaceGates

    Brief Introduction to New FPVModel RacegatesFPVModel RaceGates give the racers the ability to map their tracks out with ease using this simple design that can be setup in minutes. Using the simplicity of collapsable tent poles and Polyester Oxford 210D fabric, these gates come in a handy carry along bag, giving you the freedom to race anywhere in just a moments notice. We have had quite a few people asking for a more affordable gate that is less weight and easier to setup while having the same size opening as the other gates. These gates are meant for our more budget oriented custumers and will price easier to transport. They also feature the same style of eyelet of previous version FPVModel RaceGates for ensuring a strong setup for use of guide lines when it is windy outside.We also have the Ring RaceGates and big arched RaceGates for your choice. Note: If you buy 5 racegates, youll receive 3 carrybags only.FPVModel RaceGates Specifications:Material: Polyester Oxford 210DCoating Width: 58"Pole: 8mm Black FRP PoleWidth: 2.3m, Height: 1.63m. (For reference only, the size can be adjusted.)Free DHL/ Fedex/ EMS express shipping!!! Due to the system limit, the orders from some countries may be not able to choose DHL/ Fedex/ EMS for free shipping, please help to choose other free shipping methods instead. We will change to ship the Race Gates via DHL/ Fedex/ EMS no matter which method you choose. For the areas where DHL/ Fedex can not arrive, we will change to ship via EMS. If theres any special instruction, please let us know.

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  • Dragonfly 5.8G 40CH Mini TX 25mw/200mw

    Introducing the new ultra light weight Dragonfly 5.8G mini video transmitter. Featuring the full range of 40 channels to ensure you can transmit on the frequency that is most convenient to you. This transmitter features a smart design with push button band & channel navigation, along side the edge of the transmitter is a power switch enabling the user to turn the tx off and on at will. This is especially helpful when connecting to the computer or powering the aircraft without the antenna on. Press once quickly to change channels, hold down with a slight pause to enter band mode and cycle through the full range of bands. Dont worry about fumbling with dip switches and channel diagrams with this smart push button design.We have 25mw and 200mw sending power for your choice. Price for single TX only.Frequency and Channel Frequency Table

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  • ZMR180 V2 Mini Quad Frame Kit 4mm Arms w/PDB

    ZMR 180 Carbon FPV Mini Quad - Full Review By BMSWebThe ZMR180 is a micro quad designed with "fun" in mind. Agile, quick, and small all fit together with this kit and its a blast to fly. Keeping simplicty in mind this frame has high quality 4mm bottom plate and a 1.5 mm top plate. Using the same carbon fiber that you find in FPVMODELs ZMR250 V2, you can rest assured that this is NOT the run of the mill cheap eBay Carbon Fiber that most others sell. This CF is backed with FPVMODELs name so you can trust that it is top of the line. The ZMR180 is an awesome time to be had and you will find the smaller size can zoom through gaps that were previously not even considered with a 250 sized quad. The ZMR weighs in at 90g including the given mounting hardware and spacers allowing for an ultra-light weight build yet leaving plenty of build room for adding all necessary FPV gear. If you wanna add more muscle, pick the ZMR180 with the larger mounts for 22xx motors. ZMR180 Brief Build Manual: Click HereRecommended Parts (not included):Motor: 1806 /2204 /2206 (1806 for M2, 2204/2206 for M3, Suggest Use Dragonfly MC2206 2800KV Motors)Props: Dragonfly Bulletproof Bullnose 4045 PropsESCs: 12A -20AExtra standoffs: Click here (available in black, blue, silver and yellow)ARF Combo: on June 15th, 2016: Update the standoffs. Will send out the V2 frame from today. V2V1

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  • Gemfan Bull Nose 3030 ABS Propeller CW/CCW 4pcs for Mini FPV Multirotor

    Gemfan Bull Nose 3030 ABS Propeller CW/CCW 4pcs for Mini FPV Multirotor Color: Orange / Green / BlackMaterial: ABS Size: 3*3Quantity: 4 pcs (4pcs are the same rotation direction, CW/CCW and color are optional)

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  • MC1806 2300KV Titanium Brushless Motor

    The MC1806 2300kv  multirotor motor is ideal for small to medium sized multirotors, including ZMR180 and ZMR250 V2. It comes with all necessary components to get you up and running.Please note that this motor is directly sourced from the factory that without any logo, but quality guaranteed.  Factory Specifications:KV: 2300Configuration: 12N14PStator Diameter: 18mmStator Length: 6mmMotor Dimensions (Dia.*Len): Φ23×15.5mmWeight: 20gInternal Resistance:53mΩTechnical Data:

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